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  1. I love this guy. It’s really nothing more I can say about him. Tape speaks for itself
  2. Wow...that’s embarrassing dude literally turns to him and attempts to communicate it
  3. Saw this yesterday...it’s a possibility. I wouldn’t mind
  4. Too many people focusing on just him as a player ...his presence alone will raise the focus of everybody else on that team. Which Will result in them playing better as a group overall.
  5. Never doubt the power of god. As long as you have him anything is possible. He is always with you in good times and in bad. I’ll be praying for you. You’ve got this. You’re going to be stronger both physically and mentally moving forward. Amen...
  6. Yeah the magic is the guys drink their milk and actually stay healthy. Idc how much magic you have if when he was in Seattle he lost Wagner, chancellor & Thomas in the 1st 2 weeks of a season idk how well that would go either
  7. Well according to PFF only one player is higher than him at run stopping and pass rushing and that my friend is Mr Williams
  8. Lol I agree with you...lol how is bud Dupree considered an elite pass rusher because he runs fast and jumps far? Does tape not matter? Glad Quinn pretty much continues to say fawk combine and pro days and keeps speaking film film film