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  1. You have to keep in mind that liberals don't realize that they have very selective emotional intelligence, and HM's always so hot and bothered by everything going on here and irl that he can't help but make unfair assumptions that he won't allow you to correct.
  2. Personally I think it's charming that so many people on the left think Biden's VP pick has as much or more to do with his chances of winning as Republicans just straight rigging the election every way they can.
  3. FTR, it is infinitely more difficult to explain the value of those whistleblowers if every conspiracy theory just turns into more Trump **** in the media that doesn't even directly affect or relate to other, similar narratives about Trump.
  4. I feel like liberals have competing impulses where they want to portray Trump as the dumbest piece of poop they possibly can, but they also want it to be understood that they're the ones, not the Trump supporters or the American media-hating leftists, that understand Trump at the deepest level. It ends up just making typical liberal political commentary useless on Trump. Not trying to get too smug here, but holy **** the comments for Don Winslow's original tweet are great. Practically everyone in the first tweet before the one John Hamburger links is asking if Showtime will make the show available to nonsubsribers, and yet somehow they're all under the impression that tens of millions of American voters are going to watch a Showtime series about Trump based on James Comey's book. Just completely ******* delusional. It's like they haven't been outside since 2018.
  5. They're gonna keep his skull to show guests like Leonardo DiCaprio showing off Ol' Ben to Django.
  6. I meant it when I said at some point on here that I won't ever forgive the Democratic party for making me vote for Biden. One area where me and Trout disagree is, he thinks liberals will largely remain realistic about what got Biden elected if he wins, whereas I look at the Democratic party right now and I see people desperate to believe that things can go back to the way they were with Obama, specifically the part where liberals have a very easy relationship with the President and with the media, because it's implicitly understood that they're acting in all of our best interests.
  7. I was responding to you speculating that we'd have college football this year as if that were self-evident. We don't know that, and I explained why we don't know that. Of course now it's navel gazing when the situation isn't as simple as "bad orange man caused all our problems."
  8. You don't know that we'd have had college football this year. We could have had that, maybe, certainly if Americans liked each other as much as Canadians like each other, but masks were going to be culture war ******** in our country even if Hillary won in 2016 because so many people in this country are deeply distrustful of establishment politicians and mainstream media. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad, or maybe it'd be worse because in addition to being widely distrusted, Hillary's also been dogged by conspiracy theories she's failed to convincingly dispel her entire administration.
  9. Tbf, that feeling naturally occurs just listening to liberals explain what works best on Trump (norms and values, fat dumb racist jokes, etc.). The people who do that and can't or choose not to be able to see themselves do it are the people that are going to justify voting for Biden in that insufferable tone. The rest of us are motivated by spite that is unique to us as individuals and yet similar to the spite many other people have built up in absorbing Republican ******** during the Trump administration. What separates that from typical virtue signaling is that it is genuinely felt. We feel it, and it would be dishonest to a deep feeling in our nature not to do what's available to us as voters to vote against Trump and everything he represents. Some of us can't help but be passive aggressive when we communicate it, but it is an honest response to a real problem, even if it avoids ownership of Biden in a way that isn't unlike people who don't "own" their Trump votes because they genuinely feel badgered into voting for him by the left.
  10. I don't see how you could even begin to calculate the cumulative effect. People either have to trust the mail or the drop boxes while Trump does everything he can to destroy the USPS, or stand around a bunch of people for hours and hours, because of course in some areas there's not going to be nearly enough polling stations to prevent massive lines. Putting a number on Trump's odds without even taking this into account seems outright negligent imho. It's a completely different ballgame than it was in 2016. Reminding us cutely that Trump's 2016 victory was actually well within the range of normal polling error does not soothe me on this point. If he has a 29% chance before you even take Republican malfeasance into account, then he probably has a better irl chance in this election than he did against Hillary.
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