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  1. Their SuperBowl was a gift. So consider it tainted Wow...butt hurt much
  2. Winning breeds bandwagoneers for every team. No fan base has been as loyal to their team thru all the sucking than those of the Saints. If you talk to any fan who don't know their team history that should tell all you need to know.
  3. What ever the teams over-all record or playoff wins super bowl blah blah etc Payton and the Saints are 9-2 vs the Falcons. Sorry thats not equal...thats owning someone plain and simple.
  4. No You play to win and let the picks come as they will. The scariest part of this org is that they thought they were 1 player away from the superbowl even after last years oneandone crap burger against green bay.
  5. I would say worse post ever but you started this horrible thread. Really? Morethan one guy dude and you need to face it. texans on 3rd QB dip Sh#t U R a moron!!!
  6. hope Brees lands on his shoulder and tears every ligament in it ...were never getting out of NFC with Rodgers and Brees anyway Well thats some great ju ju you just put on the Birds!
  7. When we win it everyone will say the 'fix' was in. All of the good teams folded with the help of the refs so that Atlanta could be reborn and get a finiancial boost. They will say we were not really the best team but the media darlings and we were not allowed to lose by Goddell. Kinda like superbowl welfare!
  8. This thread is a trap. There are no trap games in the pro's IMO. Maybe in H.S. or college.
  9. Never mind the fact that we haven't seen this brand of football much around here or that we need this attitude to get a Championship? Agreed People, it is time to man/woman up and quite a few aren't doing your jobs Go do YOUR job. Do you seriously think Steelers fans call Ward or Harrison a cancer and look to get rid of him because he is vicious on his hits? Nope, they eat that $*^% up, especially if it happened to be a Ravens player he victimized. How come you don't feel the same? Maybe because he's no icon or has zip for rings. Do you think Patriot fans call the coach stupid and an idiot whe
  10. Im very worried. He's the one piece of the puzzle we need to get back to the super bowl.
  11. Gbay and saints were beat to **** and made the playoffs you bunch of whinney *** men. Makes me sick. Season is a long way from over. Go back to your moms basement.
  12. The panthets do have a running game. A two headed monster that they just are not using as much as years past because of cam. The aints held cam under 230 yards passing. Can we do the same?
  13. if we make the playoffs and we see the Pack, were gonna destroy them. We were unstoppable for 1 quarter Hah Hah Hah That right there is comedy gold. Good grief. Sad as@ fans
  14. The rookies...no wait is it just 'rookie' since we sold out to get J.J.?
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