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  1. I'll beat ur a$$ if u got PS4. I use them Raiders
  2. That's sucks man! I really hope I don't have issues with the next gen switch..... On PS3 NBA 2k15 online was above average to say the least. I mean idk how it was on next gen considering I didn't play but 1 game on next gen on 2k15 (offline) but from what I understand that's what is really holding the game back. I think they'll get it fixed since they're putting so much emphasis on this need ProAm mode so maybe just maybe we can finally have a sports title that has solid online play like the infamous COD!
  3. That's a fun mode if you get players you're comfy with!
  4. Lol I'd say. The only thing I'm preordering is 2k an that's only cause I want the early jump on my mycareer
  5. It's gonna be a **** good movie. I wouldn't be surprised if that movie makes BvS and Civil War look average.I have high hopes for it and Deadpool
  6. I gotcha. Imma keep Arkham Knight because the rumor is they might remaster Origins,Asylum,and City for next gen so I'll snag the whole collection!
  7. Good for you man... I'm gonna swap Lego Batman an Destiny here shortly an preorder NBA 2k
  8. If I was you J I'd just keep it till Madden releases in about a month that way you can at least have half of it paid for cause I'm sure that game should bring in 20-30$ at GameStop/Walmart
  9. There is 243 in total just make sure to interrogate everybody an you'll get em
  10. Depends..... If you complete the main story and decide to do that other stuff later then you won't have Joker's commentary by your side. But in the end of the main story it'll give you the choice to go back out an try to do all the side missions or get part of the ending. Honestly I'd complete all the side missions before you go balls out an complete the main story.
  11. Nope..... Again not gonna spoil anything but it's right around 60% completion of the main story.
  12. It gets addicting after you pass the Ace Chemicals section of the game. Then the tides turn an let's just say there is a little devil creepin on your shoulder throughout the main story
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