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  1. One day someone will have to explain the rush that trolls get by posting on an opposing team’s board. It just seems sad.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a major lifestyle change for sure.
  3. It does sound an awful lot like Atkins.
  4. My concern with Keto is what happens when you stop it?
  5. We have one that we use. It’s nothing special for us though.
  6. Good luck finding a place like that. This is the closest you’ll find but it dead around here right now.
  7. You haven’t got a clue man.
  8. He’s only been there one year.
  9. Is this a great hire though? Can he coach? I know nothing about him.
  10. I hope this helps with Elam.
  11. Isn’t he the guy they said had no interest in the job? Lol if so.
  12. Nope, but at least it’s not a Justin Fields discussion.
  13. Are you fricking kidding me? Most d1 college coaches grind their ***** off and would most likely be pretty successful in another field that they chose with work ethic. Not to mention their salesman mentality. We’re not talking about Coach Jones the middle school PE teacher here.
  14. And without the coaches there are no games like we know them. It’s like a corporation to me and the coaches are upper and middle management.
  15. You’re seriously underselling how much coaches are a part of the game. I’m also pretty sure at this point that you have very little idea of the time coaches put into their job.