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  1. Facts. I like the pick but O-Line must be addressed!
  2. I really hope so because this is where I feel like our roster has enough young talent to make a quick turn around next season.
  3. TDWII you are a good writer. I think you could write a decent email parsing out your qualms and send it to whoever could best address them. Unfortunately my Nicholas Cage avi can not help by providing any witty comments about your administrative problems, also that is not what you originally made this thread about my guy.
  4. lol but why did you chose to ignore the part about Matty still having gas in the tank and being able to win in the right situation?
  5. lol my dude couldn't you just have replied to TDWII's thread with this take.
  6. lmao unfortunately I can't take credit for the photoshop, I think I just found this edition of cage on reddit randomly years ago
  7. Boys boys boys ....chill out. There are mods and there are posters, mods will mod. Pick up a video game and move on, you obviously aren't suspended right now. I recommend Animal Crossing, it soothes the soul.
  8. lmaoo dude Nicholas Cage is a Hero, he stole the constitution I guess I could change my avi, if someone could photoshop dj khaled's head onto freddie the falcon I'd do it....all the other famous "Hairy Arabs" aren't too cool so that's why I chose him lol
  9. lets just say i had a mustache and side burns back in the 6th grade when Joey Harrington was starting
  10. TDWII alt account here to tell you guys , love your fellow Falcons Fans regardless of their bad opinions.
  11. Lol poster sparks a 10+ page thread conversation about the future of our beloved team and y'all give his post 1 star just because y'all disagree with the premise. This is a quality thread and a quality discussion regardless off how many times this subject matter has been brought up. Thanks TDWII.
  12. Well I hope that A-rod finds a contender if he does leave because I really respect his game. I don't think that ML has to worry about losing his job anytime soon with his run game. Also it's worth noting that GB has had one of the most consistent Front Offices in League history. Their current GM was a scout there since 98' they operate under a philosophy that hasn't changed since Holmgren. Whatever criticisms Greenbay's FO is getting rn will prob be thrown out the window 3 years from now if history proves true.
  13. Which is exactly why they put the young kid in at year 2, because if he starts showing flashes it can lead to a contract extension. I'm not saying it's the best strat, **** it's probably one of the worst. I'm just saying that drafting a young QB can be a tool to extend a front office/ coaching career just as much as you say it can destroy a career. I don't think it's controversial to say that plenty of GM's and Coaches have tried this route.
  14. You definitely are citing some good examples of how drafting QB and starting them immediately can lead to coaching changes if they play poorly; however these examples are not similar to our current situation because we already have an old franchise QB who needs to be replaced in the next 1-3 years. The last good QB tampa had before Brady was probably Jeff Garcia and we all know about the browns QB draft history. Our situation is more similar to GB drafting a QB to sit behind Rodgers or the Giants drafting Daniel Jones. Both front offices remain in tact.
  15. FWIW if our team does choose to go in a different direction as opposed to QB, I would actually be pleasantly surprised and it would give me faith that this FO isn't just working to keep their seats warm and make headlines on ESPN. Especially if QBs go 1-3 (highly doubtful) then I would love to see us invest in the lines.
  16. You don't draft QB to sit behind Ryan in desperation, you do it to give your younger players and fan base something to look forward to. The "desperation" may kick in at year two if Ryan were to go 0-4 to start the season, then you throw in the young guy who will also get a couple years to prove his worth and develop. Hence extending the leash.
  17. Pretty sure that pulling your old QB for a fresh face is the ultimate "save my job" move in the NFL
  18. My point is that if we knew for sure how kids careers were going to turn out then we would be working for NFL teams as scouts. The fact remains that freshly hired crews are more likely to draft young QBs because it extends their leash and helps their career longevity even if the QB doesn't end up working out.
  19. Feel like people are trying to decipher the talent of future draft classes and compare them to this class and not addressing the main point TDWII made. There are allot career incentives for new Front Office admins and coaches to draft a franchise QB now.
  20. Great post by TDWII, not only does it take into account the pressures to maintain a job as a GM by extending the leash with a young QB but this post also doesn't sugar coat the physical reality of Matt Ryan's career ending soon. This is a new era of NFL football, it is the age of the mobile quarterback because offensive lines take years of high draft picks to become dominant. If you can scramble in the NFL then you have a chance to win without winning the trenches. Matt Ryan is the best Quarterback in franchise history and he definitely has some gas still left in the tank; but is he is also a statue. He is accurate, good play caller, and capable of winning in the right situation but anyone here who thinks he should stay a part of the 5 year plan is just fooling themselves or they are comfortable with mediocrity.
  21. The real problem is that the OP watches The Blaze network to get their news. I recommend Reason Magazine or the CATO institute for actual quality conservative outlets that don't peddle in conspiracy theories. If you're interested in some cognitive dissonance try reading The Intercept, a liberal news outlet that doesn't entertain the Russia Hoax. Anyways RISE UP, and ditch The Blaze network.
  22. Drop stats are overrated unless they reveal a significant statistical outlier. He doesn't have the perfect hands of a Wes Welker but neither did Julio, Pierre Garcon, Demarius Thomas, Roddy White, Marquis Colston, Terrel Owens.... I mean this list can go on and on. So even if we concede that he has average hands it doesn't mean he can't provide a huge impact. Drops are a part of the game, and the man had a safety throwing the ball to him. Ball Placement is a big part of it too. Armchair GMs never die. Sometimes I wish people would stop pretending like they know better than men who have dedicated their lives to this game, you know the guys who get paid to make these decisions because they have a proven track record. It's like working at wendy's and criticizing a heart surgeon for type of scalpel he chooses.
  23. Some people are just terrible at reading mannerisms....
  24. Bump because joking about Steve Sarkisian's former alcoholism isn't just a half baked attempt to attack him as a person. It's a sad truth that is easier to swallow in the form of comedy. The truth is we've hired a collegiatte calibur play caller to head one of the greatest NFL offenses of all time and he is falling flat on his face. Situations of pressure and percieved failure like these are prime time for relapse. Thus it is imperitive that this football organization, which I am a miniscule financial contributor to, has the means to supervise and or counsel Sarkisian as a preemptive measure to avoid an embarrasing crisis. I was told that by an admin to stay in my lane. Well this is my lane. It's our lane. No matter how many threads are blocked due to the hypersensitivity of a few. i'm just a mere fan, concerned about the progression of his beloved team, that dared to voice those concerns on a football message board. I am not delusional about the impact of my voiced concerns. I don't think anyone here is, we just want to vent. If we can't even throw softball jokes about our coach's propensity to abuse alcohol then why don't we apply the same rule of ettiquette to all jokes made about other players/coaches and their past with drug violations and personal problems in general? Because it's a double standard. Get over the alcohol jokes people. True concern isn't flippantly blocking threads, it's becoming active in organizations that help embattled alcoholics recover or even contributing a mere donation to said organizations. I guess thats pretty hard to do behind a key board.
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