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  1. Wouldn' say that. Had his first 1000 yard season with the dolphins. May be not as effective as in NO, but there are more factors... BTT Sean Payton as a substitute for Shanny would really be interesting to me just to see what would happen, but I really do not think that it is likely at all.
  2. F*** his stats, I love how he approaches DBs as if he's a Fullback most of the times.
  3. Love how on almost every other mic'd up, they're all talking and being fired pre-game, and Neal just sits there growling :-D
  4. I was a huge Alford fan, personally liked him better than Trufant, although I know that TRU is waay better. However, it seems like i still underestimated Alf, I would have thought he was worth way less. Funny how your mind works sometimes.
  5. Thank you, great source! I gues he will definitely stay top ten, maybe top five after the coming FA, right?
  6. Does anybody know how this relates to projected numbers for this year's Free Agency? This seems very low to me, but maybe I'm just overestimating RT value.
  7. I was talking about the OP mainly, and these " "XY" is not the answer " threads a few games int their carreers. Maybe the OP just worded it strange and it's mainly about our RG spot, which definitely is concerning to me, And yes, the general expectations I have for Schweitzer are Depth, not the next superstar. Only time will tell.
  8. Was not directed at you specifically, but it is seriously silly to make any statements about giving up on a player 11 Games into his carreer, especially one drafted in the higher rounds.
  9. There's too much of this BS still going around. Beasley should have taught the knee-jerkers a lesson, but oh well.
  10. Man watching that Mic'd up segement... what the **** happened with asamougha? I'd really like to know what went on there...
  11. Man, that "Blitzkrieg" etymology really makes me uneasy somehow...
  12. Unless someone can show me exactly what the changes in the offense were and what new stuff defenses are doing to prevent that from happening i ain't buying that. This Offense has stopped itself with dropped balss and dead ball fouls in drives that could have sealed the game, I don't see any defense achievements there.
  13. Well, for me it's all about expectations. I did not expect this young and from a talent standpoint still suspect defense to shut the Chargers' offense down, but I am with you on how frustraing it ist to watch 5yrd dump-offs turn into big gains. I do think it has to do with the inexperience of our starting LBs. And the LBs that do have experience, like Worrilow and Wheeler, are just too slow prevent YAC. Yeah, I hope my post did not make it seem like I was saying that. It's not an excuse we lost. It is not even a reason. We were in the situation to finish the game both times,SD and SEA, and just could not finish. It is not even like the other teams made some great plays, we just did not execute at all. That's on the team and noone else. I was just saying that, from a referee's perspective, that attitude of rather not throwing a flag because of the situation does not make sense at all if you start thinking about it.
  14. If Ryan has to play a 158.3 rating game every time to win, maybe somthing else is also a tiny part of the problem. Just suggesting.
  15. Yep, defense was okay, even scored. But those penalties, especially those dead ball fouls, are the most unnecessary freaking thing.
  16. I'm really gonna watch him more closely next time. I always thought he did a nice job, but maybe I'm just missing the bad plays :-D
  17. So, another loss that somehow did not feel like it should have been one. But instead of spending the evening with coming up with new swear words for the officials, this time I'm just tired. Not because it's now 2 AM over here, but because this loss, again, feels so .. unnecessary, for a lot of reasons. Some random things that cross my mind and that I need to get of my chest: 1) Just to get it out of the way, I wanna adress this first: Again, there was a fundamental lapse in referee performance during a crucial moment in the game, again to the disadvantage of Julio Jones. And again, I've heard the followong reasoning for not throwing the flag: "As an official, you do not want to be the one to decide the game, so you rather not throw a flag there. You want the players to be able to decide it." But if a foul was comitted, a player was prevented from being able to decide to game. If you do not throw the flag there, you are actually deciding the game for the players. It's throwing the flag that allows the players to decide the game. Last time I checked, no points were awarded for fouls, so the players still have to score. Make them line up again and give players of BOTH teams the opportunity to get it right. 2) Overall, Shanny called a good game again. But the 3rd and 4th down call in OT I just cannot get on board with. The QB sneak was as predictable as cheap shots in New Orleans, and our Oline had had enough breakdowns in their perfomance (in the 2nd half of this game) to be at least somewhat hesitant of going all in on a strech run. Also not even trying a freeze call left me a bit unsatisifed with how the game-deciding two downs were handled. However, I completely agree with going for it. SD would probably have marched 200 yrds in that drive after the turnover. 3) This game, the O-Line was the biggest single culprit and a main factor in the offense just scoring 3 points in the second half. Three. There is no more explicit way of telling the other team, "Please beat us!"... except maybe comitting stupid penalties. And they excelled in that, too. I am not gonna complain if you are giving up sacks and pressure to guys like Bosa, or Von Miller. The other guys get paid, too, and if you expect to shove everybody around 24/7 with them just turning over, you are in for a rude awakening. But comitting two dead-ball fouls in a row, in a drive that could have put the game away for us, just wakes the impression that your head is not in the game. Especially if it happens at home. 6 penalties on the o-line, that is unacceptable and negates the real good job they have been doing. 4) Something positive for a change: My freaking god, I do not want to be a ballcarrier - or receiver - in the vicinity of Keanu Neal. The guy hits like he can just pick up a new body once this one has broken down, and straight up punishes ballcarriers. it's been like what, four? games, and he is already a presence. Playing safety myself, I just love watching him. Same goes for Deion Jones. So that's just my two cents on today, feel free to disagree / discuss. At the beginning of the year, I thought of this as a 9-7 team. But after seeing how we lost, I can not help but feeling that, should it result in such a record (or worse), the team did more to lose than the others did to win. It's 2:44 AM now, so I think I'm gonna wrap things up here. Oh and btw, it's nice to be back
  18. As a German, I endorse this draft :-D However, I do not like Ragland in the 1st. Ragland at MLB and Upshaw at OLB make for a very physical LB group, but also veery vulnerable against the pass. I'd rather bolster pass defense with that pick.
  19. Agreed. Still a very intriguing thought of having 3 very young studs on the line, that would be a very stong foundation...
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