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  1. The flip side is did you see Purdue boat racing them last year? And Iowa the year before?
  2. They’ll lose to someone they shouldn’t like always.
  3. Are you a teenager or in your early 20’s by chance? Switching your fandom to a championship team seems like something a young person would do. My godson grew up a UT fan but switched to Bama.
  4. It feels good after all those years of neglect.
  5. Any truth to LSU gaining steam with Evans? They seem to think we’re trying to flip Tank now instead.
  6. It’s a heck of a lot easier to do when it’s one game and you’re down than to do it in the middle of the season. Saban had all season to do it and only did it as a last ditch effort the first year and because of an injury the second time. Ill give Dabo that credit since he did it day one with Lawrence.
  7. I thought they both looked good. McIntosh runs hard and Blaylock is slippery.
  8. Say what? It’s still early in the season. I could watch them play Dooley County’s middle school team for all 60 minutes.
  9. Future Bama fan
  10. You’re mistaken. He came in as a TE. I believe he even played in front of Nauta until he got hurt.
  11. Beat down
  12. You seem upset that people don’t fall for your trolling anymore. Shake it off and try again next week, Start our small and don’t make it so obvious. The best trolls are subtle.
  13. Why? I’d rather have the best person for the job instead. If it’s 3 woman or a band of drunk chipmunks I don’t care. Just put the best person out there.
  14. You are definitely doing a good job of pumping up your website. Lol.
  15. Supposedly they are announcing who the starter is tomorrow.