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  1. Thank you captain ovious, Noone knew this till you pointed it out. :lol:
  2. True plus we all know the CAP doesnt apply to the eagles.
  3. Think before you speak, no way in **** hes better than ryan. Ryan is f^cking awesome. Its just a weakness on your part to bag on Matty.
  4. Nobody likes you. Every comment you make i see 10+ negative votes on you. What is your reputation at this point? -200?
  5. i Say in the white jersey you highlight all the red and on the red jersey you highlight all the white. including his glove coming at you.
  6. You're such a d0uche. Go hang out on the eagles forum. Oh I mean the dog pound.
  7. Are you seven??? We will be making huge breakfast burritos with bacon, egg, cheese, salsa, sourcream, avocado, on a big tortilla. Delicious.
  8. Oh thank you, it makes so much sense now. I figured matt could throw from endzone to endzone
  9. Another thing that is pissing me off is the deep ball is always underthrown. I know matt can throw it 50+ and it wont go past 35 no matter how i throw it. Im have to pick teams apart with short passes and run plays to not get picked. Other that that i love the game so far though.
  10. WHat it really means is no one learned anything off our offensive scheem. And our defense didnt show there true colors. I pray for mercy for the bears if they go off our preseason video to get ready for us. Go Falcons :wub:
  11. Is anyone having a problem throwing over the middle because the middle linbacker is jumping abnormally high? Oh and by the way roddy was on my back up corner list too and i have to switch him each game.
  12. I personally love this because he looked pretty bad two nights ago, and this allows us to keep some other players i wanted.
  13. Really a$$ hat. Like i said, who the f^ck was keeping matt ryan upright last year then. When you can answer that then you can say i have no clue.
  14. im Really getting sick of people saying Sam Baker has to go. Everyone was complaining that Harvey Dahl had to go cause he was the problem. If it is the case that both sucked then who protected Ryan last year? Todd Mclure? Sam Baker is a beast and until i see Matt Ryan on his back i think he is doing fine. -_-
  15. Yea and supposedly the Dodgers owner did too. B^tches always f^ck **** up. It doesnt matter how much paperwork you have.... they will get there greedy little fingers on everything.... even if they did nothing in the marriage to make anything more valuable.
  16. Best cohesive statement ive heard all nice. That is exactl how i feel. +1
  17. I would say that would be the average. We will be around 40+ probably 4 games Go Falcons :wub:
  18. Im sorry im not a homer.... but the bears are done. Go Falcons :wub:
  19. Im gonna take this as a joke till you respond. Cause i have way too much too say if your serious. Go Falcons :wub:
  20. Not only rare.. its down right stupid. I want to beat the bears week one. We dont need any injuries this year if we wanna win it all. Go Falcons :wub:
  21. Im Getting a tattoo of his face on my pelvis so when my wife blows me she has to stare into greatness. :lol:
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