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  1. This is exactly why I understand players who hold out. The guy was in his last year and would have had a huge pay bump. Get better Kaz
  2. Like what the **** else are we supposed to do at this point? I can't remember what a good Falcons defense looks like other than that SB run.
  3. You want a longer process because our hospitals will get overwhelmed quickly, that's the whole point of 'flattening the curve'. If you want to see a lot more people die, you can go thru the already failure policy that UK attempted at the beginning, which was battling this thru 'herd immunity'---they essentially believed that if enough people got sick, it would grant enough immunity to the masses. Their moronic leader did not understand no healthcare infrastructure is built for that immediate mass influx. There's not enough ICU beds, ventilators, staff, etc for what you're suggesting. The Chinese have been dishonest from the beginning, do you really think they're being realistic on these numbers and actions? Depends on how quickly this thing goes away but I doubt this NFL season will begin in Sept.
  4. ah, no come back on your original dumb comment. Good call.
  5. 16 TDs and 4 interceptions, 450 yrs rushing in his last 11 games with a horrendous Niners team. ****, I bet you nor anyone on this board could have named one WR or TE he had during that season. If you think he was washed up or statistically inept compared to the bottom half of his peers, you're delusional or talking out of your ***. Those stats are far from mediocre.
  6. I get you're emotional about the guy but statistically speaking, you're talking out of your ***.
  7. Charley Casserly (@CharleyCasserly) Tweeted: Best Drafts after Two Rds: @ChicagoBears @packers (includes a #1 next yr), @Giants @Titans @Redskins @Falcons @nflnetwork @NFLDraft https://twitter.com/CharleyCasserly/status/990037400209444865?s=17
  8. It's truly laughable how disillusioned they are. These guys have been 7-9 or 8-8 for the last 5 years.
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