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  1. Haha. Did anyone else know what this post about and who it was by just by reading the title?
  2. Didn't know that. I had just read they were putting out feelers about dropping it.
  3. I get that but they are talking about getting rid of MNF all together.
  4. ESPN has been hit hard with cuts and I wouldn't be surprised if they cut him next.
  5. It's cool how you kept your mouth shut during the win streak and now you show back up. *******.
  6. My favorite "maybe we should just call it belam since their is no D anymore"
  7. Looks like we survived,
  8. Stats don't lie but I don't remember UF killing people the way we have been this year.
  9. Sounds like he was. I heard he likes the smell of cocaine.
  10. Then why push to start Eason?
  11. How do you know that? He hasn't been asked to yet so no one knows.
  12. I was just reading how they completed 4 of 9 passes over 20 yards and 3 of 5 passes over 30 yards. We're better than U.K. but that still makes me feel like it won't be a blow out.
  13. Missouri makes me nervous. They can sling it around and we haven't been tested in the passing game much yet. Thankfully their defense is garbage and we should be able to play ball control and run all over them.
  14. If true that kid will be fired soon.
  15. I think we are usually their HC game.