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  1. Completely agree.....
  2. Better luck next time. The Falcons have nothing to hang their heads about. They were outcoached and their inexperience showed. Who knows? You all could get back to the big game next season.......or not. You also could be on the front step of a Buffalo Bills type dynasty. Just take solace in knowing that the loss wan't due to Ryan giving the game away. Can't wait to spank you wimps next season!;)

  3. Simply more lying ********! Simply trying to get you to man up on a bet, and you know it. You poor deluded piece of ****, you can't figure anything out can you? Keep gazing in that mirror dumbass.
  4. Keep telling herself that nippledick. Okay this has taken the exact course I thought it would..
  5. You keep your sig **** for brains, when you wanna start betting like a real man, instead of the worm you're so use to being, we'll have a bet. Let me know here within the next few minutes cause this is getting old, like the old 78rpm record you sound like.
  6. You lying sack of ****....you already did.
  7. You've been over there everyday since we all left you holding your limp noodle in your hand. What about that bet nippledick?
  8. But you already did......
  9. butterface...what a burn... Poor old ****. You really do need to stay over here, you'd be eaten alive with no mods around for you to run crying to.
  10. Keep telling yourself that as you gaze at yourself Fool.
  11. It's killing him too!
  12. **** you Dago...... You won't be offered a ticket to the "Thrilla In the Sphincta" when the delusion old gal and I go at it in 2017 to usher in the new home of the Falcons.
  13. No ****!! Suddenly the delusional old *******'s getting lonely with only Cheffie, Donut and a few others to keep him warm at night. He's now trying to back off from the "I AM RIVAL CENTRAL" take he and cheffie came up with a few days ago. I'll be back occasionally to laugh at the old ****** and his continual delusions...until he reports me and has me banned....
  14. Blow me Cheffie! Sorry, but you and the egocentric old ******* can have this place. You already congratulated him for ridding all the undesirables from RC. You fools can have this place. This is what the old bastid wanted all along. If you're too ******* blind to see it, that's you're issue. Your fond of a creep like that? I have no problem with it, but to start attacking me because I know him for what he really is, and what he's done here is complete ********. I wanted a place to talk football, your good buddy ruined that, and your too ******* blind or stupid to get it. Have fun with your bud,