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  1. Hi all, on Sunday it's going down. And with all the excitement about the big contract, Wr Julio Jones just received. I'm also excited about seeing also paid Falcons LB, Deion Jones. Hitting the field for the first time on Sunday vs Vikings. I did an audio-video on why I believe Deion Jones can have an even better year. Behind this defensive line. Then he did when Dontari Poe was here in 2017. If you have a chance to watch the video. That would be much appreciated. But I would like to know if you share the same sentiment about Deion Jone in 2019? Also, do you feel that Duke Riley can build off of what he showed in the 3rd preseason dress rehearsal game? #Riseup
  2. What's up #Falconsfam? Here is another video. Talking about what maybe the meaning behind carrying 5 backs and a fullback. Does it mean more running the football under OC Dirk Koetter? Pound 4 Pound ATL speaks on it. In this video. And would love your take as well. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, after the hit on Redskins TE Jordan Reed. Some may have been trying to label Safety Keanu Neal as a dirty player. I wanted to talk about. And would like your take as well.
  4. Hi all, here is a topic that I believe will continue to come up. As Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan. Goes into his 12th year. Will he be Hall Of Fame worthy. After his career is over? Pound 4 Pound ATL J.R. Clark. Wanted to share his thoughts about it. And wants to know. Are you tired of people raising the bar? coming up with ways the Matt Ryan will have to jump through. In order to one day get that gold jacket.
  5. What's up #Falconsfam? Thanks for welcoming videos from Pound 4 Pound ATL. We love talking about the Atlanta Falcons. And have another think piece. That we'd like to get your take on as well. #Riseup
  6. To be honest. As a fan. I haven't seen much out of Senat. That gets me going at this point. He's played up against the lesser competition. And had not shown the dominance that I'd like to see as a fan just yet. While it's early still. To see what Senat is in only his 2nd year. Unfortunately for him. With Quinn taking over the defense. Quinn is going into the season with the best guys. That will make his decision to coach this defense. To look like a decision that was worth it. I wouldn't be surprised if another move or 2 are made after the game vs the Skins. Before the preseason is up. For more help up front. Is added on defense. This is not a joke year. And a lot imo. Is reading on this season to be a successful one.
  7. I posted a video I did about Dan Quinn. How I felt that he could become coach of the year. if this defense becomes what we all believe it can be. After the 2019 season. I would love to see what you all views are on the subject. If the video interests you in watching it. Thanks on behalf on Pound 4 Pound ATL.
  8. Hi all, J.R. Clark from Pound 4 Pound ATL. Shares his thoughts on the Atlanta Falcons offense. As he shares his thoughts. We look forward to hearing yours. #Riseup
  9. Checkout Pound4PoundATL's video on what we saw on the Atlanta Falcons Military Appreciation Day. From our live stream on our channel.
  10. Hi all, some of you may remember me. And some of you could care less about this post. I'm Toby D. Used to be on here alot. Been working on getting my YouTube channel out there. So I haven't been on here in a minute. I wanted to ask you all with I disrespecting the forum. Because I've been away for so long. Would you all be objective to me posting my videos on here? I have a partner J.R. Clark who does videos on my channel as well. We feel that we have some great think pieces about the Atlanta Falcons. That many of you that haven't heard of Pound 4 Pound ATL on YouTube would like. Thanks in advance for your response negative or positive.
  11. Guys at the end of the day we are 8-1 and will be Lord willing 9-1 after Sunday. Those are grown men out there and if they were affected by Smitty getting in they butt then they need to stop playing football. AS P. Diddy would call it, that is ***** assness and we don't need none of that in our players. Point blank we lost so what we 8-1 and the saints are 4-5. So while they are playing for their playoff lives we on our way.