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  1. Wouldn' say that. Had his first 1000 yard season with the dolphins. May be not as effective as in NO, but there are more factors... BTT Sean Payton as a substitute for Shanny would really be interesting to me just to see what would happen, but I really do not think that it is likely at all.
  2. F*** his stats, I love how he approaches DBs as if he's a Fullback most of the times.
  3. Love how on almost every other mic'd up, they're all talking and being fired pre-game, and Neal just sits there growling :-D
  4. I was a huge Alford fan, personally liked him better than Trufant, although I know that TRU is waay better. However, it seems like i still underestimated Alf, I would have thought he was worth way less. Funny how your mind works sometimes.
  5. Thank you, great source! I gues he will definitely stay top ten, maybe top five after the coming FA, right?
  6. Does anybody know how this relates to projected numbers for this year's Free Agency? This seems very low to me, but maybe I'm just overestimating RT value.
  7. I was talking about the OP mainly, and these " "XY" is not the answer " threads a few games int their carreers. Maybe the OP just worded it strange and it's mainly about our RG spot, which definitely is concerning to me, And yes, the general expectations I have for Schweitzer are Depth, not the next superstar. Only time will tell.
  8. Was not directed at you specifically, but it is seriously silly to make any statements about giving up on a player 11 Games into his carreer, especially one drafted in the higher rounds.
  9. There's too much of this BS still going around. Beasley should have taught the knee-jerkers a lesson, but oh well.
  10. Man watching that Mic'd up segement... what the **** happened with asamougha? I'd really like to know what went on there...
  11. Man, that "Blitzkrieg" etymology really makes me uneasy somehow...
  12. Unless someone can show me exactly what the changes in the offense were and what new stuff defenses are doing to prevent that from happening i ain't buying that. This Offense has stopped itself with dropped balss and dead ball fouls in drives that could have sealed the game, I don't see any defense achievements there.
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