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  1. Wat to prepare, Just like Super Bowl LI.
  2. Get off Gazoo's nuts, or you're gonna end up being very disappointed next season.
  3. #######? How so? You all gave up 25 unanswered points in the second half, only to lay down like dogs on defense in overtime. I'm not saying it was the defenses fault seeing as they had been on the field the entire second half. But this WE'RE STILL THE #1 TEAM crap that Gazoo keeps feeding you people is ridiculous. You all got beat by the best QB/HC Duo in NFL History. Or you can eat the yellow snow Gazoo keeps feeding you about Ryan being a better quarterback than Tom Brady. I mean...C'MON MAN??????
  4. And you DC and D-line coaches, amongst other coaches?
  5. A new O.C. A new D.C. and at least three assistants hauling ***. It took an entire season for Ryan to get comfortable in his last offense. I'm not saying the Falcons won't have a winning season next year or not make the playoffs, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see them slip to 5-11. That was the toughest loss in NFL History. That's shame that you can't just scrub away.
  6. Let's see what Jameis and his teammates do when they get their chance on the NFL's biggest stage.
  7. You have to be the dumbest MF'er since Trump told us what a GOOD brain he has and how great his WORDS are. You're on the same intellectual level of the dumbest person to ever hold the office of POTUS. What's hilarious is what pride you carry knowing that. You guys got Butt ****** in the second half by a far better head coach, and a far better quarterback Sunday. Whether you accept that or not is immaterial.
  8. Chip? Whiff? Who cares? He wasn't supposed to allow the guy to charge into the backfield unencumbered. Yet he did....then says it wasn't his responsibility.
  9. Gotta blame someone right? Might as well be Shanny. Was he the one wasting 2nd half timeouts early? Was he the one allowing Brady to set a Super Bowl record for passing yardage? Face it fella's You all got beat by the VERY BEST! It wasn't Shanny's fault anymore than it was Arthur Blank's fault. You all had a great draft, a great season, and a great playoff run. You've got a nice team being put together. You need to quit listening to the guys like Gazoo, that believe the other team is NEVER better than yours, and if you lose a game, any game.......it has little if anything to do with the other team being better. The better, far more experienced team won. Take solace in the fact they you lost to the absolute BEST.
  10. Please, Please, Please promote Raheem Morris to O.C.
  11. Like Cam did in SB 50? The kid needs some brainwash after his performance on that play and his remarks about his contract during Super Bowl week.
  12. You can't turn a blind eye to how Quinn was outcoached! I knew the Falcons were in trouble when Quinn called a needless timeout early in the third quarter, figuring he had the game in hand. The youth on your team saw that, and figured the same. Did you see that overtime drive by the Pats? Talk about a defense back on its heels. You all have some fine young players, especially on defense, but they and their head coach got skilled by the BEST in the business.
  13. Who knows? You all may just be getting started! One down and THREE to go.
  14. Freeman blew his assignment, plain & simple. For him to not man up is disturbing. It was so obvious when Hightower ran right past him, with Freeman barely getting a hand on him to slow him down.
  15. Agreed. I was amazed how well your 2016 rookie class jelled in Quinn's defense. If they continue, you all could be back next season, the season after, and the season after that....on your way to a Buffalo Bills type dynasty. All in all, I can't wait to play you guys next season!!!
  16. Better luck next time. The Falcons have nothing to hang their heads about. They were outcoached and their inexperience showed. Who knows? You all could get back to the big game next season.......or not. You also could be on the front step of a Buffalo Bills type dynasty. Just take solace in knowing that the loss wan't due to Ryan giving the game away. Can't wait to spank you wimps next season!;)

  17. YOU KNOW IT! Some are just far too sensitive.
  18. WTF, Nancy???? I haven't posted over here in a few years, aside from the occasional drop in, to fart & walk. Now I show up the week before the Bucs-Falcons game, start a few threads to get everyone's juices going before the game, and now that we exposed your team for what it REALLY is, and not what Gazoo's been telling you it was for the past 7 months, I'm CONSTANTLY trolling you all? I'll be gone by Sunday, when we move on to Arizona, but I'll be back the week before our Nov. 3rd game down here. I'll be there to watch Jameis extend his record against the Mighty Falcons to 4-0. My only suggestion for YOU, Zilla, is to grow a pair. Many of the rest here know what I was doing, and realize I was here before the game to generate some juice here. But it looks like you're one of those guys that sits here all day waiting for Gazoo to blow smoke up your rear end about how you all are a top 5 team. That's fine, but you have a lot of people here that like to look at their team objectively, and when something smells like rotten eggs, they're gonna say it smells like rotten eggs. To those fans here..............................I SALUTE YOU! Because I've been there, and know exactly what you're going through, and all I can offer is, NOTHING ever stays the same, it may take awhile, but if you're teed off about what's happening with your team, SAY SO!! If they ban you, there are other boards, where you can say exactly how you feel about what's going on. I'm not advertising anyplace else, just telling you there are boards where critique of one's team is welcomed and appreciated because you can get back & forth going on what needs to be done to fix what's wrong. I've expressed my take on what's wrong with the Falcons, and I know I'm not the only one here that sees it the same way. Are the Bucs miles & miles ahead of the Falcons? Probably not, but we are ahead, and going in a very positive direction, Can you all HONESTLY say the same thing about the Falcons? and NO that question wasn't for Gazoo. And Zilla, Lighten the **** Up, Junior.
  19. I know I'm pretty harsh, but that's simply due to some of idiocy I see from some Falcon fans on other boards. I am definitely NOT considered a friend of many Falcon fans...
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