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  1. What i dont get is there is 9 and a half months till next season. and 3 and a half till the draft. Why were we in such a f^cking rush. We didnt even interview tom clements of the packers casue there still in the playoffs. What about bill billick? I thought he was mike smith's brother-in-law, isnt that knowing "people". I think the only reason they made this move is cause there scared of leaving play-action, and smashing the ball. Teams that are running the ball, and are still in the playoffs, have some of the best defenses in the league..... everyone else throws 400+ a game. I think this is just another mistake that we will be ridiculed all year long for. Im sad.
  2. You guys realize that if we beat the saints and they fall to carolina then we take the division in the third seed. then we play 6 and then go to lambeau to prove we deserve to be there. Go Falcons
  3. Not only that but he is the one who slipped in the playoff game right before halftime and got intercepted. A key turning point in that packers game.
  4. Yea lions wont make it, we will beat texans, tennesee, vikings, jacksonville, panthers, and hopefully bucs. I see 5-2 or 6-1 if we beat the bucs. I hope we can beat the saints and go 7-0 but we will be in the playoffs again. Hopefully julio will be tip top for the play offs. and with him out this is an oppurtunity for ryan to get the connection with roddy back. We are in a good position coming out of the hardest part of our schedule. Go Falcons
  5. I really hope this is a joke, because if it isn't we some sad sad fans. Matt ryan is not our problem, mike smith even said there was a comunication problem in the third qtr. I still stand by this being Mike Malurkey's fault, he is too predictible. even thhough we played a new scheme, the packers defense figured out what we were doing, and locked that up. I guarentee if we have a great OC like the pats, packs, saints, lions, then i know the untalented players would be noticed and replaced for good ones. I believe with the right tools, matt ryan can strive, and i dont wanna be that fan that has to say "yup thats matt ryan, the qb we traded. Knocking us out of the playoffs and winning the superbowl". Go Falcons
  6. i want a pick by sean weatherspoon taken back into the endzone... then i want him to turn to the GB bench and give them the Rodgers belt. Go Falcons
  7. yea but hes almost always in the 315-330 range so dont frett my pet.
  8. You time and time again say the stupidest sh^t ive ever heard. Julio isnt stealing catches, hes just not dropping the ball right now like roddy is. Roddy is prob the most pissed about his performance so far and i see him lighting it up this weekend. Plus MM horrible play-calling has a good amount to do with it. Please just leave our forum, im really sick of having to explain how stupid you are. Go Falcons
  9. Im sorry but i dont know how injuring vick and then doing back to back 80 yrd drives to "the defense" is an ugly win. Putting the hurt on players to inforce your will is football and im proud of our 35 pts. I know greenbay looks great, but at the same time carolina put them in a bind when they played them. Are you all saying that carolina is gonna beat us too. Please people have some faith and stop saying your not gonna watch cause your embarrassed, cause that not a real fan. Go Falcons
  10. Like i always say, we spent way too much on dunta, and he cant hack it. he got burnt by 10+ yards 4 or 5 times today. A cb is suppose to stay with the receiver, not watch him outrun you and catch the ball. Its pathetic. Plus MM is the biggest joke on our team. High school cordinators make more surprizing calls.
  11. You do know your name says hes the best ever right. You guys are all crazy.
  12. I really dont like how we cant neg these stupid people anymore, There are 31 more starting QB, pick one and go by a jersey traitor.
  13. Also looks like a horse collar to me, you cannot grab any part of the pads to throw someone down. Bad call by the refs.
  14. And then we won. we will be under the radar.... or in my opinion, disrespected till we win at least a playoff game.
  15. Ryan is fine, MM isnt calling the deep ball play cause he is a predictiable stupid OC. i cant stand how he calls our offense cause it is the same the entire game. Run on first, Run on second, now we need a first down... gotta throw but defenses know that and since its always a short to medium pass the defense runs cover and its stopped. now we punt. We dont have this problem when we run "No Huddle". Ryan is a smart qb, people gotta stop thinking the sky is falling.
  16. Im starting to get sick of him getting burned on pretty much every play. Why did we pay so much for him? Opinions?
  17. Heres a breakdown of MM entire offensive plan. Run on first, Run on second.... holy **** we didnt get a first down, short pass. I dont understand why we dont do a pass on first down sometimes, why doesnt Julio ever run a 9 route? Hes proven hes fast as ****. MM = Failure. There is no spice in his play calling at all. I do not blame ryan for this. Ryan has proven he can march the ball down the field no problem in no huddle.
  18. Not a bad fan, But happy Vick is hurt.

  19. You do realize it was 21-10 us when he went down, so i dont know how we were "Ya"ll Losing". Go back to school, learn how to put proper sentences together, and think before you speak ignorant saints fan.
  20. I heard a stat this morning that made me chuckle a little bit. Falcons have not won in the windy city since 1983. Which made me think has it been that long since we have played them at home cause i know we have beat the bears countless times. Go Falcons :wub:
  21. So you mean original teams with the most money, not the most talent. Dallas blows but they are always talked about because our country is 98% mexican and all they like is comboys and raiders. Prob cause it is the two states that touch mexico. All im saying is it isnt fair that our team is considered trash with the talent we have. Sh^t even the lions are getting more love than us and they dont have any championship either.
  22. Well i have heard rumors of jermichael Finley not being on the packers next year. That would be an amazing pick up and hes number 88
  23. I say Bosher cause he is gonna be kicking the ball to chicago alot after our defense takes it from them, and we score a TD. Total homer comment.
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