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  1. To anyone watching the houston/saints game they are playing horrible. We will win our division again and it will come down on the eagles and packers if we go all the way.
  2. No one on this board has any faith in this team, i kinda which i could make people switch teams cause i dont want these negative nancy's on our team. Yes we have a few issues, every team does! But its because we are remodeling our intire offense. Stop complaining so much. We have plenty of young players and we can only get better from here. We will get our ring i promise, it might not be this year but it is gonna happen.
  3. This is about practice. there trying new things to see how they go in real game time. We do need more options on offense so i fully support what there doing right now. I think Harry Douglas is looking great.
  4. They won't be able to slow us down. They run pass coverage and turner/Snelling burns them.... Then when they decide to stop the run Julio/roddy/Tony/harry for the TD. The eagles are screwed.
  5. 1991 Also born and raised in California. You can ask if you want too.
  6. And teach him about football, cause this guy is an idiot,
  7. First off you dont sound like a fan fagget, and second he caught every pass that was catchable. The first pass was to him in double coverage, and the second was thrown out of bounds way over his head. I would say three plays for 60+ yards against starters is "rookie sensation". Know what f^cking happened in the game before you run your mouth! You probably don't even know that if the ball is thrown in any area where the receiver is that is is concidered an incomplete pass. Think before you speak.
  8. I agree he looked like crap... The only thing I can think of to defend him is that he wasn't running into the starting o-line. But yes he looked pretty bad.
  9. You have to be joking, no one is this stupid. How do you know they were pissed? was it by Roddy White coming into the endzone with no helmet, laughing and "butt raping" harry douglas after he scored a TD.... or was it when he slapped Julio a high five and hit his helmet after his 17 yard run play??? PLEASE tell me when! Did you interview him after the game Joe in PHX! :wacko: Please go be a cardinals fan.
  10. Well i dont agree with the Norwood comment, if he wouldn't have been hurt so much he would have had alot more success. Every power runner has a fast counter-part to screw with coverage. Also something we never got to see is a double Rb situation, which if the line thinks its going to turner, and then it is handed off to a zippy little RB, threre will be nice little chunks of yrds. Rodgers just had to plow straight into a 3rd string OL.
  11. Yea we know Turner will produce, and Snelling has proven himself.. again. I say we cut a RB so we can sign Harvey 17.
  12. I agree, but if we decide to go with three QB'S, then i see hime staying(especially since he has played with Julio in Alabama), but Froman is gone.
  13. G. Johnson didnt look very good in my opinion, it might have been since the starting line wasn't there. But i wasn't immpressed. :unsure:
  14. Its because we all know roddy can catch, they wanted to see everyone else get the ball. Either that or roddy is doing his job and being double covered so thats why everyone was open. :wub: I love you Roddy!
  15. its because he is teaching him a lesson. Carson palmer is a little b^tch and deserves what he gets. I would have f^cked his carrer too if i had the chance, no way some punk a$$ QB is gonna give me an ultimatum while hes still under contract. F^ck USC QB'S!
  16. It is on right now. Just started at 10 on the NFLN.
  17. Yeah this is sad, but someone on another thread said everyone would start crying if everything didnt go perfect. I love how this guys signature says that hes a fan of the Falcons and Jets.... what are you six. you pick one team son, because there isnt another team that i want to win one game over the falcons. Oh and BTW **** THE JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every USC QB is a wash up. Sanchez, Palmer, Leinart. ALL JOKES. GO FALCONS!
  18. Well oviously your gonna believe what you want. And im sorry but GB isnt STACKED! jennings is old, driver is respectable, jones is a newbie who hasnt proven much, and nelson, i dont even know who that is... but im not a GB fan so i dont need to know. You are very negative, already asking questions if all our starters go down at once. Stop complaining and have some faith in your team, since you have been a fan for 25 years...
  19. How old are you cause you sound like you dont know much about football. 1.) TE is a question for a superstar like Gonzo, but justin peele is a stand up TE and we wouldnt be ****** using him if tony got hurt. 2.)CB is about the only thing your right about. If Rob or Grimes gets injured i dont see much depth. 3.)Wr We are so stacked on WR its not funny. HD will make a great slot receiver after a little bit of play time, weems also did well and only dropped one pass... he has great hands. Also Kerry Meirs is preforming like we wanted him to before his injury last year. And then there is Harvey, a rookie trying out that is 6-3 205 and looked pretty **** good last night for how the secondary qb spot was played. 4.)PR They don't give probowls to players that arent good... nuff said. He said during and after, and i also said when i saw how open he was and he still fair catched, THAT MIKE SMITH SAID DON'T! Longer fields to practice on, and him not getting hurt in preseason, since we have been plauged with preseason injurys for the last three years, was his call. And i respect weems for obeying his coach even though he wanted to run. 5.) QB And then theres qb... we did ok, but i would not leave the keys to the team in there hands. I have also said that Redman has been a solid back-up for us for a long time, and the one pass he threw to Harvey was spot on for him to make a play. That being said i dont see Froman having much of a chance on out roster. Jpw just neeeds more time, and has to really soak up everything Ryan teaches him. In conclusion, i feel our Starting team played wonderful. Look at how open everyone was... and did you notice it never once went to White. Now that could because they wanted to bring the rookies into the mix, or maybe its cause he was double teamed, i couldnt see. But reguardless our passing offense was alot more spread out. If the pass keeps getting more confident, that makes even bigger holes for turner, who as you saw had some great breakout runs. I see turner with 1500+ yards this year. Watch out 31 here the Falcons come!
  20. Anyone notice white didn't get thrown too. I guess everyone knows he can catch. Lol.... I love you roddy!
  21. Yeah I'm sure mike smith prob told him not too. Cause the field has been way to open for him not too unless advised. I thought Harry Douglas looks great too, and the double coverage TD was clean. My fav. Thing of the night was seeing Julio run when they faked it to turner. WOW he's fast!!!
  22. I have to agree we can't get hurt or we are in trouble. But there still is another half to change my mind... Our def line looks great though.
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