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  1. cant we just talk about football without the personal attacks ?????

    come on man.... show some class

    No, we can't Nostramdamus. I am sick of hearing you jokers talk like you somehow know more about our team than we do, when we are the ones who follow every news line on the Saints and I seriously doubt that any of you really do. Just because you believe the facts to be one way, does not automatically make them that way you know. Therefore, I have every right to challenge his, or your, knowledge of our team when you start spitting out so-called facts. I know the facts, and they are that Mickey Loomis will find a way to sign the key free agents and still have room for draft picks and outside free agents this offseason.

  2. it is still a bad logic and here is why.

    you are only comparing results of situations to make your prediction and not even looking at the variables that led to those results.

    on the other hand, I could look at the variables that led to the results of our two meetings last year and make a prediction that the odds are favorable that the same results will occur next year BARRING ANY MAJOR CHANGES IN OUR TEAMS (changes in the variables)

    understand now?

    It makes perfect sense to me and anyone with half a brain, but this moron seems to think he knows more about the Saints' cap situation than any of us true Saints fans do and he fails to realize that records and trends are meant to be broken in due time.

  3. Preach it.

    Ladies and Gentleman. If you thought the 2011 New Orleans Saints were impressive, wait until you see what happens next wink.png

    You obviously got my point. The rest of the league will get hit with that reality once the season kicks into high gear again, watch!

    Thanks for reading and I know there's no need to preach to the choir, so let our competitors read and learn as well, right?

  4. Well, Saints fans, it’s officially over for our beloved Black and Gold this season with an unceremonious exit from the postseason at the hands of the 49ers and very rude hosts, in more ways than one, in San Francisco.

    While it does us, as fans of the team, absolutely no good to mull over the “what if’s” and “what might have been’s” of the New Orleans Saints‘ 2011/12 season, it’s never too soon to start looking forward to what could become of next season, right?

    Below is the current team roster, complete with asterisks indicating which players are free agents this offseason and including the ten players signed to futures contracts (FC) just last week with the New Orleans Saints.

    Read the rest here:


  5. The 14-3 New Orleans Saints landed in California at around 11:00 PM CT, or 9:00 PM PT, on Thursday night in preparation for this Saturday afternoon’s meeting with the 13-3 San Francisco 49ers at the soon to be extinct Candlestick Park. The only reason the Saints now own the better record is that San Francisco won the right to rest an extra week during the Wildcard Round by beating New Orleans out in a 13-3 tie with the better conference record in the regular season. Meanwhile, the Black and Gold got to entertain the Detroit Lions last Saturday in a contest that ended with a 45-28 victory in favor of the host team from the Big Easy.

    When is the game? Saturday, 3:30 PM CT

    Where is it being played? Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA

    Suggestions have been made by several NFL analysts, as we move one step closer to the ultimate goal in professional football, that the Saints have struggled on the road recently. That perception is based perhaps more on an overall impression than it is on any actual facts. It must be people’s collective memories of New Orleans as one of the losing-est franchises in NFL history being mistakenly applied to this year’s team. That, combined with their most recent image of the Saintsonly going 5-3 in the 2011 regular season away from the Superdome, which included losses to the 4-12 Buccaneers in week 5 (who were 3-2 at that time) and the win-less Rams (at the time) in week 7, is what they must be confusing for a team “struggling” on the road. Yes, the Saints are a pitiful 139-203-4 all-time on the road. Believe it or not, the facts prove that there is no better road team in the entire league since 2006 than the New Orleans Saints with a 31-19 away record featuring Drew Brees at quarterback and Sean Payton as Head Coach.

    Some may even want to go so far as to bring up the fact that New Orleans has an 0-4 record on the road in the postseason as a legitimate reason for concern regarding this trip out west for the bayou-based Bless You Boys. That too is a foolish observation in this case, for the simple fact that two of those losses are completely unattributable to Head Coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees. In breaking down the four road playoff losses for the Saints, you would find that only last postseason’s wild-card debacle up in Seattle and the 2006 loss in Chicago’s Soldier Field in the NFC Championship Game even apply here.

    Read the rest:


  6. Although the New Orleans Saints prevailed over the Detroit Lions in Saturday evening’s NFC portion of Wildcard contests by the final score of 45-28, it certainly did not start out looking like it would end that way at all.

    The Lions and their long-suffering fans had been bragging about the restoration of the roar upon earning their first return trip to the NFC Playoffs since 1999 with a 10-6 record and the number 6 seed in 2011, and for good reason.

    Detroit came on strong from the word “Go!” after winning the toss, fielding a touchback from the foot of Saints’ punter/kicker Thomas Morstead and promptly taking a 7-0 lead on New Orleans in the Superdome. That initial Lions’ drive consisted of 8 plays for 80 yards and took 4:02 off the clock. This game was starting out with a very impressive roar from the visiting team.

    After methodically plotting a sure-to-score route from their own 19 yard line to Detroit’s 31 yard line, the Saints then experienced a hiccup on their first drive from scrimmage. On a completed 13 yard pass from Drew Brees to Marques Colston on a 2nd and two play, LB Stephen Tulloch forced a fumble which his pride-mate LB Justin Durant quickly pounced on and recovered right there on the kill-site at the Lions’ 18 yard line.

    But the Saints’ defense fought back against the Lions’ attack and stopped them in their tracks at mid-field, forcing a punt and negating the turnover by not allowing it to be converted into points against them.

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  7. Texans here. They're on their third string qb, in a playoff game that is their first appearance since they came into the NFL. Would be wild as h3ll if they somehow mange to walk away with the win.

    They have some definite home field advantage aiding the better defense, but I still think Cincy gets it going just enough on offense to pull it out.

  8. AFC

    9-7 Cincinnati Bengals (6th Seed) at 10-6 Houston Texans (3rd Seed)

    Vegas Odds: Houston -4

    This is my Upset Special of the Wild Card Weekend. I can see the Bengals overtaking the Texans in this one since Houston limped into the playoffs, after securing the division title in the AFC South, by losing their last 3 games including a 16-19 decision to the league worst 2-14 Colts in Indianapolis in week 16. The matchup could feature the first ever head-to-head showdown of starting rookie quarterbacks going against one another in the history of the NFL, if T.J. Yates is healthy enough to start for the Texans versus Andy Dalton for the Bengals.

    Read the rest here:


  9. As hard as it might be to believe for the die hard Saints fan from way back when, many current fans of this team probably may not even remember more than a single losing season. Someone who started following the team 6 years ago in 2006, for instance, when Sean Payton first became Head Coach and Drew Brees became the starting quarterback, would be in that very category of such people. The Saints have gone 62-34 since Payton and Brees arrived in New Orleans, and that 64.6 winning percentage is tied for the 6th-best over that span. Even if a recently converted Saints fan goes back twice as long as that, to the start of the 2000 season, they would still only remember 3 out of 12 losing seasons for their favorite NFL team.

    But, truth be known, from the Saints' inaugural season in 1967 to as recently as the end of the 2005 campaign, New Orleans actually owned the third-lowest winning percentage in the NFL. At .403, they trailed only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at .392 (established in 1976, 9 years after the Saints) and the Houston Texans at .281, who had been in existence for only four years, with the worst all-time winning percentages at that time.

    The Detroit Lions originally began their existence in professional football as the Portsmouth Spartans based out of Portsmouth, Ohio in 1929 as an independent professional team. They were one of many such organizations in the Ohio and Scioto River valleys back in those early days of professional American sports. In 1930, however, the Spartans formally joined the NFL as other area independent teams folded because of the Great Depression. The Spartans were unable to survive in Portsmouth, then the NFL's smallest city, despite their initial successes within the framework of the NFL. The team was sold, moved to Detroit and was renamed the Lions for the 1934 season. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Read the rest:


  10. Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints just set all kinds of NFL records during the 2011 regular season, but now they must turn their full focus to the post-season in 2012.

    New Orleans is set to host the Detroit Lions in a Wild Card Round playoff game this Saturday night in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome at 7:00 PM CT, though the Saints‘ ultimate goal is to keep playing football for another full month. Still, it’s never too soon for us as fans to look at what lies ahead for them next season, right?

    While a full NFL schedule with the exact dates and times won’t be announced for several months yet, here is the list of who the Saints will be playing at home and on the road in 2012:

    Read the rest here:


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