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  1. I would love to see their fans melt over that.
  2. Sexton apparently accepted a meal and sat for the first game.
  3. They are running out of titles for people.
  4. Good point. I believe you’re correct.
  5. He’s a great developer of talent. However he teaches his dL to penetrate and get up field while Bama is usually a read and react dL that preaches gap integrity. Should be interesting to see what he can do with all that talent.
  6. Interesting. He coaches a different style than Bama runs if you believe Mizzou fans.
  7. I mean, a blind squirrel doesn’t beat UT and UF 83-7. Plus he’s fight for second place with USC. He needs to worry about them first.
  8. I know. A man can dream though.
  9. Anyone else disappointed when they saw 2+ pages of new posts and all we got was a discussion on whether a player counts against us?
  10. Any idea when we fill our two slots?
  11. Ewe
  12. This is a very dangerous path. It’s going to turn into a free for all like high school’s in Florida.
  13. The plot thickens.
  14. Sounds like every Tech fan I know.