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  1. I'm with you this game is a blowout/shutout. Bout time folks accepted our defense is elite.
  2. Could be Andy Levitre trade part deux: that fifth-rounder will likely wind up being around the 40th-something selection in that round anyway after comp-picks
  3. Had they left Spoon's name on the back on the jersey no one would have known the difference, they are that similar.
  4. As well with the 3rd unit: Clayborn, Upshaw and Shelby. Based off early rotations, it appears Quinn is fond of pairing Clayborn and Vic, and Crawford rushing with Takk; and as I type it, I'm thinking that could make for an effective package.
  5. Abscence of evidence is not the evidence of absence
  6. I agree odds are he likely makes the squad as a fifth receiver. I only meant to suggest that he will also need to be a contributor to the offense if he makes the final 53, and through two games he has largely been a non-factor on offense in his opportunities as a receiver.
  7. Marvin Hall and Reggie Davis look to have the most upside thus far. I was hoping to see more explosive plays from Dablé given his measurables. Roberts will have a hard time if he can't offer more than return ability. Williams, as has been stated, is a hard worker and known commodity, but we've seen his ceiling.
  8. Great points and I even admitted that to myself that better QBs would have made him pay in that moment
  9. Duke got caught running to the spot where he thought the receiver was going, and allowed the RB to create some brief separation before Duke's speed and change of direction allowed him to recover. But by then the play was already to the opposite side of the field. Something he needs to clean up, but I'm impressed for his first action. He's gonna be a good one with more experience and coaching.
  10. Great post, I touched on this play in my film review for its design and execution but your analysis takes a step further. At first glance when I saw the formation I thought the Falcons were in a 3-3-5 under alignment with nickel package, then I counted the personnel. Four DLs, four DBs, and three LBs. Miami attempted to spread the defense with a trips right look and Falcons respond with base 4-3 personnel! That's why it's important to have linebackers who can play in space because you don't have to sub a third corner and you can disguise your coverage. Great call and design by Manuel. Falcons defense is gonna be a terror!
  11. Yep, sure was and he did a great job with it also! It was a critical play in the game when you talk about getting off the field on third downs and how conversions can lead to points. What's also important about that play, and PMF went into much greater detail on play design and assignments, is that even if nine players execute properly, it can all fall apart by one (in this case perhaps two) blown assignment. Which is why football gets dubbed the ultimate team game; all have to be on one accord.
  12. Lol thanks, bro!