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  1. The most interesting thing about having Sark is we have an offensive coordinator that, even if he runs the offense very well, or above average, he will still not be considered a head coaching candidate ANY time soon. He has so much baggage with what happened in his head coaching college days, that many teams wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot pole right now. For awhile there, I was sick of every one of our coordinators being considered for the next hot job opening - And this happened every single year (which happens to every good team of course). With Sark, I think we can have a very good offensive coordinator all to ourselves for multiple years, at the very least. Let's just hope he blossoms into a very good offensive coordinator.
  2. If we sit at #26, the possible consolation prize would hopefully be Wynn. And then we load up on DL fat bodies over the next two rounds.
  3. Smoke, smoke, smokey-smoke. The target might still be Bryan.
  4. Correct. The Falcons may not even be sniffing him, which would shock the media world. They may have quicker aspirations than molding a piece of clay in 2018.
  5. I don't remember Takk was documented with a visit last year. Just curious about Bryan, Vea, or any OG listed this year.
  6. It's all or nothing this year. There's no looking beyond 2018 now. Our skill positions are all in their prime years over the next 2 - 3 seasons. This is it. We have to shore up the trenches in FA and the draft. Whatever it takes - THIS OFFSEASON. Horrible FA class or not.
  7. Pugh played out of position at RT in NY. He's a mediocre T, for sure, but playing G? He will be the best OG we've had up here in some time.
  8. If his back checks out, Pugh would be awesome. The slag on Slauson was that he wasn't great with the run.
  9. Scott Wright just released his new Mock today, and what stuck out is him having an OG drafted in the top 10 this year. A rare elite talent in OG is such a strange concept. Is ND's Quenton Nelson a once-in-a-generation OG? Maybe. He's got the nastiness and size to make a team DESPERATE FOR OG drool. He's got Tampa selecting him with #7... Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Quenton Nelson OG | Notre Dame All things being equal, a pass rusher is probably the Bucs top priority, but whether there’s another defensive end beyond Bradley Chubb of NC State worthy of a Top 10 pick is debatable. It is undeniably rare for an offensive guard to be selected in the Top 10 picks. It’s only happened three times in the last two decades. In 2013 the Cardinals took Jonathan Cooper (#7) and the Titans chose Chance Warmack (#10), and neither worked out for those respective teams. However, Washington selected Brandon Scherff at #5 overall in 2015 and couldn’t be happier. With all that said, if ever there was an exception to this rule it’s Nelson. A mountain of a man with outstanding strength and power, Nelson is also surprising athletic and nimble when pulling and blocking in space. What really sets Nelson apart though is his aggressiveness, nasty on-field temperament and desire to finish blocks. I don’t throw my “Elite” grade around lightly and on average only two or three prospects earn that label in any given class. Nelson is on a very, very short list for that honor this year.
  10. 2 passrushers in 1st, and it's the best draft we've had in a decade.
  11. Wow. Dupree or Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yep, whassup with Dupree? He's sinking.
  13. Anyone else getting greedy? Like.....Trade back up in the first round GREEDY? How far can Ray drop?
  14. WE'VE JUST WON THE DRAFT BOWL!!!! Way to hold out, Q!!!!!!!!!
  15. We keep ALL OF OUR DRAFT PICKS. So far.....