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  1. Didn't see the thread. The last two were posted earlier today so I figured I would throw them all together.
  2. That's hard in basketball
  3. apparently his son?
  4. Gotta keep entertained somehow during offseason. I'm basically starved for news since they aren't posting anything. So love this thread.
  5. They both share the name Smith
  6. His content from before already puts this years content to shame and that was without getting paid. It's been terrible this year.
  7. Says who? Then interaction with coaches in regards to the players. He also has eyes and can see things.
  8. Still on staff.
  9. Depends on Fusco or another guard stepping up or if Duke can get it together. So guard or LB.
  10. He's still the oc. I remember everyone calling for the head of another OC that had some sucess in his second year. So it's wait and see time. He can still observe Ridley's character, habits and other things which are some key apects that we would want to know.
  11. OUR OC HAS HANDS ON EXPERIENCE WITH HIM FOR AN ENTIRE SEASON. How many times does that need to be said.
  12. I mean this basically means nothing but okay! Moving along.