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  1. Maybe now that we finally have a vertical threat teams won’t stack the box.
  2. It shouldn’t but this game makes me nervous.
  3. You have to keep them honest. It’s just part of the game.
  4. They were throwing quick hitters. You can rush 8 and still not get there in time.
  5. Oh, so he's one of thooooose people. Ewe.
  6. Are you sure? I figured that he was always an OSU fan and was just trolling UGA fans.
  7. We took what MSU's defense gave us. You can't completely abandon the run since you have to keep them honest and I could be wrong but feel like most of Cook's runs were on tosses to the outside. Monken is a **** good coordinator. I've been impressed by his game plans and play calling to date.
  8. Need to get some stops on 1st down to keep them from getting 3rd and short so often. I feel like most are less than 5 yards.
  9. It’s not a knock on Bama. Just pointing out that they aren’t flawless like the other poster said.
  10. They’ve lost a ton of big games. And your opinion may be different than mine but winning the SEC and NY6 bowls are big games as well as top ten matchups that determine if we win the East or not are big games.
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