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  1. The plot thickens.
  2. Sounds like every Tech fan I know.
  3. They think everyone is a lock.
  4. That’s a good hire for both of them.
  5. He loves it at Navy so I will be surprised if he leaves. Also, with all that spread talent bordering Zona it’s surprising they want to go to the option.
  6. I’m probably wrong. My brain is fried from last night.
  7. I think Bush is committing somewhere two weeks before NSD.
  8. You know that’s not how it actually works right? Split votes in a poll doesn’t mean a split championship. You need one of the major polls to split them, not a few voters. And spare me the computer polls. The NCAA doesn’t recognize them.
  9. If I was a college coach that would make me look away.
  10. I remember that too. Crazy stuff that it happens at a major program.
  11. That’s pretty bad for the previous coach. Was that Beamer’s fault? How does someone not catch that last year?
  12. That’s a pretty good staff for a new head coach.
  13. I miss the great commit videos from last year.
  14. What a punk. We all knew where he was going but he was just trying to get more attention.
  15. The **** it's not based on facts. Seen it with my own eyes and heard it from other coaches, namely Nick Saban but you keep on pumping up Hines Ward. edit: I am not saying he can't but he has to earn it first, just like TB did.