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  1. That intro is just awesome
  2. Don't imagine they'll enjoy that tour one bit
  3. Who was the Cub, didn't recognize him
  4. Yooooooo, my quarterback is in a commercial w/ MJ23!!!
  5. Since this farce of a list began no MVP has been ranked lower than No. 2
  6. Man somebody cue that's my quarterback!!!
  7. ... and that's why I never watched before. Just for some strange reason I thought an historic season and postseason statistically, coupled w/ a SB run would garner more league-wide respect. I've tried to steer away from the "bias against ATL sports" debate but it's real. The media has given us much love since the SB but I don't understand the hate from the players. America itself has just had a field day with the "that's so Falcons/Atlanta" theme. **** em I cannot wait for this chit storm we are about to rain down on this league for the next decade plus. Let em have SB51. There will be plenty more spoils for us to enjoy. If not, this ish really is rigged and I was right to swear off football during the third quarter of SB51, b/c we have the best assembled roster in football that I can recall the past two decades. Only caveats include Takk, Grady, Poe, Hags and Shelby meeting expectations.
  8. I hear you.. the economics say no way we pay two RBs, but the #brothership says we find a way, right? Just can't imagine Teco in a Broncos or Giants uniform (or heaven forbid reuniting w/ Shanny in SF ugh)
  9. Sigh... price of success I suppose. With NFL revenues continuing to rise (especially with this new streaming deal w/ Amazon), how much can we expect those current projections to increase? And any idea on how long Matt's next contract will be (six years)? Gonna be tough to keep the band together.
  10. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000817446/article/blank-very-confident-freeman-deal-will-come-soon seems like the brass is committed to Free long-term; does anyone see a realistic scenario where we're able to keep both Free and Teco around?? Or is this the signal that Teco is gonna have to seek his second contract elsewhere
  11. Good stuff as usual, Prof. I think lack of fanfare re STeams in general may have to do with the offense's proficiency to generate a scoring drive from anywhere on the field; and given how deep WR is, it is still worth monitoring who will emerge from camp as our return specialist(s).
  12. Lol... c'mon KOG leave dat ish for Smitty and his apologists! You never heard such nonsense from me. That said, lack of hurries/pressures seem to be the reason Vic can't get any love from the masses beyond ATL.
  13. I'm real curious to see what we have in Fuller and if he can not only crack the roster but contribute weekly on game day. Is Justin Hardy hype or ready to ball? Anthony Dablé - wishful thinking but can he develop into Julio-lite? Maybe? He's stuck around this long so they see something Joshua Perkins and Levine Toilolo and Eric Saubert will have one fierce TC battle for listings on the depth chart. Toilolo is ready to breakout as a receiver and Perkins can do everything Saubert can. I want Nick Williams on this team but by God if I don't see a spot for him... There are other players I'm watching but until I hear they have the coaches attention I won't bother latching onto.