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  1. Yeah, with the entire organization on the hotseat this year, to put all of their eggs on one rookie (albeit, a possible generation-type player), is a very high risk that I'm not sure they would really have the guts to do when all is said and done.
  2. This is actually growing on me after 24 hrs. Not bad at all. Matte black, larger logo, silver outline, silver stripe. It's aggressive. I think this is in the neighborhood of what it actually is....
  3. This still doesn’t rule out a gray/silver-type chrome helmet.
  4. Yes, this would fall right in line with Nike’s Jets helmet.
  5. This is basically what Nike did with the Jets, just different colors & logo, of course. Hope there is some chrome on the helmet too.
  6. tomato, tomahto
  7. Yeah, while interesting, there are too many gray helmets out there - Raiders, Lions, Pats, Panthers. We'd be lost in the mix.
  8. Yep, 28-3 virtually ensures that vault will be sealed.
  9. It will be interesting to see what the coaching staff will be wearing at the combine - And we're only 2 weeks away.
  10. For sure - That's the target. I think the "new" logo will at least be on display on the caps handed out.
  11. Get ready for him to have double digits as the newest member of your New England Patriots.
  12. Your re-analysis of the team is fantastic. However, I worry about this one. It took us so many years to find a Tony G replacement. In the years that we had Tony, his hands were the gift. Sure, he moved in concrete, but he took in EVERY BALL thrown his way. I would dare to say Hoop’s hands are the second best we’ve had on the team and I don’t know how many years it could take us to find a similar skill set again. Probably when Matt has long since retired. We just haven’t figured out how to use Hoop quite yet in order to maximize his potential to the team.
  13. Ok, I gotta admit, I love the Jets new design. The green chrome with the New York on the front of the jersey. The black incorporated with the green. If we did something like that with the red and black, I’d be happy.
  14. He might as well just go ahead and say, “They look real swell!”
  15. Contemporary, flair, young and hip players had a hand in design. I’m thinking at the very least, it’s guaranteed the helmet is some sort of shiny red chrome. Not sure young players are pressing for any old unis. If they had a hand in the design, I can only imagine what sort of flashy color scheme it might contain.