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  1. Hopefully this thread getting stickied will help with some recruiting mojo.
  2. Ah, Willie does a solid job of recruiting at places like FAU
  3. Probably because he’s a college coach at the moment.
  4. We know. UNC is expected at this time. Gotta get him back on campus.
  5. They will continue to pick another team just to be trendy.
  6. I feel like he wasn’t coached very well the last two years. Once Johnston left for CU he was screwed.
  7. Too each his own. He carried us on his back several times and won games for us. I’ll take him over Newman all day long.
  8. You don’t want the SEC record holder in yards and tds instead of Jamie Newman. Interesting
  9. You wouldn’t take Aaron Murray back in a heartbeat?
  10. Am I remembering incorrectly or did we not tell Zach Evans to kick rocks. I thought we accepted his LOI but didn’t turn it in because he had to reach a few goals. Then he apologized at the UA game. I have an LSU fan on the Rant saying Evans begged out of his LOI.
  11. That would make sense. They were all in love with his size as a freshman.
  12. Anyone know the deal with Julian Nixon’s slide? He was a top 10-20 player nationally and now he’s around #40 in Georgia. Was he just way overrated early?
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