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  1. We just pulled out of Afghanistan, which had become a daily reminder of how full of **** our intelligence agencies tend to get when they talk about foreign adversaries. It's honestly pretty shocking how bad the timing is.
  2. It appears to be a system destined to become what it is now, with something worse on the horizon as the Earth's climate becomes more extreme.
  3. Really it's kinda silly to think rhetoric is the problem when the real problem is that the Democrats can't pass meaningful legislation if the industries affected can just buy off a few politicians and derail the whole process.
  4. Did I call it that, or did you project that attitude onto me based on me making a much more gentle point about priorities?
  5. It's not real encouraging right at this exact moment in time.
  6. This argument doesn't look like it's supposed to persuade anyone.
  7. I mean, good luck making people understand that this was a few pieces of **** and not the whole party if the leader of the party and the country doesn't want to explain it. As has been noted many times now, liberal media consumption is way down post-Trump. A lot of people who typically vote Democrat were eager to reach a point where they didn't have to pay as much attention to politics. Biden himself is so conflict-averse he doesn't even like to blame Republicans for blocking Obama's agenda. The people who bought these politicians are also paying for their political ads. If this is the best the Democrats can do, then they're probably not gonna get the job done.
  8. Sounds like a fans of a ****ty team arguing about why the wheels fell off three drives into their first game of the season. "I'm not saying QB1 is blameless; I'm saying the oline has to at least give him a chance!"
  9. If the pharmaceutical industry can just buy the right to veto legislation like this, it's not gonna matter who internet progressives blame; the public's gonna be ******* sick of the Democrats.
  10. They've gotta convince their audience that progressives tanked Biden's agenda even when we can clearly see that it's being derailed by a minority of "moderates" who are already bought and paid for. They need to build up to that, both because that narrative isn't presently likely to convince many people, and because the midterms are still a year away.
  11. They can't change the narrative as much as they're gonna need to change it while everything's still happening.
  12. I hate that media's going to blame progressives for tanking Biden's agenda, that's as evil as it is inevitable, but I do also feel like the left's messaging on some stuff is so ******* terrible and ***-backwards that one has to ask if we're seeing that messaging because it's bad for the left = /
  13. I would only watch the Jetsons if their world collapsed and they were forced to live on the ruined surface of the Earth.
  14. It sounds like Woodward made Milley the hero of his story, and the media/Trump's people were able to make the book completely irrelevant to anyone outside of its target audience by also fixating on Milley. Maybe Woodward should find a different way to write a Trump book if he wants to do more than sell books. What he's doing right now elevates a new (terrible) Resistance hero to get torn down by the press and social media, which makes the Resistance that much more ridiculous for elevating someone like that to begin with.
  15. If the Democratic party doesn't want to be blamed for what this group of "moderates" is doing here, Biden himself needs to address the nation to explain who sabotaged the process and why. If this turns into a total ******* disaster, it's not going to be good enough in 2022 if the party's just repeating itself without even acknowledging what went wrong. That tells anyone paying any attention at all that the leaders of the party care more about maintaining the illusion than actually passing big legislation. And that's what leads people to believe that these people are just rotating villains, and the party itself is the problem.
  16. It is funny that we have to keep calling them "moderates" when they're unambiguously putting the shareholders of pharmaceutical companies ahead of both their own constituents and the national party.
  17. The only way he might have had a good year would have been if they had rebuilt the oline in the draft. As it stands, the offense is constructed as if the goal were to emphasize his weaknesses and force him into his worst tendencies.
  18. I remember when she brought the cake and did the pose while voting down the minimum wage increase, and it was hard to tell if that was a straight "**** you," or if she was some sort of maladjusted weeaboo that didn't know better, and, whelp, guess we know now.
  19. I don't really see how the Democrats can pressure her if she's not going to run again anyway. She'll never be popular enough to rise to a higher political position than she's at right now, and voters are never going to respect her again after what she's done and how she's conducted herself, and she knows all that. She's probably got a different career lined up in the private sector for after her term's up.
  20. I wouldn't hate it if we drafted Kenny Pickett. He'd fit right into Smith's offense.
  21. It's extremely discouraging when you already feel like they're not gonna do any of that, and then they live up to the disappointment that you've been conditioned to expect. I mean, yeah, it'd be great if Biden would explain the filibuster to the public and why it needs to go. He's probably not gonna do that.
  22. I hope if that if they draft a pass rusher in the first, that this time they get one with four fully functional limbs.
  23. If the running game's completely nonfunctional by the second half of every game, then most games are going to end the same way as this one. The offense might be able to stave off that outcome against some bad and/or injured teams, but most games are going to end with our offense falling apart against a pass rush that doesn't have to respect our running game at all. And folks might be able to ******** themselves about how close we're getting based on how close the final score was, but we lost because of how the roster's constructed right now.
  24. I'm trying hard not to be a **** about this, but I spent most of the offseason saying this team had to fix its oline for anything else to function, especially given our cap limitations and our many deficiencies on defense. And that's exactly where we are right now, but people here generally want to argue about whether or not Ryan's cap figure specifically is the singular problem with the roster, as if everything might be solved if we found the cap space to sign a couple low-end starters at LG and RT.
  25. I'm gonna wait for them to win at least one game before I start thinking about when I'm going to start rooting for them to tank. Tanking is a decision; what happened today and last Sunday and probably many Sundays to come is not a decision we could make or decide against.
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