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  1. If he is there in the 4th which I think he just might we may can use our comp pick on him. My take anyways
  2. Well will have to know before FA begins, weather it is announced or not.
  3. you missed the part where I said I did not put much stock in it.
  4. I concur, but he also already knows the O too. It is a pipe dream but a nice one none the less
  5. I don't too much stock in it, but read the blue type under MJD http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/nfl/238565/football-headlines?r=1
  6. I agree with you, but we are paper thin at T and MLB for the most part. Will was our safety valve simply cause how he filled in last year. But also agree it is too early to throw in the towel and panic as well. It will be interesting to see what we do, meaning if we go with what we have or pick up some one.
  7. Gritz, I think most on here have 2011 as reminder on bad it can be with Baker and his injury history. I think we all feel and know that the biggest weak link in this team is the O-Line as we are paper thin for the most part as far as quality experienced depth. I do however see the glass has half full and hope either somebody on this team will seize the opportunity or TD has a backup plan in mind.
  8. Excellent point and add that to the fact that Harris actually played LT for our O-Line coach Pat Hill, he may just get a shot as a backup
  9. Well looking at the Depth chart they have Johnson listed as our second string RT, I wonder if he can backup for left too? I am gonna guess if Holmes plays well we stay the course unless they just feel these guys can't get it done
  10. I thought it was funny, reason I shared but it is dark humor so to speak.
  11. Last year vs Green Bay maybe? 14-6 or 14-3 at the half. I am not talking about running up the score on someone cause that is classless and takes chances on getting someone hurt too. But we need to finish a team when we have them on the ropes. I think you missed my point, of course no need to take chances.
  12. NO! but our team has been known for backing off over the past two years esp last yr. Hopefully somebody learned where the gas pedal is and keeps it floored when we get up on teams. Then lets finish in the 4th and not at halftime.
  13. BVG way: was for them to do it HIS way and if they failed they were accountable. Nolan way: they get to do it in a way that matches their skill set (read strength) and if they fail HE is accountable
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