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  1. Some guy said something similar in the AJC comments right after we picked up Edwards. He said he had an "In with the team". While I don't disagree with you that an extra vet would be nice; I think they are home growing their corners and will only pick someone up if there is an injury.
  2. I think they are going to save a lot of the Julio looks for the regular season. Don't want to show everyone our new toy too early!
  3. The UGA guy was just trolling. Right after I asked about the Tech UDFAs, he came after me with some of his nonsense.
  4. Matt Ryan would pimp your apartment out with that contract of his, but I'm leaning towards Ovie.
  5. You should of been at D-Led's bday party it was so much fun! We had a pinata in the shape of Mika Grimes, discussed all of the players tastes in music, movies, and hair styles, and opened presents(Mostly bow ties and tube socks).
  6. I don't give a rat's *** about what Mel Kiper Jr. would have done. http://www.dickipedia.org/****.php?title=Mel_Kiper%2C_Jr.
  7. Newnan is about 45 min from the dome, and an hour and a half from Flowery Branch. Southwest of Atlanta, outside of the perimeter.
  8. For all of you who care about Roddy messing with the media: http://tinyurl.com/439xpnl But last I checked this was a forum about how boss Peria Jerry is going to be.
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