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  1. Tbf they're both responding to someone who has obviously sustained acute brain damage from posting too much. Granted, that describes a lot of people, but it's a pretty specific subset of people whose brains have all been afflicted in a similar way. If she had said that to him on television, it would have been a major embarrassment for her that would probably follow her around for years. She'd be the crazy broad that called Jake Tapper a Russian asset for criticizing Biden's lack of condemnation for MBS. My point bein, this is not a group of people who know how to capture the zeitgeist. It
  2. The media only plays along with the culture war ****. I mean Trump did that exact same move for years and the media did exactly what he wanted it to every single time.
  3. I can't even post my pff simulations anymore because the pages got so long with trades up and down. I'd try to get Barmore, Moehrig, Surtain or Farley, two of the first round edge rushers, one of the tackles, and I'd still have plenty of ammo left over to trade up for Zaven Collins if he was there at the bottom of the first round, and then later get a couple more linemen, another safety, another corner, and of course a running back or two. Maybe Elijah Moore will still be there late in the first, too. Only costs about two fourths and two sevenths.
  4. The pff simulator is fun but it's broken as ****. You can get six or seven first round picks just by trading down two or three times at the beginning, and it's much less costly for the user to trade up than it is for a sim team to trade up with a user that knows how much they can ask for a certain pick.
  5. Obviously they protect your face some, but part of that might also be that by wearing a mask and glasses, the glasses instantly become foggy and moist, which creates the impression of a pervert and encourages others to participate in social distancing.
  6. "The majority of voters" only describes about half the people in this country that are eligible to vote. Most people have already given up on our political system changing anything that needs to be changed and either refuse to participate, or vote for the candidate that isn't their idea of evil incarnate.
  7. My point is most people understand that it's rich vs poor, but people contextualize the problem differently. Conservatives voted for Trump because he was defiantly anti-Democrat, anti-liberal, and anti-liberal media. Liberals and progressives voted for Biden to beat and fully replace Trump, but only liberals are going to be happy with how he replaces Trump.
  8. That was the rationale for many people voting for Trump. It was him or another liberal like McCain or Romney.
  9. Culture war ******** works well enough on their constituents that they don't need the majority as long as they have their voters. It really only hurts the Democrats, because they're the ones that are gonna lose votes based on both the culture war ******** and what policies they can and can't pass when they have any power at all.
  10. Seems like the problem is that they'd all want the same thing, whereas the Democrats absolutely do not, even though they had to act like they did during the elections.
  11. That's S-Tier trolling right there. That man is a professional.
  12. What happens if and when stuff starts coming out about the FBI's involvement in the Capitol riots? How does Qanon membership not just ****in' explode after that?
  13. Oh yeah, the single most important function of the Democrats in the 2020's is a weird rabbit hole. And none of this has anything to do with future elections. What the Democrats do and don't do is entirely on them. We're probably doomed anyway.
  14. Do you really not ******* connect artificial resentment being cooked up on social media with the Democrats losing support they need to win elections against Republican election rigging machines?
  15. The Democrats are the only ones who will suffer when the left abandons them, which is practically assured if the left is going to spend the next four years fuming about everything Biden and the Democrats aren't doing to live up to a modern definition of progressive. The internet boiling over isn't pushing them farther left. Somehow the left has that expectation without owning or acknowledging it, which, again, is a persistent problem with the left nowadays.
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