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  1. https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2019/7/29/20692918/how-the-titans-switchable-defense-is-evolving-to-keep-up-with-modern-offenses
  2. What dough? Carl Lawson is who i want if we sign anyone.
  3. Not a fan? Seems like pretty good hires
  4. Probably just waiting for the Falcons to have enough money to sign him
  5. Haason Reddick is also available for trade. Personally, I didn't like him coming out but pretty athletic. Pretty bare at LB right now and I wouldn't mind the competition. Maybe we could unload one of our guards to them
  6. True but I don't mind developing one because we need some speed at FS. Guess we will see where he lands
  7. Personally I just wanna give him a shot at playing single high. He has the speed and the range. Not sure why it hasn't translated but we really need a transformation on the backend of our defense.
  8. Fits the athleticism that we look for. Only 26 so maybe a change of scheme could help.
  9. Hmm really depends on how the second wave hits. States opening too early and people traveling to those states that opened early. If anything crowdless stadiums.
  10. Markus Golden would be the perfect addition. Dennard would be good too. Would prefer Sheffield to stay on the outside and let Oliver back up on the outside.
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