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  1. That’s perfect execution between him and Big Ben.
  2. Pretty sure it’s a non serious ankle injury,
  3. To us.
  4. Big flip coming soon? Americus and Smallwood both say so.
  5. Eh.... they have some vey pro UGA coaches on staff. Thankfully.
  6. Just shows that winning is all that matters to OSU.
  7. Good luck fellas. Wish I still had the time.
  8. Boy those Cajuns ran hard and fast in hopes that this was true.
  9. Pretty sure he only counts against his original class at UGA.
  10. They will accuse of cheating if we land Webb. Not that I care.
  11. He’s going to pass the blame onto someone else and keep his job.
  12. In the grand scheme of things? Nope. But on the SECRant it does. I want to see those arrogant ******** melt.
  13. Because no one trash talks about highest average. lol. I just want to run their noses in it.
  14. Guess I’m greedy. Give me top 3 every year.
  15. Y’all think we get the #1 class? It looks like Bama may just by them taking 3-4 more guys than us.