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  1. 3 points that show that Matt Ryan is the LONG TERM franchise QB for the Falcons for many, many years: He's rarely injured, keeps himself conditioned and healthy. NFL rules protect the QB like no other position in this day and age. Brady and Brees are leading the way in the line of thinking that QBs can play well into their 40's.
  2. Yeah, don't understand why other teams weren't calling him or inviting him during mass tryouts. There are plenty of teams with questionable kicking problems - Bears, Jets, Vikings, Panthers, to name a few. On the other hand, that injury that he went down with last year looked absolutely ugly and potentially career-ending for an aging kicker - The hamstring looked like it completely separated from the bone after that last kick. Not really sure his length caps out at 45 yards this year, but we'll see.
  3. Yeah, it's gotta be for a 3rd string QB that is expendable on another team.
  4. The way the league has evolved now, once a team has a rockstar OG or OT, rarely, if ever, does that team let him reach FA. It’s getting harder and harder to secure the services of a valuable veteran OL piece. Mack was an anomaly and an absolute gift for us. Teams have put such a value on their current OL, that u have to build your OL through the draft, long term, and hope to sign short term mediocre patchwork where needed. i think it’s just the way of the OL landscape going forward, and our FO has come to that realization earlier than other teams, by their brilliant actions this draft.
  5. Guys, keep in mind that one of the tricks to throw other GMs off of the draft - during the actual draft - is to call for a trade up and offer peanuts with minutes to go. They were a distant second, because they wanted to be a distant second. For the next four picks afterwards, the GM rumor mill across the rest of the league was that we were going Defense. Bait set. Troff ‘d.
  6. Polite and Winovich would be interesting, but I don't think we'll make another pick until Saturday now.
  7. I can't stand Walter Football. Sure, he has a mock almost every hour leading up to the draft, but there are teams he barely looks at and just plugs in whatever hot name is left on his list. Atlanta being one of his weakest teams. No research whatsoever. He just surfs the other online mocks and plugs in whatever they have for Atlanta. Pure friggin laziness from him and that BS site. He's NEVER right about ATL, and he takes it out on their grades.
  8. Thank you. Thank you very much. First one in. Where’s the 100 years worth of tickets?
  9. You absolutely cannot trust any news reports that come out within a few hours before draft time. Why now? Why wasn't this published weeks ago? Or anytime right after the combine?
  10. TD said it hit him last Thursday who it was. This is the Dex, Vic, and Dabo video that he saw on that day....
  11. "For Atlanta, the options are varied." Love that quote. And that's just how it's going to play out tonight!
  12. smokey, smoke, smoke. TD is watching this, smiling to himself like Matthew McConaughey in a Lincoln commercial, and sipping a martini with an extra OLIVEr.
  13. If Oliver wears any combination of red and black on the red carpet tomorrow, then we'll know. Oh, yes, we will know.
  14. Lindstrom played RT in his Junior Year. Scouts are viewing him as a swiss army knife all up and down the line. He's got the versatility that the Falcons love.
  15. My sources tell me Chris Lindstrom has always been the target (And my sources are my brain and balls). They just take their guy @ #14 or trade down to a safe position to get him, but either way, Lindstrom is a Falcon on Day 1.