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  1. I’ll be surprised if they hang 17 on Bama. I’m thinking 10 or less for AU.
  2. Jalen Perry to Michigan. I wish him and JD nothing but the best.
  3. Crazy. He looked like a coach of the year last year.
  4. You definitely won’t lose your posting privileges on the Georgia board over there. Unless you spam it constantly.
  5. Say what? I didn’t pay much attention to that place yesterday but where were you seeing that stuff?
  6. I’d prefer to keep him since we’re lacking depth on the dL.
  7. 1.5 million
  8. Honestly, I feel like he’s just now back to his normal self.
  9. Hopefully he doesn’t reschedule.
  10. I don’t want a rematch nor do I want to play WVU with their passing O.
  11. Nope for Davis.
  12. Dang deer antler spray.
  13. Yep. He had a play earlier where they held him and he still almost had the sack.
  14. Or maybe that dog crap comment from last year.
  15. He did that on purpose. He knows our struggles inside the ten.