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  1. Even more reason that of the available to play 45 those who do not start and are not 1B players have got to be able to do much more than there position.....ie cross training linemen for OG/T/C and on D NT/UT/DT/DE/OLB......just sayin its not as easy as most of us thing to pick those best "45"
  2. Coaches look a alot more than we do, we want the big hit, the sacks and the splash type plays. Coaches look at asignments and technique. What I saw out of Star was a kid who set the edge well, got leverage and was never really out of possition. Coaches see this as a ++ and the tackles will come.
  3. Been reading all the post from all us fans who are either happy with our team, or unhappy with those who stayed or those who were let go. This is just some simple math to think about. NFL roster set at 53 Kicker,punter,snapper = 3 Offence 11 offence back-ups 11 Defence 11 Defence back-ups 11 Total 47 This leaves a grand total of 6 players on the active roster. When you think about it these 6 "fringe" players have to be able to do many diferent things to make the team, as there are only really 6 spots open. Just something to ponder.
  4. Kroy needs to go can't make a play and can't seal the edge. I have seen enough and would like to see Smith or Starr run with the one's on that side.Cant be any worse.
  5. Check the Box Score, 0 takles 2 assist, less than any other defender on the field. Sorry but where he plays to not have at least 1 tackle is crazy.
  6. Yes very nice recap, much better than I could do, thanks. Just way to many missed tackles and assignments. And droped balls. I agree TJ can walk today and Kroy can carry his bags.
  7. Take a look at anyone at this point, I have never really been sold on Kroy, but I think anyone could have done better than him. 55 gets the blame on that one play but Kroy should have cleaned that guy up.
  8. Like I said in another post we were running set plays and forceing them, No games no changeing just line up and run the same plays you ran with them for the past 3 days, no suprise to me at all. The lopsided score came from ints, pick sixes, poor special teams play....
  9. If you watch the game we forced plays just to run them, we never checked or changed plays at the line. We lined up a ran the called play period. They on the otherhand did a lot of changing based on our defensive alighnment.
  10. TD's ego will lose to his desire to keep his job, I fully expect the trigger to be pulled on a replacement sooner than later. He knows he is on the hot seat and his replacement is on the staff.
  11. Yea 2 plays back to back made him look all pro, I like the speed but we needed Jake alot more than we needed Clowney at the time. If you watch the 2 plays on one Blalock was just too slow to get there and took a bad angle. On the sack Clowney was so wide I don't think anyone could have gotten to him and in a regular game Matt would have checked to a different play.
  12. I fully expected something like what we saw, when you practice with a team for 3 days then play a game the same week you never know what you will get, but...... 1) Not physical! Walk the Walk, Don't Talk the Talk. 2) Kroy was a lost puppy. 3) Yates 2 picks.....nuff said 4) Offence was forceing the run game, 1st O forcing to JJ. 5) Special teams horrible but also a lot of different personnel being used. Hope they clean it up and shore it up before week one, and I fully expect that they will.
  13. Cant agree more, Claybo was way overrated by the fan base but served us well for his time here. Also shows that the draft is very hit or miss. Draft or non draft status does not define the player you become.
  14. I am not an expert by any means, but I did play a little ball back in the day. That being said, from the little video I have seen of our rookie class, I like what I see. I looks like we have brought in a bunch of very fluid athletic guys that can play. A lot of speed and good movement, even from the big guys. I have read a lot of crying about us not drafting this guy or that guy, or letting this guy go or what not. We had to get younger and faster on both sides of the ball. We (happily imo) spent most of this draft on defence. I think we did what we needed to do, got younger and faster. I for one cant wait till TC so we can see in person what I have seen on video.
  15. I agree as Jerry is not as bad as most on here think. His role is not very flashy but important none the less. A lot of people here under value Jerry almost as much as they over value Grimes....who btw is not even ranked by most as even in the top 10 of available DB this off season.
  16. Falconine you also can STFU please. Also Patty Melt and all his other names.
  17. Thanks Torris, really tired of reading how the offence and Matt Ryan was at fault. I believe if you put that many points on the board then you should win. Starting in the 2nd quater our D didnt really slow them down.........and if we are Blaming players where was Spoon, Nic, Asaute......etc.
  18. big ugly's and 1 running back....seen enough of coffman, and palmer for TE, and if not all big uglys a few good LB's
  19. need to look at more than just MLB, im not sold on any of our LB's the way they have played the past 2 games. Dent while not great at least can tackle if he gets to the play.....Nic and Spoon really dissapointed me yesterday.
  20. yep very good season, we will be back better than ever!
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