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  1. Too hurt and already signed. I was thinking Tamba Hali or something.
  2. I don't know why you are all saying you would be happy with Hankins and Kendricks. Just get me Hankins and this offseason is making a huge step forward. We do need a cheap vet to back up Riley if he doesn't get it tho.
  3. Agree with most of this. I don't like Kuhn Ebron or Thomas tho.
  4. Loved Woodhead but thank god, too old and injured too much. There are still better options out there.
  5. Because he want's to paid reasonably?
  6. Bring in Curry! somebody!
  7. I don't like Crean but this is always a favorite moment
  8. Who's defense carried him to the playoffs. That defense is insane.
  9. star already signed with the bills. Get me Poe, Sheldon Richardson, Easley, or Benny
  10. Latimore? He's very meh, but I believe the potential is there. He was also buried on the depth chart. If we are going bargain hunting, he's someone that has my interest.
  11. We do have a connection to Latimore with the QB coach so who knows
  12. Kendall Wright, Jordan Matthews, Cody Latimer, Terrelle Pryor are some that I feel have good upside.
  13. I wonder if people realize barely any DTs have been signed, there's quality WR2 and WR3 left, etc. Plus free agency begins tomorrow.
  14. meh there's better options on the market still.
  15. I live in Indiana and to be honest I don't believe Crean was a good coach.