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  1. More from Kiper: “Which Day 2 pick will have the biggest impact as a rookie?” @tagaboutnothing) I'll give you one on both sides of the ball. Ole Miss wide receiver Elijah Moore is a magnet to the football and one of the best slot wideouts in this class. He's likely to be taken in the second round. He'll find an early role in the slot, catching passes in the middle of the field and picking up first downs. He caught 86 passes for 1,193 yards and eight touchdowns last season. I also really like UCF safety Richie Grant, who had 10 career picks in college and added two for
  2. From Mel Kiper: Safety Richie Grant, UCF Grant has been one of my guys all along, and he can wear a lot of hats. He could play a center-fielder role as a deep safety, or he could play in the box and make plays at the line of scrimmage. He can do it all. He had 70-plus tackles in each of the last two seasons and had 10 interceptions and forced six fumbles in his career. I drafted him onto my superteam, and I mentioned him last month as a prospect who could make an immediate impact. I'm a big fan of his game. Projection: Grant could be a steal as an early second
  3. So I suppose you were watching “Driven” during the Braves’ rain delay too, huh!
  4. Don’t have the exact numbers but I’m pretty certain both Takk and Beasley played fewer than fifty percent of the snaps on defense
  5. There’s the rub... my argument is we just have fewer drops and improved execution the offense will improve. I think defensively, we were impacted by the losses of Collins and Hageman. The hope is now we have adequate replacements for both. This roster has all the ingredients to be tops in the NFL: 31+ ppg
  6. Is he?? Ridley was a (pleasant) surprise to last to 26... Michel was a (pleasant) surprise to be picked in the first round.
  7. More and more I could get behind this draft. LVE isn’t my favorite first round prospect but far from a bad choice. Phillips likewise in the second is outstanding value and is enhanced with DT Trent Thompson in the fourth. There should be better OT prospects available than McDermott but his size and mobility make him a satisfactory late round option.
  8. Given how strapped we are for cap space, TE cant afford to be a need, and neither can WR, G or FS. We currently have too much invested in the aforementioned, and not enough time and cap space to solidify the front seven along with those other positions. I’m not saying those positions couldn’t be further improved, just that we can still see moderate improvement from our internal options and should expect that given the resources previously allocated (Wes 5th round draft pick, 2 yrs exp.; Harlow 4th round draft pick, 1 yr exp.; Levitre 8.5 MM?). We’re all in for a SB this year and mu
  9. I'm with you this game is a blowout/shutout. Bout time folks accepted our defense is elite.
  10. Could be Andy Levitre trade part deux: that fifth-rounder will likely wind up being around the 40th-something selection in that round anyway after comp-picks
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