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  1. It's just from a video back in 2018
  2. Besides him signing with the Chargers, he seemed more like a receiving TE and we have that already. Granted, Parham could be a weapon in the right offense.
  3. Either way, they can bring it
  4. This is equivalent to putting your entire message in the subject line in Outlook ....but back to the topic, I do hope this means we are going heavy on the defense in the draft.
  5. Here's the beef he wants
  6. I'd be down if the Rams throw in a bionic knee........
  7. That and the fact the Trufant was designated as a post June 1st cut helps out as well.
  8. Ah yes Jessica Nigri right lol.. back to the topic,I like the signing
  9. We would have to add a pick for anybody to take Carpenter
  10. Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles for the win.
  11. That would remind me of the weird two tone Jerseys from the early 2000's lol How many of ya'll here remember those old Colosseum football jerseys
  12. I know....... but that really is close to the percentage i think he signs here