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  1. HD option? Sorry, I’ve never been able to afford season tickets.
  2. No one wants to be the DC with that O. It’s a career killer.
  3. No legit DC is going to go to that dumpster fire. He’ll have to find an up and comer coach to take that risk.
  4. Double our sack total? Didn’t we lead the Sec in sacks last year? We can increase the total but I don’t know about doubling them.
  5. I wouldn’t have wanted him on staff either after he stabbed Gus in the back.
  6. I would have thought the LSU game where Jake looked awful the first half
  7. What doesn’t sound great? He took an inexperienced secondary and made them top ten
  8. Can’t help but notice that our little pot stirring OSU hasn’t posted for a while. I wonder why.
  9. make the most sense. Get paid like a head coach, less responsibility, spend time with your son.
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