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  1. So I suppose you were watching “Driven” during the Braves’ rain delay too, huh!
  2. Don’t have the exact numbers but I’m pretty certain both Takk and Beasley played fewer than fifty percent of the snaps on defense
  3. If Julio’s contract and the offensive line are our worst problems I’ll take it
  4. There’s the rub... my argument is we just have fewer drops and improved execution the offense will improve. I think defensively, we were impacted by the losses of Collins and Hageman. The hope is now we have adequate replacements for both. This roster has all the ingredients to be tops in the NFL: 31+ ppg
  5. Is he?? Ridley was a (pleasant) surprise to last to 26... Michel was a (pleasant) surprise to be picked in the first round.
  6. More and more I could get behind this draft. LVE isn’t my favorite first round prospect but far from a bad choice. Phillips likewise in the second is outstanding value and is enhanced with DT Trent Thompson in the fourth. There should be better OT prospects available than McDermott but his size and mobility make him a satisfactory late round option.