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  1. This is why it's hilarious when people, especially media people, treat Sinema's behavior like it's some big ******* mystery to solve. "It's like she just doesn't want anything to happen at all, but that's crazy, there has to be something she wants out of this," like yeah, and clearly she already got it, or she's made arrangements to get it after she's out of politics.
  2. We talk about it like it's a genuine "curse," but the way this team is built, makes the way we lose inevitable. We start fast, put up points, but we don't have a defense that can protect a lead, or a balanced offense that can protect a defense in the 2nd half. And then people go "we're so close, but this team is doomed to blow the lead late," and it's not so much that we're "cursed," as Dimitroff not being able to reload the defense or the offense around Ryan and Julio after the Super Bowl. By the same token, it's not some curse that can be lifted by the right offensive scheme or something; it's a talent deficit that becomes more apparent over the course of a game.
  3. People irl usually don't try to engage me by drawing me into their conflict so that I will become a member/consumer of their tribe. It doesn't happen that often, and it doesn't echo through news and social media afterward. If it was like that irl, at some point I would physically pick someone up and throw them through a basketball hoop, out of frustration.
  4. The offense had a good game in large part because they were able to play at their desired pace and remain on schedule through most of the game, which was mainly because we were playing one of the very worst offenses in the NFL. The offense is still very, very far from "dominant" unless the goal is just to dominate other rebuilding teams.
  5. I hope we can draft Hendon Hooker in like the third or fourth round and just have him on the roster through the rest of Ryan's career here. He might not be the long-term starter, but he'd give a base level of competence and open up the running game. We have so many areas of need that it would be better to spend the next 2-3 years reconstructing the roster before we try to build around the promise of a new young quarterback.
  6. He might have a decent career for the Jets if they've found the right coaching staff, but we would have ruined him.
  7. I'm kinda relieved we didn't draft this guy now.
  8. The wapo article plays on the audience's desire to hear that the study confirms that most people are stupid conspiracy theorists. Then it betrays them by pointing out that there's no evidence that Trump worked with the Russian government to fix the 2016 elections. The people who read it without blinking and post it on social media will end up having vicious arguments with friends and relatives, on the left and on the right, about whether or not the Washington Post gets to say that a conspiracy theory is debunked.
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