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  1. Oh Mizzou would be an awesome fit for Kelly
  2. You gotta admit a team who wants to contend now would contact him.... Like Oklahoma,Nebraska,and maybe even UGA depending on how this season plays out....
  3. If Chip Kelly fails this season where would he end up?
  4. I've never had a problem with Zaxbys chicken. My only problem is how long they cook the fries.... Sometimes it's dang delicious and they're perfectly crisp. Other times they're saggy and under cooked thus making them less tasteful.... But I will tell you one thing the next time you go there order some of those friends tater chips.... Jesus Christ they're delicious. ^FOOD GASM^
  5. Much St has looked very solid, but something about OSU feels like FSU last season.... Sure they'll play down to opponents and ALMOST lose but they'll find some way to win. Idk tho I hope somebody beats the Buckeyes I hate their university and the d!ckhead they call coach
  6. I play whoever we play on Madden 16 on all madden of course cause Imma hard a$$. Last week I got beat by philly 42-24, but luckily we won! This week I got beat by NYG 24-7.... So maybe it'll work like last week!
  7. They always hang with the big boys. They seem to do it every year. Like last season they nearly beat OKL
  8. I knew this thread was bad when he spelled TATF wrong in the title.
  9. Gus Malzahn gonna go into the half run straight to the secondary players and ask one question.... "Who wants to play QB in the 2nd half?"
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