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  1. That whole #2 for Young must be complete smokestack lightning smoke. I wonder who they are trying to take the radar off of by spreading that. One thing's for sure, they expect someone to drop, but not drop all the way to 16. Simmons would be a shock to still be there, but maybe it's possible with him being such a hybrid tweener. Maybe they think Brown will drop a bit. But, just maybe they really are focused in on Henderson, as they've telegraphed that desire to everyone so much, it looks like smoke - But isn't!
  2. I would have done this for Khalil Mack. Where would this have put us, in regards to those future first round picks? Arguments on both sides for mortgaging that future. But, at this point in time, with the Coronavirus unknown?....Absolutely, MORTGAGE THIS FUTURE!!!!!
  3. This is the only way teams can do this with a remote/virtual draft - Lay out a 'complete deal' early. You cannot leave anything to human chance and technical errors during the draft. If it gets done, it will get done early, and it will simply be a button push during the draft. That being said, PUSH THE BUTTON, TD!!!!!
  4. Wow, the Falcons might as well waste everyone’s time and have a pre draft meeting with Joe Burrows. We’re not even close to sniffing Young......unless.......! However, this could also be smoke to block any Simmons move up rumors.
  5. Excellent thinking and probably right on the money. It’s funny that over the past few years the Falcons openly target exactly who they say they want. That way of thinking says absolutely one of the top 2 CBs. However, the FO in a make or break year, could say **** the torpedoes, let’s go for the splash we should have made years ago and smoke everyone with the CB screen. We need instant, guaranteed, impact. Chase Young and **** the world.
  6. Can’t see Skins wanting to move away from Chase Young......unless there is a blockbuster swap with the Falcons to also get them out from under Landon Collins. That being said, we need to move Earth itself if there is a possibility to make that happen.
  7. King does have some sources close to him at Flowery Branch, but with him repeating the same narrative as every other reporter - Top CB or Chaisson - I think in this remote world of everyone working out of their basement, he’s either picking up the same dumb tweets as everyone else and calling it news, or is getting fed the same smoke.
  8. Yeah, you trade up for pro-ready players with little risk of not dominating on day 1. There’s probably only 1-4 players out there that fit that - And Young will be off of the board and we’re probably holding steady with our own OL. I think that leaves Simmons and whomever we might consider the top CB of the 2.
  9. Henderson has to be smoke, smoke, smokey smoke. You don't advertise who you're moving up for. You advertise a ghost. Has to be Simmons if he starts to drop. No one else can generate this much interest in TD moving up this early and already have the Big Board filled out.
  10. On the contrary. Consistently weird, random, non-constructive social media bits like this from him are starting to force me to describe him as “special “.
  11. Yeah, it's gotta be for Simmons. He's too perfect a fit to not already be OUR GUY.
  12. Neither were the Buc’s creamcicles or the Steeler’s bumblebees, but guess what?
  13. Yeah, these effing kill all clown shirt memories. These will grow on everyone with time, including all the “ATL” critics. What’s gonna be funny: Cut to 25 years later, and the clown jerseys become our throwbacks! Guaranteed - Mark it down. All unhip things become hip over time. All generation B and C kids will want a clown jersey from the 2000’s.
  14. Yep, just loved the the throwback one on Tuesday, but now I’ve also come around! These absolutely kill the clown sleeves and I love the statement of all black and all white. F the world!
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