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  1. I thought this might turn into a good day for us. 49ers are determine to give this game away. I will be shocked if the Saints don't win this game now.
  2. Falcons just following the Atl Sports Script. They change somethings around it every year to keep the viewer interested. The ending is always the same. The only real difference between the two teams. Falcons usually beat the bad teams and can't beat the good teams. Hawks can actually beat the good teams and then lose to an underman/bad teams. Braves, everyone knows their story. What will be icing on the cake to all this is if the Thrashers aka Jets end up doing well in the NHL Playoffs. The team no one in this city gave a **** about. Might end up being the one who might succeed most. One thing all 3 have in common is neither team can handle expectations. They always choke whenever pressure is place upon them. This city embraces the underdog role way too much.
  3. 1st half wasn't so bad. 2nd half was a complete meltdown.
  4. MM & BVG obviously need to go. I am very close to saying Mike Smith as well. Only if you got say a John Gruden or Bill Cowher waiting to take over. Someone with some cred to their name.
  5. Terrence Moore compare Matt Ryan to being another Joe Johnson. I guess the only difference is Matt still performs well in the regular season. In terms of the playoffs. Neither player steps up.
  6. If the rumors are true the Nats might land Prince. That would make them really dangerous.
  7. I thought it was a good trade the night it happen. I still think its a good trade.
  8. The good thing is the coaching staff doesn't have more than a week to prepare for the next opponent. Something about giving our coaching more than a week to prepare for a good team seem to end very badly for us. As stated time for everyone to step up. It all start and end with one player. Its time for Matt Ryan to step up.
  9. I dusted the loss off my shoulder and said we will play them when it really matters in 2 weeks if everything hold true to form right now. There was really nothing to gain from tonight game. Saints were going to win the division regardless. There is no way the Panthers will beat them in their own stadium.
  10. I am going over all playoff scenarios. From what I can tell. If Bears lose tomorrow then the Falcons are in the playoffs no matter what. Only thing still up for grabs is the 5th or 6th seed. Falcons hold tiebreaker over Seahawks due to head-to-head win.
  11. Heyward has all the tools to clear the physical hurdles of this game. It is mental hurdle of the game that he is struggling with. I hope the new hitting coach will concentrate more on that with him. Heyward just might be content with being a complimentary piece to the Braves instead of being that franchise player we all want him to be. Some players are just content with being that complimentary piece and defer to others. I am starting to think Heyward fall in that category. I am just not sure he really want to that franchise player. Nothing wrong with any of that. Trying to convince fans who have built this guy up to be the "Braves Savior" to lower their expectations is another thing. Heyward by default may try to be that guy when in reality its just not him. In the end might hurt his development.
  12. After their pathetic play on Sunday. This is a dangerous game for the Falcons against the Panthers.
  13. Alot of people here have been fans of Atl Sports for sometime more than likely. They know how the script goes. Get a young team that make the playoffs. They start to show promise of being a possible contender. Team fail to make the leap everyone expect. The city want to see a winner. Fans are tired of chokers(Braves) and pretenders(Hawks). Falcons offer the only real chance of having a winner.
  14. Well transactions appear to be picking up now.
  15. At first I thought it was his own personal dance he does after making a play. Espn showed highlight of the Titans/Bucs game. It look like Talib did the dance and a player on the Titans did the dance after a TD.
  16. Excellent 1st half for both offense and defense. Need to keep up the strong play in 2nd half.
  17. Rest In Peace Very sad news to hear. Sad day for College Football and Football in general.
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