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  1. He's horrible. Makes horrible decisions in the most important times. NO - please NO.
  2. I don’t know what is more sad. That a Falcons fan would come up with this or that 3 people actually voted for it. Stupidity- pure stupidity
  3. Let’s not pretend that Sark was some sort of master play caller. No he wasn’t bad. But he wasn’t great either. I don’t think anyone will rue the day we let Sark go.
  4. This article is a joke. Let's break this down - shall we? "South Division rivals: Carolina lost guard Andrew Norwell (Jacksonville) but added Poe, who helped the Falcons significantly improve their run defense in 2017" So let me get this straight.......they lost Norwell to an offensive line that already struggled and they added Poe and lost Lotulelei - so how much did they improve? "New Orleans signed cornerback Patrick Robinson, convinced Drew Brees to stay in town (he had more lucrative offers elsewhere) and free-agent defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is scheduled for a visit" Classic overreation. Suh didn't sign - Brees is STAYING in NO (Ryan will also be STAYING in ATL), and they signed a 30 year DB with 14 career picks in 10 years. Better? "Tampa Bay added defensive tackle Beau Allen from Philadelphia." .....yeah...those 20 tackles and 1 sack will make up the difference for the Bucs.... "Philadelphia: The team that ended the Falcons’ season and won the Super Bowl acquired defensive end Michael Bennett from Seattle and signed Haloti Ngata to make up for Allen’s loss." OH - and they also cut Vinny Curry and are currently OVER the cap and have to cut/trade players to be compliant. OH - and also both Ngata and Bennett are older and in their twilight of their career's. They may also have to park with Kendrick as a result...better? "Minnesota: The Vikings filled their biggest need by signing quarterback Kirk Cousins after taking a run at Brees. They’re also talking to free-agent interior lineman Sheldon Richardson. They should be contenders again." Yep - they did get substantially better. But that's what happens when you don't have a QB signed on the roster after all 3 became free agents. "Los Angeles: The Rams had the league’s new hip offense under coach Sean McVay last season and they’ve strengthened their defense, trading for cornerbacks Marcus Peters (19 interceptions in three years with Kansas City) and Aqib Talib (five-time Pro Bowler). Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is giddy." This one has me scratching my head. Yes they traded for Peters and Talib - but they also got rid of Quinn and Ogletree - oh and boy wonder LaFleur left to go to the Titans. I know McVay called plays but LaFleur has been doing something right with game planning..... "San Francisco: The 49ers had a ton of cap space and may have overpaid for players, but they’ve made the team significantly better. Former Minnesota running back Jerick McKinnon (four years, $30 million), an Atlanta native and former Georgia Southern quarterback/tailback, will flourish in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Ex-New York Giants center Weston Richburg (five years, $47.5 million) will stabilize the offensive line. Richard Sherman (three years, $27.5 million, but only $7 million guaranteed) provides some leadership, although it’s uncertain how he’ll rebound from a ruptured Achilles that ended his 2017 season." Uh dude......if you think these moves will move the 49ers past the Falcons - I want some of what you are smoking. Jerick McKinnon? I mean the guy's decent - but come on. Sherman? 2 achilles procedures within a few months of each other? Yep - that will give them another 7-8 wins alright. "Green Bay: The Packers surprisingly let wide receiver Jordy Nelson go, but signed tight end Jimmy Graham and defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson." This one is hilarious. They subbed one 10mm contract with Nelson with another in Graham and I will tell you I'm much more concerned when Nelson is on the field. This is a really stupid tradeoff in my opinion - they would've been scarier keeping Nelson and drafting a TE in my view. I like the Wilkerson signing however. Still don't think these move vault them past us - they will be tough with these moves or without. The only team in my view who may have valuted past the Falcons are the Vikings - who beat us last year anyway. This article is complete garbage and it's an example of a old tired sports beat writer with no new stories to write about. It's clear to see through this garbage. Just my 2 cents!
  5. Trade Matt Ryan.....for Tyrod Taylor.....who was benched in Buffalo for inconsistent play. Yeah - makes sense. Issue with this generation of fans is they are too Madden based. Just because Taylor has had some decent stats here or there - how many games has he WON? Man oh man - this is a joke.
  6. You don't think wins over the saints or rams are quality? They are a good team fellas. Don't try and rationalize
  7. Here's my logical argument about why I don't think Matt Ryan will ever lead us to the Superbowl....but before I present that I want to officially say I'm not a fan of #7 - and was tickled pink when we drafted Ryan over Dorsey. Also - with what I'm going to say - I will also admit that Ryan is probably the best QB we've ever had. If this was 15 years ago - I would feel totally different about Ryan's ability to take us to the big show. However - here are my concerns: 1st - There is no doubting the fact that Matt Ryan is a cerebral QB - he is very intelligent. However - I honestly don't think his arm is strong enough to make the throws when our WR's are on the move. His ball simply has a float to it - which basically means he has to hit guys on a timing pattern as they are running across the field. The reason that is not good enough is because this is the NFL - and you have to be a gunslinger to get these balls in tight areas. Nothing could prove this point more than the New Orleans game at New Orleans. They showed a replay of both the TD from Ryan to Jones (or was it White? - can't remember) and the TD from Brees to Graham. The Brees thrown ball did not change planes at all. The Ryan ball definitely did. This is what is preventing Ryan from taking that next step to Elite IMO. 2nd - I don't know that Ryan has the nutz to make some of the plays he has to make. He is ultra conservative - and stays away from contact - which is smart to a large degree - but in a big game (i.e. 3 different times in the playoff game) he shied away from contact in a big way. Those 2 QB sneaks were horrible as he didn't even push his momentum the right way - heck my 9 year old baseball team knows about momentum!!!!! Also that run where he slid WAY early was not good. He had more yards to get - and in a playoff game - every yard is criticial. Lastly - I think his conservative nature is the reason he does the check downs to the short WR. We will find out with the new coordinator who basically has said he hates curls and likes a vertical passing game. If we see the same stuff - then it will be Ryan who is the conservative player - as we've seen with his running "attempts". With all this being said - I think Ryan is a great QB - but he is not on the elite level - and we don't have a defense (i.e. Ravens, Bucs when they went) that will take us to the big dance without needing stellar QB play.
  8. Sorry man - we didn't fully support the Braves in the late 90's when they were one of the top payrolls in baseball. I get it that the guy is generalizing in this article - and I'm not saying I agree with all of it. But the CORE of the article is Atlanta has terrible fans in general - I agree with. I'm not talking about every single fan - but the majority of fans SUCK. Just my opinion.
  9. You guys on here are crazy for disagreeing with this article. I have been an Atlanta fan my whole life - 37 years. I have gone to every game this city has to offer and this guy is dead on. Since this is the Falcons Forum - I'll discuss the Falcons in general. We have the WORST fans in the NFL. We have a team who has 4 consecutive winning seasons - more than we have EVER seen in our history - and we are not selling out. I have witnessed so many stupid things over the course of my lifetime watching Falcons live - but just this year - here are a couple. New Orleanes game - when we didn't convert a 3rd down near the end of the game - and we were down by 10 - fans starting filing out of the dome. They didn't bother to stay and watch the conversion where we kept the drive alive - or the score where we got within 3 points. Then - we did an onsides kick - which we did not recover. There goes another 1/2 of the dome attendees. We end up stopping NO and had a thrilling finish - yet over 1/2 of the dome was empty. Let's not even talk about all the WHO DAT'S we heard because our fans sold their tickets to the game and didn't bother to even show. We don't make noise - we don't help our defense a lick - heck I have NO idea how our record is so good at home since we really don't have a 12th man. I have been a season ticket holder for 15 years - and while I would say there has been a couple of good seasons for our fans - it has mostly been horrible. Go to Braves games - no one there. Go to Hawks games - 2/3 filled. It is an embarrassment - and although I will always stay a hard core Atlanta sports fan - and go to every venue to watch and support each team - I cannot say the same for my brethren. To call this guy racists is a joke. I'm white - and he is DEAD ON in his assessment of our horrible, horrible fans. Section 235 - 15 years
  10. I agree with all of your points also. The kneel down was the worst set of play's I've seen this coaching staff call. Also - I'm highly concerned with the play of our Pro Bowl KR Weems. I never really liked him before last year - and there is no doubting it - he had a fantastic year last year and started to change my mind about him. However - this year he has made several mistakes - way too many to excuse. He has let punts hit the turf that could have been fair catches that ended up pinning us on the 1 yard line (both games so far). He has made very questionable decisions to run out of the endzone 8 yards deep to end up at the 15, or maybe the 20 - but it is just as likely that we will get a holding penalty that will put us inside the 10 yard line as it is he will break a long run starting 8 yards deep. And our punter.....holy crap - he is absolutely terrible. He has got to go. Never thought I'd miss Koenen quite so much. I've been a season ticket holder for 12 years - and have followed this board forever - but don't post much. Sure I'll get lambasted regarding Weems - but I would put Franks or Rodgers back there. I don't trust Weems judgement at all.....
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