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  1. We're stacked at TE. Maybe he doesn't want to follow his fathers footsteps. And why would this be Beamer's first test?
  2. I'll worry when our guys flip it.
  3. I'll believe it when I see it.
  4. I'll say 10 with a bowl game until I see better game management.
  5. Yup, and I still hate him for that stunt. Totally classless.
  6. That sounds like something you got from VQ.
  7. UGA finishes without a natty in any sport. Time to fire Ears.
  8. Are we sure he's played at NW that last few years? His highlight film had another team's colors. Maroon and silver.
  9. It was all over several message boards this week. Some very good, lengthy discussions on tSECRant especially. The idea is growing on me. If basketball can do this and then seed tournaments I don't see why football can't do the same thing and then have the two best teams play at the end for a conference championship.
  10. Been reading the Rant lately?
  11. I'm excited about the OL commit. He comes from a school that is know for putting great OLs in college and he'll be a three year starter there. Plus he looks like he can slide back as a pass blocker. Hill and Sayler will play guard or center.
  12. Heard the same thing last year.
  13. I saw Watson get into it with a high school coach this past summer because he was openly recruiting kids to Grayson during a 7v7 tournament. Pretty entertaining stuff.
  14. He flew in to visit the 2019 TE they have.
  15. From who?