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  1. Read this then, smart guy: http://mobile.nola.c...ll=true#display And read this one too, while you're at it: http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcsouth/post/_/id/30505/saints-cap-situation-not-that-dire
  2. No, we can't Nostramdamus. I am sick of hearing you jokers talk like you somehow know more about our team than we do, when we are the ones who follow every news line on the Saints and I seriously doubt that any of you really do. Just because you believe the facts to be one way, does not automatically make them that way you know. Therefore, I have every right to challenge his, or your, knowledge of our team when you start spitting out so-called facts. I know the facts, and they are that Mickey Loomis will find a way to sign the key free agents and still have room for draft picks and outside fre
  3. It makes perfect sense to me and anyone with half a brain, but this moron seems to think he knows more about the Saints' cap situation than any of us true Saints fans do and he fails to realize that records and trends are meant to be broken in due time.
  4. You obviously got my point. The rest of the league will get hit with that reality once the season kicks into high gear again, watch! Thanks for reading and I know there's no need to preach to the choir, so let our competitors read and learn as well, right?
  5. Read the rest here: http://isportsweb.com/2012/01/23/2013-belongs-to-the-saints-and-new-orleans/
  6. This site sucks so bad. I have tried several times to change my profile pic and it says my changed settings have been saved every time, but it still has not changed since last week. I give up!
  7. They have some definite home field advantage aiding the better defense, but I still think Cincy gets it going just enough on offense to pull it out.
  8. It's odd that no one in here has anything to say about this matchup at all. I don't understand the silence...
  9. Read the rest: http://isportsweb.com/2012/01/05/wild-card-weekend-game-preview-lions-at-new-orleans-saints/
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