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  1. Imagine paying him 10mil had that option been picked up...umm no
  2. It’s really this simple. Anybody with eyes could see Aaron Donald extremely dominant on the football field when he came out. It was so obvious. Sam Baker was just so bad they felt we had to go elsewhere. Guess that just goes into that whole debate, do you pass up on a better player for “NEED”?
  3. I saw a lot of people in different threads wondering if he will play guard. Quinn puts any speculation to rest here. Go to the 4:25 mark in the video. Enjoy
  4. Actually it was a 5 yard slant and the 60 yard was a clear and obvious pick play. Did you watch the game yourself? Lol Geesh
  5. This comment is a fail if comparing him to anybody not named chase young...
  6. Either does the 3 starters...**** has 3 starters ever won us a SB? Lol
  7. I just pray whoever we get will work out. We could stay at 16, trade up or back. There is no guarantee of success. Regardless whichever defender we get is going to have their hands full with who's in our division. That's a fact!
  8. Just wanted to know what you guys think. CJ & Okudah played in completely different conferences. CJ played in the SEC against godly WR talent, Okudah BiG10. Just curious how much are you guys in favor or against a CJ and the comp he played against vs Okudah and the comp played against with chase young rushing the passer? FIRE OFF!
  9. Came across this YouTube channel last night and wanted to share with fellow fans. Pretty much shows most if not all targets to each of these guys this past season. It’s dope. Enjoy. P.S. :Thanks to the content creator
  10. “On Complex’s Load Management podcast, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport called Thomas Dimitroff “strangely interested” in quarterbacks this year and suggested that the Falcons could jump up in the first round to take one. putting them in the same class as the Brady-less Patriots and final-year-Brees Saints. No, you’re not hallucinating.“ Thoughts?
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