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  1. Not to mention the best back in football...
  2. In my best Butthead voice, "Huh huh he said Hummer, uhuhhhhuhuhuhuhhuhuhu."
  3. Grady is 6'1" over 290. Please don't compare a guy 4 inches taller and nearly 10 lbs lighter to one of the best DT's in the league. There is a HUGE difference....
  4. Dude better start eating a lot of Big Macs!!!
  5. You tell me. I've watched every Falcons game twice for the last 20+ years. WTF is your question?
  6. Could be a nightmare. At this point, I think we are lucky to go 2-4 in that stretch so we had better come out on fire...
  7. Rookies rarely make a big impact, especially on defense. I see 10-6 and sneak into the playoffs (possibly). Week 1 game is bigger than people think... Seattle will be in the playoff hunt.
  8. I wouldn't say that. He had a couple decent long receptions (most notably against GB), but he was typically used on screen plays. It's amazing how the attention Julio commands opens up other players.
  9. Weren't they the couple bowling on Hard Knocks when he was a rookie?
  10. 113 tackles 4.5 sacks 4 ints Stats from this past season with the Titans.
  11. Not sure how we would afford him, but he certainly would upgrade our secondary...
  12. I like to talk a lot of ****... Just a little tired of the BS over there... Can you bring back the Rivals forum?
  13. Rivalscentral.net... I'll try my best...
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