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  1. Dan Reevs lead a team to a Super Bowl in its greatest season in franchise history
  2. if Grimes walk and we dont make any huge roster moves ..he is def on hot seat .. No 1st or 4th round draft pick He hired Smitty
  3. no chance Smitty/Td are gone with no playoff success in year 5 ?
  4. I think Smitty and TD are a package ...I dont think Blank will allow TD to make any more coaching hires ..Think a new GM will come in and allow him to pick who he wants as HC
  5. no chance Dirk is fired unless Smitty and TD are gone...Im going to go on first prediction I see us 8-8 Falcons miss playoffs .. Smith is let go Td is let go Dirk is let go new GM comes in ..hires Nolan or Blank makes a spalsh with Cowher or some big name
  6. Im thinking TD and Smitty are a package ..if Smith fails to lead team to playoff success think he will be let go and then TD is fired right behind him so this will allow new GM to come in and hire a NEW HC and decide what to do with Matt Ryan
  7. but TD can burn $$$ with Dunta Robinson ? and cant give the fans a upgrade in server ...can we take 1 game check away from Dunta or Perria Jerry for upgraded server for the FANS
  8. Matt Ryan has also had a future HOF TE in Tony G and a pro bowl wr ... Boldin while a very good wr is step below Roddy
  9. im a big Ozzie Newsome guy so going root for his team Would like to see a Balt vs SF Super Bowl
  10. Matt Ryan lead us to 0 points in a playoff game and he was awful in a home playoff game Matt Ryan is 0-3 in playoffs and we have lost all 3 cause he was part of problem Flacco and Ryan are bot avg QBs ill take the 1 that leads his team to post season success over the other 1 who hasnt Matt Ryan is a regular season champ . 4 straight winning seasons 0 playoff wins and a emebarssment this year Flacco still playing Tim Tebow lead his team to a playoff win before Ryan hahaahaha
  11. im pulling for Flacco to win a ring . All we hear is Matt Ryan wins well so does Flacco and Flacco wins in post season winning in post season > winning in regular season
  12. Joe was rattled vs Texans he got hit 10 + times and sacked 5 . I agree with Ed Reed but least Flacco stood in pocket got ball down field Ryan was 2 QB hits vs Giants Ryan played scarred lil girl
  13. Flacco and Ryan are = id rather take Flacco skill set over Ryan Flacco much better arm and moblity Ryan his work ethic / football smarts lack of talent no arm or mobilty They are both extremely avg QBs from skill stand point give me Flacco
  14. pulling for Flacco to get his ring and do it on his back . Hope he beats Pats in a shootout Flacco has balls and some swag . Not a gutless coward like Ryan checking down Flacco saying if we win this week it wont be because of him Flacco >>>>>
  15. Matt Ryan has been below average in all 3 of his playoff games least Flacco has had some good games Guess word around league is Ryan cant get it done in playoffs You would figure that cause he played scarred and not have a backbone
  16. lol posted at same time .. clear as day shot at Ryan hahaha guess talk around league is Ryan cant get it done hope it motivates the kid
  17. hahaha glad i wasnt the only 1 who thought that
  18. http://larrybrownsports.com/football/terrell-suggs-defense-joe-flacco-video/111182 Is that reaching or a solid assumption ?
  19. who cares oline is trash and so is the GM who put the talent on the line
  20. board will be down if its Tim Lewis ..go over to Falcons talk to hear how great the hire is
  21. paulitick - is coming over to my side..in a year Paul I get you to start critizing Ryan
  22. Mason Crosby has proven to be one of top kickers in the game Bosher was a a step away from being cut he turned his season around somewhat ..still not sold on him
  23. Yea you can tell from that sceen ? nooo you cant ..im pretty sure Ryan steps up instead of rolling from that screen Harry Douglas is singled up in coverage running down sidelines . Instead Ryan ticks between his tail and fails to run ..lol
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