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  1. Peacock but it's supposed to be shown in the yahoo sports mobile app as well if you can only watch it on your phone
  2. I just hope they put enough makeup on the skidmark on his face so I'm not too distracted....
  3. I still play NFL 2K5 sometimes. I managed to get the updated rosters on it
  4. See what happens when everyone makes fun of small packages
  5. I hope EA uses the Hyper Motion engine for Madden instead of that toilet water Frostbite engine, well it's toilet water for sports games at least.
  6. Josh Rosen is signing with the #Falcons, per source. https://twitter.com/Schultz_Report/status/1430009033130455044?s=19
  7. Booty cheeks,straight booty cheeks
  8. I'd love to hear his hard count 😂
  9. I got the fully vaccinated and the only side effect I had is that I thought Madden was a good game 🤣 I mean seriously I went and bought Madden, went on a gaming binge for like 3 hours, and then came back to my senses and traded it back in.
  10. Take from this what you will. Didn't want to make a whole new thread for this. ........be nice. I kinda put it here since technically includes all training camp players.
  11. Kinda funny that he go Ta 'Quon's name right, but totally botched the name John 🤣..Who am I kidding, I'm not surprised
  12. Perhaps someone bagging groceries.......
  13. Me thinks that a few of the complainers are in midseason form already 😅
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