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  1. Have you watched THE GIANTS this season???
  2. Nah, the NFL set that up in the offseason
  3. FFS...
  4. Wait, what jersey # does Quinn suit up in? FFS
  5. He's not cut out for this. Looked awkward. And I'm glad. I don't want the team leader doing dumb **** like this when he should be trying to figure out how to get his team better.
  6. Kazee made a poor decision, yes. I am saying going in to tackle Cameron is a LOT different than going in to tackle your average NFL QB. Kazee did not intend to hit him like he did - at least I hope he didn't. But he did hit him in such a manner that per the rules, constitutes an ejection.
  7. Because were Ryan and Cameron roles reversed, Kazee wouldn't have had to worry about tackling Ryan. Ryan slides much earlier and even if he didn't slide, all you basically have to do is breather on him to take him down lol
  8. Who is gonna stop Kamara? Dookie Riley? I'm just glad we are at home for the 1st matchup, especially this early in the season. Gonna be a blood bath
  9. Yeah but Ryan doesn't have a history of trucking players over while running with the football. Kazee was going to wrap up his legs, just could not stop when Cameron started his slide. I think he deserved the ejection, but let's not act like you just made some kind of similar comparison.
  10. Awesome to see you're back brother!!!