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  1. Meant enough to you to reply, no?
  2. Meh, I was screaming when he got this but it was routine and any receiver with some wheels would have done the same thing. Best receiver on the planet? Maybe, but not because of THAT play.
  3. Deion. Period.
  4. I was WAY off. But I've seen this over and over. I get my hopes up, but we all know the ending....
  5. Silver Lining? Eagles coming off an ugly win, Falcons coming off a very ugly loss. I have seen this movie too many times. 0-2 is a high probability.
  6. What the?
  7. This was great for some chuckles lmao Said right in the title: not homer based - yet you found a way to do it.
  8. That is some Brady disrespect right there.
  9. Rise Up is worse
  10. My sincerest apologies that I have higher expectations than you.