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  1. Don't you worry, there will be no mistaking where my loyalties lie when you see any of the ideas that I have for signatures on here.

  2. Hey listen, I'll back off on the bet with you per your rules to wait a full season first if you'll back off on the name calling on me of troll, scrub, and guy who will leave at the first sign of a Saints loss until you see definitive proof that I actually am any one of those things. Do we have a deal or what?

  3. I respect you. I just don't respect jerks who call me names without knowing me from Adam.

  4. Never mind. I take it all back now!

  5. Thank you SuperSK for that clarification.

  6. Well, I just made the Practice Squad with a reputation of 4 after 25 posts. What more is it going to take for me to be able to post a new topic in here? This place is in desperate need of a new topic I tell you!

  7. Why am I not able to start a new topic in here? Do I need a certain reputation to be able to do that or something stupid like that?

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