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  1. Yea remember they lost to the jets in the playoffs.... And I'm sorry but there horrible.
  2. I just wish when they hit shoulder to chest and there huge round helmets touch, that they would stop calling it unessasary roughness. If you lead with your helmet I get it.... But the helmets are gonna hit together sometimes. It's turning into kindergarten football.
  3. I don't think he looks that good. He had trouble in the redzone like always and almost got sacked. He will not have a good year. I think the eagles just wasted all there money.
  4. True that. There gonna have to get alot better very quick to compete with us.
  5. No one picked Matt ryan cause he would be boring... All he ever does is study that playbook and try to be the best. Of course hearing his opinion on the game would be pretty interesting.
  6. Has anyone been impressed with the eagles so far? I don't see much to be worried about.
  7. Probably roddy, that way we could tear up the town are he was done practicing...
  8. Ok then I think we should trade a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Tom Brady.
  9. We have been a 60-40 offense leaning toward running for along time. But the teams that win the big game throw the ball. I think that has been slowly changing in our offense. From what i have heard from training camp, as long as Matt can stop over/under throwing receivers I think this is our year. We are too stacked.
  10. I love how everyone says stupid sh^t on this forum... And as soon as someone calls them out they say "it was a joke" if you wanna tell joke go to the comedy central forum. We are talking sports like big boys, and what you said was stupid not funny.
  11. Yea there gonna do that?!?! Think before you speak. Plus with Jerry playing top of his game again it would be a waste of money to pay the guy.
  12. The problem is weems doesn't have as good of hands as HD and Miers. Weems is a fast little dude though
  13. I know it has never been done but I think the all black jersey with white pants looks sick. It's like a revamped throwback. I use it when I play madden.
  14. How do you people not know Koenan an is gone? He wanted way too much money and wasn't that good last year. He's a traitor and went to a division rival. If you payed attention to your team you would know that.
  15. Yea my wife's grandparents live in poterville. Which is like 45 mins west of Bakersfield. Sorry your so far. That wouldn't be worth the drive.
  16. Well every year that we do better there are more games on national tv. But I buy the NFL ticket. It was 400 the first year and I am getting it for 230 this year. I know it's expensive but I feel it is worth it. I am a falcons fan but I love a good game regardless. So it is all day internment for me. Plus I will host parties and have had friends pitch In so they can see there games. Sh^t if your in southern Cali you should hit me up... I live in riverside.
  17. They got all there bad fortune when they drafted mark Sanchez. All USC qb's are worthless in the NFL. At least that have been for the last 10 years.
  18. Hate to break it to you but Julio doesn't have braids now.
  19. I don't agree that would be like one judge passing judgement on every criminal..... With no jury. This board has some really stupid people on it.
  20. Tony has plenty of juice left. I don't know what games you were all watching. But I saw a TE that was catching consistently, blocking very well and was our third down dump out all year. I'd pay money for him to stay another year. We don't need some kid f^cking up what we have.
  21. Is anyone wondering where the eagles are getting all this cap room? And do the still really have more, or are they just planning on not paying Jackson and Vick? I see this team doing ok this year and then being ****** for 5 years.
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