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  1. I have no idea. I just remember the thread and the years posting with them later on. Actually, me and Baloo had a pretty good beef going there for awhile, I don't remember over what, exactly. We both had terrible football opinions and posted too many words per post, so probably something to do with that.
  2. They lemonparty'd literally hundreds of people with a link they said was to a video of their fight. It was the best thing either of them ever did.
  3. I was a pig in **** for awhile there.
  4. Two more good reasons for me to concentrate on melee weapons.
  5. I'm probably just gonna steal a $40 sword from a head shop until I can find something better.
  6. I'm gonna say Holy Motors. It's not the real right answer, but it's a really good one.
  7. I'm conflicted on it. I sympathize with Leon getting genuinely angry about the suggestion that he's treating people on here like his students; he doesn't lord his profession over people even when he's expressing frustration and talking down to people, so that's not really a fair statement unless we're all treating people like students we're lecturing. On the other hand, he's got that liberal brain disease where he can't distinguish between invented conspiracy theories and conspiracy theories that exist because the Democrats and the corporate media decided that a theory is in fact a conspiracy that shouldn't be talked about.
  8. The nerd fight's taken an ugly turn, I see.
  9. I like that for this year's draft, but I don't think we're going anywhere until they finish rebuilding the oline.
  10. Personally, I love seeing nerds argue about who's being condescending.
  11. I like how he told Kim last week that it was her plan, and this week he accused Howard of killing Chuck to his face, then called him bacterium. He's developing the traits of an actor/director that's too arrogant to work with anyone. If Chuck was an actor, Jimmy would be making a living tearing down film students at a community college.
  12. Yeah, I mean right now we're still at the part where the media's pretending Biden's a solid candidate, if nothing else. Putting off the discussion's only gonna make it worse when we're forced to talk about it because it's what Trump's fixated on.
  13. I'm not a nihilist so much as I just don't see any good options at all.
  14. I don't think we're necessarily ****** with Biden winning in 2020 because he's a centrist. I think we're ****** because Biden will have beaten Trump without liberals or leftists ever having to really understand how he won in 2016, which leaves the door open for a Trump 2.0 without all of Trump's baggage.