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  1. It won’t take two years to gain twenty pounds. He may be at 300 by the time he hits campus.
  2. Or the kid already committed to LSU.
  3. You serious Clark?
  4. I feel like he may never play a down for wherever he lands if he’s not ruled eligible this year.
  5. I wish he’d knock it off in general. I hated it when James Wilder pulled a similar stunt and I don’t like it when others fans have to go through the same thing.
  6. 1pm. He’s playing his games again by retweeting some WVU recruits and players.
  7. You don’t think Brennan can beat him out?
  8. Ugh... commitment video? Did he not get enough drama the first time around.
  9. Well, that’s how you get poor qb play, when you just hand the job over.
  10. The kid from Mississippi that played some last year may be pretty good.
  11. I really wish he was close by like Scam Newton.
  12. So who do we think we finish with in this class? I know we feel confident with Dean and Davis at lb. Any others?
  13. That’s part of the problem. He couldn’t stop messing with Canada’s offense long enough for it to thrive.
  14. Sounds like Emery is buying into being the next Saquon Barkley under Morehead. It would be a huge miss by LSU.
  15. Their recruiting thread on the SECRant. Not saying it will happen that way but they think they have a chance.