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  1. I think most of us are but depending on how FA pans out on defense (I'm praying for Mcphee & Graham/Hughes) OL should be the 2nd pick. If we miss in FA on defense, OL gets pushed backed to the 3rd & that's when it might be better to sign a instant upgrade or stopgap
  2. demariyus is not top 5...he's a product of his QB, only aspect of his game that is better than Julio is he is more durable & maybe better hands. 2nd Dez right now is better than roddy right now & is Fitzgerald really top 5 any more?
  3. I hate to admit that but he reminds me a lot of him too
  4. I see your point but rb is the easiest position to fill. Of course ap was a first rounder but Arian foster is a top 3 rb when healthy & he was undrafted
  5. I'll be fine with gurley or yeldon
  6. I've been saying that for the longest. His rise was way the top was way too fast for my liking. He just seems like more of a project than a day 1 starter
  7. that's the only way to stop the pass. Put 10 cbs on the field at a time. (On my phone so I add make it sarcastic purple)
  8. Robinson has twice the upside but has the biggest bust appeal of the bunch to me
  9. I've been saying this for the longest. Matthews doesn't wow me, Johnny football improvised the whole year & Robinson is just to raw. If we go OT in the 1st Lewan is the nasty tough lineman we need
  10. wise man. I just said the same thing on another thread, lord knows I love clowney but I would rather have at "least"2 rookie starters & great rookie depth (that is if TD nails the picks for once) than 1 starter & 1st year benchwarmers (Typical TD)
  11. yea that's true, but i kinda want to see mass & maponga on the other side, mass at the least earned a shot with the way he finished the year. Also we have biermann who I'm not a fan of but if they do draft Mack I don't think they would double dip, at least not early in the draft
  12. as good a tandem that would be I just don't think we can double dip with the other crater sized hole on the line. It's definitely not far fetched because I believe to an extent that we're running with who we have on the OL plus maybe a 4th rd OT
  13. that was a different bush on the packers, I think he played cb
  14. that's not really helping your argument, SD has done nothing for 9 yrs, texans only had 2 good yrs since they've been in the league & Ozzie is the exception
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