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  1. Didn't we already do that....umm was last year not a good enough lesson.
  2. Just give me one....nahh ill take the 4 in the row. I can wait some more
  3. Anybody but the saints. And can you imagine Cam Newton with a super bowl ring ....oh God
  4. Idk every time people say expect this to be a high scoring game it usually isn't. 24-21 Falcons on late FG
  5. I actually think we will lose this game or it will come down to the wire .... just have a bad feeling. Hopefully no more injuries
  6. Keeping the stadium downtown is a huge deal for the city. I like the stadium downtown, close to everything. Just wish they would choose a different site for it though.
  7. Well hope is still alive although I doubt we get him simply because of how TD is.
  8. This is fcking rigid...this can't be happening
  9. http://saintsreport.com/forums/f2/power-out-dome-286197/ hahahahahahahaha
  10. LOL the best thing about this superbowl !! Plus the 49ers look like sh!t lol
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