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  1. Disgusted by these commercials suggesting that going to Buffalo Wild Wings alone turns into a communal experience if a game is on. You'll end up having to talk to the cops if you act that excited to be there with other patrons.
  2. With an oline this bad and no pop out of the backfield, a team with a good dline really just needs to stay in front of our receivers and count on a penalty or a sack to get us off the field. Your offense is going to score plenty of points; you're really just waiting us out when we're on offense.
  3. I like when he stunts inside and plinks off the center while the quarterback calmly makes his throw
  4. You might think that this is the start of a Radiohead song, but I'm pretty sure it's actually the start of a Division Bell-era Pink Floyd song.
  5. Big_Dog inspires bad feelings by appearing to believe literally whatever's getting hyped up as a cure for Trump on MSNBC. Like, does he actually believe that even though there's a 0% chance of it going down like that? Is he making fun of himself? Why?
  6. Hope someone overvalues him like we kept doing.
  7. I strongly agree with some of this, more than I agree with Leon on what y'all are arguing about, but definitely not the part about everyone agreeing that no one's creating an echo chamber. All the right-wing regulars that aren't primarily trolls won't even post in here for any length of time anymore. And it's a ******* event every time someone typically on the left expresses an opinion that is strongly disliked. This thread is full of people on the left that would be happy to spend all day arguing with other people on the left, and that could be said of a lot of internet communities right now.
  8. Yet another reason to forsake them forever
  9. It ain't really any big deal
  10. There's a difference between "he's not pretending this time" and "he never pretends and doesn't know how," and the media prefers the latter answer because it justifies fixating on ******** he does just to distract us. Plus it allows them to pretend that they also do not pretend or know how to pretend.
  11. Okay, just FTR, you brain geniuses refuse to conceive of him as someone smart/politically savvy enough to have written the nice tweet he posted in response to the death of Elijah Cummings, but you act like I'm nuts for trying to imagine scenarios where he's not actually every bit as stupid as liberals like to pretend he is for fun.
  12. You want him to misspell some words to prove it's him?
  13. Most Americans are being led to think Trump is a doo doo head who doesn't understand his own actions the vast majority of the time. That's what they were led to believe all through Russiagate, and that ended with the liberal side of the media unable to explain what happened while Trump was bragging that he was "fully exonerated." It isn't fair to regular people that they're constantly getting gaslit to the point that they don't know what media and politicians they can trust, and then getting blamed for our ****** politics and media. It's our corporate masters who are ******* us over by giving us theater and calling it politics or political commentary.
  14. Most Americans don't deserve to suffer for our unbelievably ****** media.
  15. I care because I want to beat him in 2020, and the people who get paid six or seven figures to joke about him or speculate that he's fighting the early stages of dementia are doing more harm than good by always looking for reasons outside of strategy to explain strategy.
  16. Trolling is how he invites the left to evaluate his mental state and determine he wouldn't know how to do what he did during Russiagate. That includes having people question his intelligence and sanity, just like wfw or any other kind of internet troll that pretends to not have a full grasp of how human interaction works. Having people speculate on his psychology is how he leads them into getting lost up their own ***, because they're relying on their own speculation to explain someone that behaves like a caricature of himself intentionally. That's what he's doing now going into the impeachment. He wants to create the impression that he's unprepared and unhinged so the left will have as much confidence as possible in the impeachment. Then after it's over he's going to say they tried and failed to illegitimately throw him out of office. That's gonna play big in 2020.
  17. Is wartownfalcon wfw? Seems kinda like wfw.
  18. My point is liberals spent two years calling him a nutjob who was acting the way he was with Putin because they were clearly working so closely together, and not only did they end up playing right into Trump's hands; they were fooled so badly they still don't understand what happened at all. The confidence now is disgusting if you're not someone that follows the news from the perspective of a liberal or a leftist, and Trump knows it.
  19. I realize I'm the only one that remembers Russiagate anymore, but he spent two years daring liberal pundits and comedians to "analyze" his every move, and they ended up spending the entire duration of the Mueller investigation joking that he was going to get arrested for running a criminal empire with Putin. It ended up being complete ******* disaster that hurt the credibility of practically all of Trump's most vocal critics, while giving Trump himself something to call back to every time the left talked about his obvious criminal dealings. The only reason that isn't the most humiliating thing to happen to liberals during the Trump administration is liberals still don't understand that that's what happened. They're still mad at Mueller for not going far enough, or Pelosi for not impeaching Trump faster.
  20. He's certainly convinced enough liberal pundits to imagine him as someone that's incredibly easy to analyze.
  21. I'm very unbiased, in that I'm equally horrified by people that are accusing Trump of not knowing how to write his own tweet about the passing of Elijah Cummings, and the people that needed to wait and see if he was going to come out of the gates swinging before acting as if they knew he wouldn't immediately try to stir some ****.
  22. The people who want to memorialize every time Pelosi wags a finger at Trump shouldn't get to complain about politics becoming depressing as ****.