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  1. Actually, while she wasn’t beating the drum to get rid of MR, she was still saying to draft a QB. She was never on the Pitts to ATL bandwagon.
  2. Slightly off-topic, but not really - What is the deal with his partner, Mina Kimes getting such buzz about being such a football genius on that show (and every show on ESPN). They slurp her like she's going to be the next GM hired by an NFL franchise......And I will not be surprised when that actually does happen, ala Mike Mayock.
  3. Yeah, I doubt we can keep him no matter what happens, but I guess it would be weighed against how far Pitts progresses.
  4. “Q and I are fired up that we got the players that we set out to get. We started the initial planning as early as last year.”
  5. I think this is exactly right with Parsons and Joseph at the top, although I can see a trade up for Joseph way too early.
  6. excellent pick - I’m worried about C. More fat bodies!
  7. need more fat bodies - Let’s go!
  8. I get the feeling we’re about to draft someone NOBODY had on their boards at #68
  9. Buckle up, it’s shaping up to be exactly like last night, where our pick could shape how Round 2 goes for the rest of the league. If JOK is still sitting there, wow.
  10. Yeah, that was interesting. I also actually thought he already knew who they were picking at #35 when he specifically said, "AND SOMEONE WHO FITS OUR CULTURE". I think that was a small hint that there is someone they are already high on and think will be there.
  11. You bring up a really good point, if QB1 is indeed a bust, QB2, 3, 4, 5 aren’t too far behind in this draft. If I was a betting man, I’d put the farm on the block to say none of them could be starting in 5 years. If nobody knows nothing, **** the pundits who say next year’s class isn’t as strong.
  12. Pitts is the Trevor Lawrence of non-QB positional players. He’s as good as a #1 pick if you’re not drafting a QB. I really think we’ve lucked out with the #1 pick without giving up the farm or going o-fer. But that’s exactly what’s fallen into our lap.
  13. When you’re a new FO, you draft a world beater at #4 and hang your hat on a near-guarantee. You don’t have years to develop someone. You want a gold ticket to put on your resume. There are no instant world beaters outside of Pitts.
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