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  1. Seriously, our D is the one keeping us in games while our Offense turns the ball over 4 times a game
  2. Haha its going to be the worst division in football again. We should run away with it to be honest if we don't get hit with any major injuries
  3. Speaking of Gresham...Why hasn't anyone signed him? If he's healthy you gotta give him a look, no?
  4. Those are awesome. We should definitely go back to all black
  5. He has the option to opt out of his current contract due to the ownership change. If he does opt out, I would target him immediately. Thoughts?
  6. Yeah but can't trust him for a entire game.
  7. Did he come in? Could be a huge loss if he misses time
  8. I think it will be closer then people think... Packers 38 Falcons 35 We fall short on a final drive after giving up the lead late (shocker)
  9. I remember someone posting this awhile back and it just blows my mind...He has not taken a single pass rusher before the 4th round since he's been here...How is that even allowed?
  10. The winner of this division might be the worst playoff team in history
  11. The Seahawks also asked the Broncos for Julius Thomas...Cameron isn't available
  12. Agreed. There are a lot of terrible teams in the NFL. I feel like multiple 8-8 teams will get into the playoffs this year
  13. Post season presser going on right now with TD and Smitty.
  14. Its not even a hurry up really, just a no huddle with Matt able to change up the play as needed. I barely remember seeing it this year but I would suspect it was because of the dreadful O line
  15. We should just use the blacks for home (not the throwback blacks)...Our black on black combo is sick
  16. Dare I say Tru is our best defensive player? In his rookie year?
  17. Free agent after next year.http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/sean-weatherspoon/
  18. I agree...This is getting regoddamdiculous blowing in the 3rd quarter. Its literally every single ******** week coming out flat after half. Its pathetic. Yes Harry probably should have caught that ball but for **** sake, we gave up 31 points in the second half
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