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  1. Well i was gonna post once but then i saw this idiot again and have to speak my mind. Do you have any friends? why are you on our forum if your and eagles fan. I hope you enjoy the fact that your team wasted millions of dollars on players that dont mesh well and are playing sloppy. Enjoy the beat down that well will be giving you week two also. Now i wanted to say that this team is so strong, and im sick of people who think the sky is falling and we are screwwed, i also am sick of the homers that think we are gonna go 16-0. I know we will be in the playoffs and im pretty confident we will win a few playoff games too. Go Falcons :wub:
  2. i Love that you think your b^tching on this forum had any affect on what happens in the NFL. This is why they get paid for what they do and no one on this forum gets sh^t. Triple Gloat
  3. Coleman is a strong safety and Sanders is a free safety.
  4. I dont know if im stupid, or if you wrote that really well cause i didnt get the joke till 2/3 of the way reading it. That is the funniest sh^t i have heard about football since the Come On Man Segment when that player was wearing a wife beater. AWESOME :lol:
  5. [quote name=Julio+Roddy+Harry=' timestamp='1314506499' post='6299443] hahahhahahhahahahahhahahahha you guys are in denial and your a joke as much so as our secondary Big ben 11 of 16 like i told you he would be once again there 3rd wr had 2 tds and a million yards, like i predicted, owens and franks sucked as usual, and we will never win playoff games without a secondary.....trade turner for a corner that can stop teams from 20 plus points every week, are you ****-----ing nuts,,,,,,,,,,no not nuts, just logical...to bad you guys arent or we might get a few wins against winners.....but nah, lets just ride the boner we get off of beating the **** teams and make excuses when real qbs scorch us all day....franks slipped, owens is raw, its pre season,, you guys are all premature ejaculations and youll never own our weakness just like our coach and gm.....we will never win a superbowl with this secondary......so i dont know what else to say, but i told yout his would happen, now that it has, i also told you i was going to let you hear it once it did....and you guys now must admit, i actually know what im talking about...if i was coach, this wouldnt happen...but im not, so all i can do is try to state the facts and open eyes to make the changes we have to in order to win against good teams.....god our secondary may be the worst in the league Well im glad you pointed this all out. Now the falcons are gonna fix every little problem.... oh wait.. they dont give a f^ck what you say cause your and punk a$$ fan who whines way too much. Go be a fan of a different team if you dont like it, but either way shut the f^ck up.
  6. yea i agree... ray put pressure to help abraham get a sack but he never touched the QB. and then just like that he was out.
  7. Get a brown paper bag. start breathing into it and count to ten.
  8. I just love how many Neg's his comments are getting. :lol: Hes getting close to 100
  9. I guess to make everyone happy we could go 4-0 in preseason just to go 0-16 in reg like the lions. Preseason is practice... thats it. i guarentee julio dropped a few sweet passes at training camp too. But regardless the kid looks great.:wub:
  10. HAHAHAHA you sit here all high and mighty saying your a "true fan" when alot of people who are disagreeing with you have been fans alot longer. I still consider myself a young fan and i have been a fan since 1992. " Too Legit to Quit" son. **** i saw one of the guys on here say he's been a fan since 1976. These are some of the best years the falcons have seen, so dont sit here and try and tell us the team is sh^t.
  11. yeah and if your such a fan to have tickets every year.... why are you acting like a little girl on the forums and not in pitts watching them play? You prob never been to a game and just lie to sound cool. Is this guy for real? You do know that season tickets do not include away games. And I've almost been mugged in the stands at away gsmes for repping the Falconso You Prob almost got mugged for running you F^CKING mouth too much. I'd fight you too. Your an A$$hole and i wish i never would have started this arguement with you. Your a D@MN child. And a very misinformed one at that.
  12. As far as i remember, except for 1998, 2004, and 2008-present, our wagon has had square wheels. I picked the falcons for my own personal reasons when i was eleven. I always figured being a band wagon rider meant you become the fan of the last years winning team. Thats why everyone is a pitt, GB, And pats fan. This guy, i think is just running his mouth cause he gets kicks watching everyone argue with him.... prob doesnt have a friend in the world. we should all feel bad.
  13. quote name='Ryan2JonesTD' timestamp='1314497086' post='6298794'] Pick 6 Greenbay all over again. This team is not very good. Definitely cannot compete against pittsburg. How many times has this team came out and laid an egg when they r given the chance to probe they r one of the best. Same ole Falcons is all I can say. It's..... PRE-SEASON If you are a season ticket holder, maybe you should just sell them. yeah and if your such a fan to have tickets every year.... why are you acting like a little girl on the forums and not in pitts watching them play? You prob never been to a game and just lie to sound cool.
  14. You've seen enough **** hit your cheek. GO BE A STEELERS FAN FAG!!!!
  15. Excuse me fag but i have been a fan for 14 years. i think i can say im a fan.
  16. i didnt realize there were so many little girls on this forum crying everytime things dont go you way like they do in madden on Rookie. Its football and sh^t will go wrong. Did you happen to notice while you were being taught how to use tampons that the reason harry was overthrown was because he was about to be sacked and was jumping off his wrong leg, and throwing with his body not facing harry. Learn football before you start a ridiculous thread about our QB. The julio pass was golden if he caught the ball.:wub:
  17. This is a pointless thread. There all not very good and i dont wanna vote. I dont like Conan and im sad i would have to pick him to root for the falcons.:unsure:
  18. Jamal Anderson #98 x5!!!!!!! oh wait this is the best not the worst. 1.) Ryan 2.)White 3.)Grimes 4.)Gonzales 5.)Turner
  19. Rich eisen and Warren Sapp both said that Flacco started with the more structured team and has not had the success the Ryan has had. Once again a real fan is telling you your opinion is stupid. As for Baker, Matt Ryan was one of the least sacked QB'S last year so i dont see the "disappointment". We are doing the best we have ever done as a team ans "fans' are b^tching. I would have hated being on these boards from 1991-08 when we really had problems.
  20. Yea this is one of the worst threads I've seen.
  21. Were you also fooled when we went 13-3 with "these plays"? As Ron White says " You cant teach stupid"
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