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  1. if we suck in every aspect of the game like you just stated than explain to me how we have won 6 out of 6 games against NFL TEAMS?
  2. good day for the Falcons tho. thats all that matters. the OL looked shaky. WTF is going on the Clabo? he has been terrible the past 3 weeks, everyone thought the left side of the line would struggle and that the right side was our strength. roles have been reserved But 6-0 is 6-0. find ways to win!
  3. man some of yall are nit picky. a wins a win. good/great teams win the ugly games. blowouts dont mean squat. every SB champion have had ugly games, even terrible games but find ways to win. thats all that matters. who cares about stat lines. only one that matters is win/loss. that being said, i have complete faith in this team to get it together by seasons end when it actually matters. im glad we are struggling right now, gives us time to fix the issues instead of near the end of season.
  4. section 318 row 12. 3 seats. be there all season!
  5. man some of you overreact waaaaaayyyyyy to much. a WINS A WIN. does it really matter?!?!?! we are 5-0. thats it PERIOD.
  6. you have to play DMC seeing how you probably drafted him in the first. The only game he played well was Pitt because they went back to power blocking and not zone blocking. i see them doing the same against us after having 2 weeks to prepare. Start DMC, if you want to win. He catches alot of balls as well. so he can get you yards.
  7. these rankings dont mean squat. we will let out Win/Loss record speak for itself.
  8. didnt he play his senior year with a broken hand? just sayin
  9. I have to disagree. I dont think we will let up this year, or even rest our starters near the end of the season. we have shown in the past that we lose momentum to easily. i expect the pedal to the metal this year. that being said i expect 4700 yards and 41 TDs.
  10. he has already been at FB for a few formations already, hasnt he?
  11. another player that most should be eating crow on. same story as Decoud. Good player wrong system. further proof BVG was a complete moron. LONG LIVE NOLAN!
  12. this is true. i read somewhere where he is having a hard time adjusting to the new zone blocking scheme. he is outrunning the blocks. they will get it together sooner or later. just hope its week 7. Their strengths on offense play right into the strengths we have on defense. should make for an interesting afternoon.
  13. i beg to differ. driving the length of the field and to stall EVERY time at the 20 and kick a field goal is not dominance. regardless they looked better in the second
  14. i wouldnt put it all on the Oline, Rodgers was holding onto the ball well over 3-4 secs yesterday. he would scramble right into the back of his oline yesterday. fell once. he has been way off his game this year. he threw a ball into the ground trying to hit an open receiver.
  15. i couldnt agree more. you can see the big 3 qbs (Brees, Rodgers, Brady) not getting special attention.
  16. they did the same crap monday night when we played Denver. spotted them an extra 11 yards
  17. no kidding. 46 points combined in the 4th quarter! it was nuts. me living in TN and was surrounded by Titans fans, i loved every minute of it
  18. the last thing we need is a division loss. that being said, i hope we show everyone this week who they can expect to win the South this year!
  19. why is that? they look like the second coming of last years Niners. Great defense with a QB that manages the game.
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