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  1. Doo Doo Water
  2. Speaking of gifs....I was a fan of his lol..but
  3. I'll give you a bonus favorite Falcons player, Jessie Tuggle My Non-Falcon player This man was a beast
  4. Who is all going to the kick off rally tomorrow at Atlantic Station ? I know I am going..hopefully I can get one of those All Y'all shirts
  5. Awesome celebrations..but nothing will beat Harry Douglas's Turf Monster touchdown celebration........... but nah anyway Harry has always been a favorite or mine
  6. Well Bosher is his teammate now so he wouldn't have to fear for his life.......
  7. Almost as bizarre as DLed's journalistic skills
  8. If only it were that simple....wait just wondering didn't this start out as a cap space thread lol
  9. Noooo that happened to me alot at Home Depot. I did storeside and corporate support for them. Lol I had been asked to dinner quite a few times SMH.
  10. I had one where a woman was mad because I told her that her machine could not be upgraded to windows 7....keep in mind this machine was running Windows ME. ....
  11. Lol that is actually my weak point as well...i dabbled in Python here and there but VB and C-plus kicked my behind.
  12. Yeah it sucks lol... I had to renew my A+,Network and Security Plus recently lol.