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  1. Jimmy would be such a drag in a relationship. He can't make it rewarding to try to engage with him as a person anymore, and he wouldn't tell her something's wrong, he'd just do what he was going to do to try to fix it without involving her. It's kind of like how Chuck did him, pushing the humanity and affection in their relationship into the background by not needing it.
  2. C'mon Huell you knew better than that
  3. Great, right call, ********
  4. Go for it, if we have to win on offense it needs time to work with.
  5. That might be why Denver didn't keep that guy
  6. Red zone offense looks fine when we're running the ball
  7. Positive thoughts, we've run the ball so well today, we're going to drive the ball and extend the lead
  8. Come on Tru catch that ****