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  1. I actually don't really give a **** what Rich Eisen says - I'm a Dan Patrick guy, and he just said this morning that the Falcons will still be an 8 or 9 win team this year. **** the torpedoes!
  2. Did he just say, "The MATT-RESS was put on the turf a lot yesterday" Or did I just hear that incorrectly?
  3. Ha, this is so true. Dysfunction City.
  4. This is also where he starts the "being held out of practice for precautionary reasons" until the day of game. I loved Julio, don't get me wrong. He put in the work for us after Roddy and became one of the top, if not the top, receiver in the NFL for awhile. But he's on the dark side of his 30's now (for a receiver), prone to injuries, and is just too expensive with those stipulations.
  5. Now that we’ve been punched in the face, it will be interesting to see how we come back in a few games. Probably not the Bucs next week, but that run with the Giants and Jets will be interesting.
  6. This is still our preseason. New coach, new system. Let’s talk later in the year.
  7. Yeah, I think we need just as much patience as we had when Shanny was first installing his system.
  8. Really interesting about the role of the backup. No wonder we kept bringing back Schaub - He was Matt's righthand man with the professional preparation and studying - And not necessarily signed for his athletic ability at that point. Makes me worry about such a green QB2 behind Matt. Will they really put in the studying and work ethic Matt needs for each Sunday? I would think Smith and Ragone will help carry that load in a new system, but I can now see the value of a capable backup off of the field and in the film room.
  9. IDK, but the first time I can remember an 0 or an 00 in professional sports is for the Celtic’s Robert Parish, and then it started happening with this current Gen Z basketball generation. I think almost every NBA team has an 0 on their roster now.
  10. Matt Bryant's wife to take to twitter over not retiring #3 in......3....2.....1.....
  11. Wow, Forest Lamp cut. I remember a crisp 2017 spring evening when he was absolute royalty on draft day. Even his name - FOREST LAMP - seemed destined to be in the pantheon of historically immobile objects. Injuries have a way of de-royalizing, that's for sure.
  12. I thought Rosen might request #3, but I like the new start with a brand new #16. I wouldn't care if he's #0. New mindset, new number, new player.
  13. That would be quite the story if Mac Jones outplays Trey Lance for the rest of his career. I do think Shanny was completely serious about taking Mac Jones.
  14. If Shanahan saw something in him initially, that's worth a look anywhere. Glad AS saw the same thing. You can reframe him being on 5 different teams so early on in his career as, the NFL agrees there is something of value in him.
  15. Yeah, the only one was the very first throw to Pitts. That was the only timed one I saw out of him last night. And he probably had 5 days to practice and go over that timed opening pass in his mind, as it was so very obviously preplanned. All downhill after that.
  16. We've never had a backup with this type of potential through the years - QB2 was always an afterthought behind Ryan. This is something to watch. Crazy as it sounds, but I'd probably rather have Josh Rosen sitting and developing as our #2, especially having come from a similar system with Shanahan, than a Jalen Hurts, Sam Darnold, or a Jordan Love. No one's going to be clamoring for him to be replacing Matt just yet, but if we would have drafted a QB over the last few years, they probably would have. Josh is a bonfide scrap heap #2 and that's the way it should be. For now. It's almost a perfect situation that we lucked into by drafting Pitts and picking up Rosen.
  17. This is true - He's already beaten out tier 1 of the competition. If he can somehow beat out Franks this year for QB2, that will already be more than he's done in all of his NFL career and will bode well for a new chapter. It will be telling when some QBs will be released after this week if Smith jumps on any of them or not (and taking note of the quality/veteran status of some). If not, it will be enlightening to know that he's riding with Josh.
  18. And to add to that - I hate that some are hanging it all on Matt's shoulders to mentor and fix him. Please, I want #2 to focus on doing his own job and kicking *** this year under a new system. We don't have time for our starting QB to be handholding a problem child.
  19. I think I remember him being the most popular guy at UCLA because he bought and constructed a jacuzzi in his dorm. He learned way too early that you flash some cash and become instantly popular. No need to work on it.
  20. I agree - Showing up late is unforgivable. That's just step one - Show up on time. If you can't even do that correctly, you're done in life, not to mention the NFL (Not For Long). What is it, you get at least 60 points for just signing your name on some exams? Dude couldn't even show up for 60 points.
  21. Right, and you can go ahead and scratch "Big D*** Nick" off the candidate list.
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