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  1. And that was recent, was it not? Like a few days ago recent. Jimmy G ain’t staying and he knows it. It reinforces the same point. It’s a passive aggressive way of saying something without saying something by using the media. He’s picking the trade partners, and doing it publicly.
  2. I’m sorry, but in my opinion, this is kinda huge. You can chalk it up to fashion or child nostalgia, but, this is a self-post in the middle of a media super storm with Watson. He’s smart and super saavy in the public relations world. Not a coincidence at all.
  3. Matt and Hurst already starting off season workouts at 5pm today.
  4. Wow, that was a VERY close one! I lost 2 years off of my life, I think.
  5. No, I think he's still a candidate over there. They are a much larger threat to us than PHI, I fear.
  6. I wonder if they're preparing a Plan C offer to Hackett......just.....in.....case.....
  7. If he takes the 3-day weekend to make a decision, I'm gonna jump out the window by Sunday.
  8. If Smith declines us after all that, you will see this board meltdown like no other. I have flashbacks of the Super Bowl at half time right now - We're ahead, right?! We're about to win, right?!
  9. And just like that.... https://www.ninersnation.com/2021/1/15/22232851/report-mike-mcdaniel-to-be-promoted-to-offensive-coordinator
  10. Yeah, I'd love McDaniel, but I'm starting to wonder with Saleh taking LaFleur with him to NY, Shanny will just promote McDaniel to OC now.
  11. Interesting that Saleh is taking LaFleur with him to be his OC in NY. Would love it if Smith took McDaniels from SF to be his OC. Shanny is constantly going to get his cupboard raided - And that shows you how good his scheme is in the NFL.
  12. If there is a chance to bring Mike McDaniel, this is a no-brainer. This offseason will be a complete success for the Falcons, even before the draft.
  13. Couldn't agree more. And he will not leave Shanahan for anything less than a HC position. This needs to be planned out immediately. Hopefully McKay has that outside observation about Shanahan's offensive boys too, and how it was that offensive mindset that was the true engine to our Super Bowl run, nothing else.
  14. As I wouldn’t have with any Giants Coordinator on the list. The mediocrity runs strong here.
  15. Whoever they consider as HC, I’m sure they will need to have a strong staff already ready to go with them. I think DQ already had Shanahan and his boys lined up to come to ATL, and that’s what really sealed the deal for the FO.
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