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  1. tape dont lie. now what you got Tandy? freaking hilarious. quiet crowd until the fake boos begin to play. got me dying laughing over here
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kew2Kh_TZCc&feature=related 1:09 mark dome freaking empty people cheering him @ the tunnel piped in boos begin to play. stop lying! 4:08 mark fake boos agaIN, got nothing else to say. the tape doesn't lie. but as i said each time the loudest was when he was being escorted out the dome, they were climbing out their seats to scream at him
  3. i thought it was crazy, thats it. i didnt think our Owner was the type.. its life
  4. so now its padded players, hmmmmmmmmmmmm i see where the web of lies is being woven. INteresting choice of words. very interesting choice of words. so you didnt see em come out, but the rest of the random people boo'd in unison then stopped in unison. not sure what this has to do about vick, but the fact remains you either werent there, or you making this up. i could care less if you are begging for yoru e reputation to save you, the fact is that you didnt see this and now are acting like you did. again did you see dmiitroff did you see our guys did you see the eagles? or is your answer "just
  5. you remember the time im talking about, you know its true. I was freaking dumbfounded. i aint but just 1 dude. i was doing all i could but it was frustrating with our fair weather fans. and yes indy has done it, minny has done it. the rule says you can pipe in boos, just not cheers. go figure. it disnt expect to get into this much of a conversation @ it, but it is what it is.
  6. did you see them come out the tunnel? did you boo them? how come i didn't hear the cheers? did you cheer dimitroff when he come out at 7? i know the truth and you are afraid to admit it. im embarrassed that our franchise would do such a thing, but then again I know our fan base.
  7. harrison has to be wrong he plays madden.........wait what position did he play, and for how long, ooooooooooooo ok i get it. yeah i been said WCO 3 years ago
  8. at 7pm they was less than 1,000 maybe 1,000 in the building ( eagles fans too who aint booing their guys) but no where close to in the stands at 7pm. comical the lies tandy tries to tell
  9. you werent in there at 7. did you see them dudes come out the tunnel? i had chicken in my hand and almost dropped it when that audio was playing. lemme guess you and 4 other people from hundred or so yards away made all that noise, then just stopped on a dime in unison. why aint you cheer for our guys when they come out? why aint you cheer thomas dimitroff? such a liar. stop trying to act like our fan base is loud. at times it was pitiful. the fans had all the wind taken out of them when eagles scored 21. it was pin drop quiet. no one reacted to the fake noise metrer. you lying and you know it
  10. i must admit a win is a win and i couldnt be happier, but it was only like 2/3 dream team mv7 out in 3rd desean in and out no VY to come in for MV7 a win is a win, but its hardly the dream team with kafka and steve smith in there
  11. fake noise meter is fake noise meter.
  12. fake noise meter- check 1,000 fans in dome at 7pm no one paying attention just lolligagging @ the dome taking in the sights taking pictures and then this recorded BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO plays i look at field and the long snapper kicker and punter are walking out the tunnel. and the boos audio tape was loud as the dome was all night, except when vick got the escort out. then it literally just stopped went from loud to nothing. i looked around to see who was booing and it was no one paying attention. literally 5 seconds later our guys come out and there are NO cheers. 15 seconds later thomas dimitro
  13. he is being exposed. the curtain has been pullled back and mister scout is clueless. look at our o line for our franchise qb, look at our db situation, where he has spent most his picks and fa pick ups, look at his draft results. crapola! he is a complete clown who has us drowning in the cap in the very near future and has no draft picks next year
  14. i was saying over the other dudes. i think Godgers has the most points of all the qbs. brady top passer but overall Godgers takes the Crown. IMHO
  15. i am really digging Peyton on the Dark side. you and the GOD knight guy joining the "negative" side, if only falcon sundae would join...we would be unstoppable!!! bwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
  16. i also saw the eagles trying to compensate the gashing we were giving them up the middle or through their lb exploits that nnamdi and samuel both were playing free safety cheating in the middle on certain plays anyone else notice that?
  17. Godgers #1 with his skill set. Vick #2 IMHO based on age, run, pass, mental aspect
  18. i would like him fired, and let a real gm and not a scout who is in over his head run this team
  19. you have only confirmed my belief that TD is as useless as t*ts on a snake. of course we would strike out, but you missed the point. no wait maybe you got the point.
  20. i agree with TMO, we go no huddle once we see a certain package we can exploit. its hardly something we can just run like all game. am i the only one that noticed its the same set everytime too? ive seen 3-4 plays run from that set.
  21. yeah his eye looked bad. white guy with a jacked up mug, now i only wish i took that picture with my camera phone. dang it i knew i should have.
  22. i just hope we go into the playoffs, knowing we are more a fools gold than a genuine gold team. most people saw our record last year and thought they were dominant, but we were anything but. I know we have tons of work to do, and our GM has made some dumb dumb moves. and we are without key draft picks. so we are going to hover @ this talent level. Turner has gotten slower, ryan has hit ceiling, etc. i am elated about the win, but know this win could have been a loss. And in my mind until i see us dominate another team, we have tons of concerns to be worried about. Ryan getting hammered 2 games
  23. maybe i should add the awesome offensive line TD has built to protect our Franchise qb. expect ryan to miss playing time if they keep letting him get slaughtered td deserves the biggest come on man they got. regarding bosher- dude aint had any touchbacks, and he a horrible punter- YET TD DRAFTED HIM!!! and when you blow 5 picks on a #2 wr, he better make more than 3 catches a game. yes i expect a full 16 game+ playoffs with beast mode numbers.. any player that coveted must produce. FACT
  24. seen you at dantannas earlier in the day. also i did see a lumped up philly fan. dudes eye was freaking destroyed. you do that?
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