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  1. Not UGA related but figured you would all enjoy FSU vs UF highlight video.
  2. Well to be fair it is entertaining and nail biting. Just topped off with depression.
  3. Yeah I dont believe that to be the case
  4. I really hate Julio Jones, he's garbage because he doesn't have 300 yard games every game.
  5. I did that before the game started
  6. I thought Wes has been fine. Duke has been an issue. Also nothing wrong with Hooper. We already got studs at every other position.
  7. Everyone fall asleep waiting?
  8. Not starting Martin? He looked great coming back.
  9. I would nominate myself, but I feel as if the posters in this thread have moved me so much that I nominate @Vandy
  10. Depending on how Riley grows, we may need him.
  11. Draft all the UGA players.
  12. So is that what you were talking about? lol Sidenote I don't have a stream to the game so I'm not sure at all haha
  13. Well the tweets are a couple years old.
  14. You don't have to cheer for anyone. Cheer for a tie