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  1. I'm more amazed that the Saints are not ranked dead last. That secondary is trash. Guess I don't watch enough Eagles games.
  2. Thanks in advance! Send me a pm or something!
  3. **** very lucky. Well if you can't find another person for 1 of the 2 hit me up
  4. I have some organs to sell so we shall see. I was just gonna go by myself or I would probably have to take an ND fan along. Nobody else is gonna pay those rates if I went.
  5. Our o-line looks greatly improved as well.
  6. He's gonna have white too from the previous class so just a little stacked
  7. much better start to that class.
  8. Anyways, couple of days ago I thought I would go to the UGA vs ND game in the Bend. Since, I live relatively close. Then I saw the ticket prices... and then i read this article below. You might think that after a 4-8 season, the national interest in the Notre Dame Fighting Irishmight have lessened. Well... maybe it has and maybe it hasn’t, but the exploitation and general fleecing of a fanbase hasn’t diminished one bit. According to Coaching Search, Notre Dame’s game against the Georgia Bulldogs in South Bend tops the list of the most expensive game for the 2017 season. The September 9th matchup has been a game that both sides have had circled on their calendar since the announcement. Georgia pretty much never leaves the Southeast for a football game, and this game commands a $499 market price. Notre Dame also landed at #10 for their home game against the USC Trojans with a price of $210. Notre Dame has always commanded an audience with their national following, but the fact that they are coming off such an awful season and still is able to make ticket prices rise is impressive. Just not impressive to Joe Fan trying to not break the bank. TRENDING
  9. Well regardless we have plenty of talented backs if he can't get the job done.
  10. Which is what we would use him for so not bad at all.
  11. Also wasn't wildgoose a 2 star on 247? He's a 3 star now.
  12. I heard he wanted to pursue another career.