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  1. Didn't we already do that....umm was last year not a good enough lesson.
  2. Just give me one....nahh ill take the 4 in the row. I can wait some more
  3. Anybody but the saints. And can you imagine Cam Newton with a super bowl ring ....oh God
  4. Idk every time people say expect this to be a high scoring game it usually isn't. 24-21 Falcons on late FG
  5. I actually think we will lose this game or it will come down to the wire .... just have a bad feeling. Hopefully no more injuries
  6. Keeping the stadium downtown is a huge deal for the city. I like the stadium downtown, close to everything. Just wish they would choose a different site for it though.
  7. Well hope is still alive although I doubt we get him simply because of how TD is.
  8. This is fcking rigid...this can't be happening
  9. http://saintsreport.com/forums/f2/power-out-dome-286197/ hahahahahahahaha
  10. LOL the best thing about this superbowl !! Plus the 49ers look like sh!t lol
  11. Exactly!! Any team can get "hot" at the right time. Nobody knows if we will be in the same position every again, especially playing in the nfc. There's a lot of teams with potential. I feel like we have an 80% chance of making it next year. And basically next season will be like this season...nobody will give us respect and the whole team will be waiting for the playoffs to start to prove themselves.
  12. Not saying it is just a tough loss is all...One day we'll have our own and I believe Ryan will take us there
  13. http://www.nfl.com/photos/09000d5d82618287/0ap2000000124489 Ughhh just makes those 10 yards a little more painful... I have no doubt that we would have beat the ravens if we would have gone to the super bowl. No more nfl.com/espn.com till September I guess.
  14. Yeah I agree... We just missed an huge opportunity whose to say we'll ever play in the nfc game again in the next few years...nothing is certain.
  15. What hurts the most is knowing we had a golden chance and blew it. Homefield advantage...the trophy was in OUR house. A chance to go to NO to play in the Superbowl. I'm extremely disappointed in our D...stupid penalties and turnovers. Does anyone honestly feel like we'll have this opportunity again? I'm so disappionted right now.
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