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  1. Better luck next time. The Falcons have nothing to hang their heads about. They were outcoached and their inexperience showed. Who knows? You all could get back to the big game next season.......or not. You also could be on the front step of a Buffalo Bills type dynasty. Just take solace in knowing that the loss wan't due to Ryan giving the game away. Can't wait to spank you wimps next season!;)

  2. Section 112 Row A Seat 18

    1. Buc-man™®


      Sec 123 row N seat 5

  3. Highest price of a seat in the lower seats of RayJay is $99.10 per game. They don't have club seats in the lower bowl, like they're putting in the new Atlanta stadium. Evidently, the word "Club" is an aphrodisiac to the wealthiest 1% like Doctor/Ticket Agent we have posting in all the PSL threads.
  4. Personally, and I believe I speak for a lot of Rival fans, that you all reach for a defensive lineman, rather than draft Gurley, who will make an immediate impact, once he's ready to play, or the top offensive lineman in the draft, both of which you should have a shot for at #8.
  5. One of the points being made in this thread many times, and some just don't seem to get it.
  6. MY God.....if what you say about yourself is true, I pity other falcon fans. You're beyond pathetic, and you claim to be a doctor? You must have a patient count of -1. First you come here telling everyone how wonderful the PSL's are and how easily affordable, and a great deal they are. THEN you continue to tell us what scum we all are because we're not greed-ridden, money hungry 1%ers, and that we could learn from the likes of you...... Yeah beyond pathetic! You have a website? You should post some of these little ditties on your website just to show who these poor folks are having examine them. You should be ashamed.......
  7. He's actually Mitt Romney...... I heard Mitt was looking for a job to give himself something to do, now we know what it is.
  8. Believe me...it's not easy, it takes a bit of effort.
  9. Notice how this guy doesn't post in any football threads? Just the PSL thread. I don't either, but that's simply because I'm a Bucs fans. I do all my football posting in Rival Central....the best forum on the AFMB's.
  10. He doesn't know **** but what his bosses are telling him. "Screw the longtime, loyal fans, and go after the 1%er casual fans......they're the ones stupid enough to give us this kind of $$".
  11. ****** has to get these PSL's sold or he's not gonna be able to afford that monthly $988.00 payment on his Carraera.
  12. You and I clearly hold our respective teams in different regard. You call it entertainment. I on the other hand....look at it as "Football is Life, Everything else is simply details". I have a T-shirt I occasionally wear stating as much. Casual fans such as yourself should stay on the political boards, seeing as that's what you consider important. I long ago gave up with that ****.....You'll never, ever win. I'd rather direct my passions at something where a winner can be declared.
  13. Like you just did with me, questioning why I should even be posting here because I'm not a Falcon fan? Piss off fella, You come on here spouting all your nonsense to me, I call you on it, and you come back with this lame ****? I don't wanna have to give up the season tickets I've had for longer than you've probably been alive! I'm real ******* passionate about it! You have a problem with it, that's too bad.
  14. I've already had 3 PMs from some of you inquiring about it.
  15. This board has been part of the Falcons website since before 2002.... Obviously you're confused as to where you are. Have another drink and check back later, maybe your memory will come back.
  16. It's amazing to me how stupid some of you can be.... For one thing, I don't normally post here, I post over in RC where the the more objective Falcon fans post along with their rivals from the Saints, Bucs & Panthers, That's where the post count comes from....but as many here, you like to jump to conclusions and come out swinging blindly. If you'd think about it, rather than vomiting this tripe all over your keyboard, you'd understand that we are all buying the same product. What happens to you all will eventually happen to us down in Tampa Bay. Thus, I don't want to see you all getting screwed either, especially the long time Falcon season ticket holders that are being told to pony up $40,000.00 per each seat they've had for over 40 years or screw. We've had our season tickets for 39 seasons, and have excellent seats. If what's happening to you all were to happen with us, it would cost me $160,000.00 just to have the Privilege of paying $14,000.00 per year for our 4 tickets. Maybe, you should research a bit before you start puking all over Newbie.
  17. Why the **** are you on this board? I mean other than to sell PSL's? Quit lying to these people and come out and tell the TRUTH!!!
  18. Evidently for Dr. Shill, he wants wine & cheese served to his seat, and that will enhance his experience of the game. He's not going for the game anyway. He's your NEW NFL Fan, at least that's what the NFL is counting on.
  19. Too bad no one believes a word you post here, Dr. Shill.
  20. That's only because he knows little about the Falcons or football in general, just the PSL's he's being paid to sell. Just shows how they're falling on their faces with their pricing. The dude and the company he works for are getting very, very worried.
  21. EXCELLENT idea! If they're gonna screw the Fans, at least give the most loyal a discount on the screwing.
  22. Just STOP!! You ******* Shill! There's NO WAY you're NOT a plant for the company selling the PSL's.
  23. There's nothing like being in the stadium in the first few rows, screaming your *** off until you have no voice left, urging your team on to victory. I mean NOTHING LIKE IT! Too bad the greed of Goodell and the rest of the owners is quickly bringing it to an untimely death.
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