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  1. I'm expecting a close game for about the the first 50 minutes. The Falcons to be up 17-14 and the Eagles have the ball. Vick is trying to make a miraculous play and rushes things. He throws an INT. Falcons have a nice scoring drive and go up 24-10. It is downhill from there because Vick is panicking and rushing things. Falcons win 27-10 but it is a closer game than the score shows
  2. So they keep a bad field to slow down Green Bay? It seems like they would want something that doesn't also put their players at risk
  3. Sounds like a plan. Maybe UK could pick up Richt and they will learn how to play football in the Bluegrass State
  4. That's awesome. Something that will probably be remembered forever
  5. I agree Jedi. I don't want anyone to use the field as an excuse. But I don't want a safe game and to no one to be injured because the bears can't take care of their field
  6. YES!! I'm sure it would work. They would never expect that
  7. I wish I could watch the game. It is actually be broadcasted here in KY to but I have to work. I can't wait to get out of college
  8. When I think of a team "flying under the radar" I typically don't think of other teams feeling the same way. I normally think of the media not talking about a team as much as they should. If a coach is using the mass media to determine how to gameplan or how tough an opponent might be they should probably be fired immediately. As others have said on here if a team doesn't take the field and give it their all every Sunday, they should not be in the league.
  9. I agree if you look at his KO it looks awkward and very compact. To me it looked like he was holding back because he rarely followed through past his waist.
  10. This is a little off topic but I'm new here. What does YKW stand for??
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