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  1. Very interesting bit with Bill Cowher when talking Aaron Donald and the fleeting state of the edge rush. He says the culture of today's offenses lie with how fast these QBs can get the ball out of their hands. The edge rusher will not be the rockstar premium position it once was, as the edge is becoming the slowest position to rush to the ball in today's offenses. It will become the interior rush - The quickest position and shortest ground, from point-A-to-point-B, to get to the QB and ball in today's offenses. In short, look for the interior DL lineman to become the premium for future upper draft choices and FA, while the edge rushers become secondary.
  2. Because all eyes are on DQ coordinating the D this year, I don’t think he will gamble on DL draft picks. The draft should go mostly OL from the very start, and as we say - Get younger on the OL. I don’t think we need to get any younger on the other side of the trench. We’re already one of the youngest Ds, as it stands. Sign Grady and fortify with veterans. Jonah or Cody will be the #14, if they last.
  3. If it were TD interviewed, it would be a vague, diplomatic interview with 0 hints about anything. AB has reached the age and power to not give two effs about disguising his speech. Love it.
  4. Does Todd say the same? Both agree that we take Oliver at 14? Love Scott Wright's too - He says we take Wilkins at 14.
  5. Silver lining on not winning the Super Bowl: The uniforms are not etched in history and will be updated at some point. Of course, I'd live with the uniform forever if we had won.
  6. Because you are now putting Koetter in the unwanted position of being a weird co-offensive head (not to mention Knapp still sitting at the same table). The two of them will be pre-destined to not get along - Along with the peeps each one hires. Two separate camps, one toxic situation. You basically have to fire Koetter to get Kubiak any where near Atlanta at this point.
  7. I fault Kubiak on not being immediately assertive enough with Elway (and us) on his desires. There is no way he would choose JAX and Bortles over the embarrassment of riches in Atlanta.
  8. This has always been talked about in the media since I was small and it's killed me to hear it over and over. To me, I was proud when Jamal Anderson and The Dirty Bird briefly gave us some semblance of an identity at one time. Neon Deion's brashness and cockiness was great to be a part of. Jerry Glanville and the black cowboy hat. The hip-hop community in Atlanta - Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, Usher, Outkast, etc. But, it all faded away over time and people keep bringing up the lack of identity. I thought for sure once we got an owner like Blank, we'd establish some sort of identity, but nothing really yet.
  9. Completely agree. They didn’t fire Sark to not have a #1 candidate. They aren’t shopping for ingredients without a dinner in mind.
  10. Today is the day. Will the FO let him leave the ATL today? If they do, maybe that indicates Kubiak could be on the way. They said they wanted to make the decision quick and swift. I guess we’ll see after the steak dinner tonight.
  11. I’d love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with Matt and go over what he’s seen so far. He’s really the only one who has been through all the trials and tribulations of each offensive scheme and coaching personnel. That being said, I would not be shocked if Arthur is having said cup of coffee with him alone, from time to time, in order to pick his brain about who and what worked.
  12. “RISE UP”- Has it been almost 10 years with that mantra? With Matt Ryan approaching middle QB age, I fear it is going to be more like “WIND DOWN”. After this season, they desperately should change everything: from the mantra to the uniform to the logo. Change it all up!
  13. It could happen if the FO unanimously falls in love with someone in particular who they know will fall - a small school rockstar DE/DT or a G, perhaps.
  14. Niners have Seahawks, Bears, and Rams in the final weeks. No way they win another game. Falcons have Cards, Panthers, Bucs. It's possible that no way we lose another game.
  15. Charlie at Walter Football has him going #3 to the Jets. For sure the Jets are our rival when it comes to securing the top OL this year.