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  1. Russia's soft power grows by the day
  2. I just wanna point this out while I remember, notice how whenever you describe what's actually happening, you don't get positive feedback, no "I told you so!" no "5D chess!" I think because they can't enjoy the thought of Trump manipulating the media, they need the illusion of that being an adversarial relationship so bad they have to look away whenever the curtain's pulled back. Don't know what they're going to do now that the left is doing it all the time. CNN basically doubled down on everything they're accused of by the left, they clearly don't give the slightest ****.
  3. Dollars to donuts that guy gets off on getting ****-talked by the sort of people in that particular internet community. He needs it.
  4. They do, if you count ****ting on him when he wants them to **** on him as kissing his ***.
  5. They act like there are no dispassionate non-voters, just consumers of liberal and conservative news, and a zero sum game for those "available" votes.
  6. Hey, don't skimp on the misogynistic parts just for us
  7. Boy are you in for a similar but less pleasant surprise in season 5.
  8. Well, yeah, they willingly believe anything they want more or less
  9. That's complete horse****, it's his or it isn't, someone can't push an initiative with his name on it If he himself isn't pushing.
  10. Who would be pulling it off if not Trump himself? He didn't even know about it.
  11. You're talking about it like you think the American president can just decide that for other countries, when Trump himself would never actually ask that of other countries even if he somehow did have that direct power to change their legal systems. You're asking that he receive credit for curing homophobia around the world based on an initiative that wasn't his and probably won't go anywhere because he won't push for it.
  12. So the rest of the world is going to quit criminalizing homosexuality because the American President's daughter or someone wanted it to look like he was pushing for it?
  13. It doesn't sound like he's running a race, it sounds like something he's not at all involved in if he didn't even know what it was.
  14. "Turns out he didn't even know about it." "Well, if he DID know about it, it'd be the greatest coup in the history of politics if he pulled it off."
  15. Crazy how him ****ting on the media all the time seems to have increased both the media's role in the average American's daily life and Trump's visibility to those Americans as a result. Sometimes you almost wonder if Trump and people in the media are consciously aware of the game they're playing and continue to play it for mutual gain, but then I remembered that Trump and the media always talk about how much they don't like each other, and my suspicions wane.
  16. I'm fine just calling you a Democrat
  17. Honestly that does sound like an opportunity they'd take advantage of.
  18. It's funny to me that CNN people don't know whether to be betrayed or to act like this is just a normal concession to the business. It'd be like Fox hiring someone that worked for Obama to head their election coverage.
  19. Doesn't it have to affect our perception of how the Russia investigation is being covered when CNN hires a Republican political operative to head their election coverage? They talk about Trump as a traitor, someone who has committed treasonous acts to get elected to the highest office in the country, and then they hire someone who used to work for him and **** on CNN, who is not and never has been a journalist, to lead their election coverage in 2020. What greater disconnect between tone and action could there be than what CNN did hiring Sarah Isgur?
  20. If it doesn't happen then you've "opposed him" primarily by consuming CNN, while CNN tries and maybe succeeds in figuring out how to get Trump reelected without them ever having to say they wanted that outcome specifically.
  21. Not what I would hope to hear from someone practically willing to guarantee he's going down over Russia.
  22. They want him to win again. Why wouldn't they?