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  1. I don't know what game your talking about cause last year we played them in Philly, and kolb was the one who beat us. I personally think we are gonna kill them this time. Go to the game.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. There the Miami heat of the NFL.
  3. I live in California and have my whole life. My dad was born and raised in Seattle till he was 20 when he moved to Cali. From the day I was born, I was in Seahawks crap. Finally when I was 10 and was smart enough to make my own decisions, I decided that I wanted to be a falcons fan. The three things that swayed me we're the colors, that they were also a bird, and Mr. Primetime. I'm 25 now and have never looked back. We have had alot of hard times and we all as fans have perservered, and now it's our time. Like roddy said on NFLN, it's time for the greatest show on turf. Thank you for letting me share and GO FALCONS!!!
  4. Well this thread is stupid for two reasons. 1. You really only have aspirations of 11-5... Go be a fan of another team then. 2. Why would you waste your time doingthis? Do you think your a psychic? Sounds like Jamal Anderson wrote this.
  5. I hope the salary cap themselves out of Jackson... And possibly Vick. Then they have Vince young, might as well of drafted Matt leinrt. Lol f^ck the eagles.
  6. You know what the saints also did. They got rid of Jeremy shockey who was the reason they won alot of there games like our beloved Tony. There gonna suck you watch.
  7. He was high as **** spit flyin out his mouth and everything. That is way over passionate. That was insanity
  8. Why would they loose him??? Are they gonna *** rape him??? It's lose. Go back to school.
  9. Your an idiot. Ovie is our pride and joy and will be the best blocker for both our running backs. Snelling is slow and I think he should just go away and fail. And when we win the super bowl he can cry that he was stupid and left for more money.
  10. I will miss this guy. I was heartbroken last season when he blew his knee out in preseason.
  11. I agree a little but at the same time the reason we gave so much to get julio jones is to get that double team off roddy white. It is going to be alot harder for all teams to stop us from putting up 40+ when they have to watch both our great wideouts, and worry about that little jet Rodgers taking off on them. We will be playing the outscoring game and defense will not be a huge issue.
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