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  1. Look on Down from the Bridge by Mazzy Star
  2. Anyone who stands up to right wing media becomes their enemy. And after 2017-2020, there really wasn't some special way for liberal media to report on 1/6 that wasn't going to validate the conspiracy theories.
  3. Dimitroff built a roster destined to rot a little more every year, going from a Super Bowl contender to a 4-12 team that can't even sign its draft picks. At least they're not going to try to keep the old core on life support another year or two.
  4. Hey, at least the Democrats have their future 1/6 commissions to look forward to. That's what 2022/2024 voters are going to want to hear about, especially after corporate media talking heads spend four years talking about unmasking the Republican representatives who helped plan it.
  5. One of the really outrageous parts about Greenwald and Taibbi speaking as if Fox were important to the national discourse is that our government and our nation are infected with the thought parasite that is "we achieve equality, fairness, and good faith when Congress prioritizes bipartisanship" in large part because our people have spent the better part of three decades listening to friends and relatives repeat the **** they heard on Fox News (or something worse that Fox was the gateway to), and trying to find middle ground between that perspective and the perspective espoused by the mainstrea
  6. Trump: (pisses and then ***** into his diaper) "We're gonna take back the House, we're gonna take back the Senate, we're gonna take back the White House, and it'll be sooner than you think." Liberals: "WHAT IS HE HIDING!?!" Conservatives: "Yeah, he's gonna have to do some core work to get back in shape for 2024. He ought to start off every morning with mountain climbers and abmat sit-ups. Eventually he's also going to want to get some lower body work in there so he doesn't get worn out doing speeches."
  7. 28-3 would haunt me immediately. Describing the Pruitt era to me would have elicited no emotional response whatsoever.
  8. If I was cryogenically frozen in 2016 and just brought back to consciousness a few days ago, I would be shocked out of my mind to see Donald Trump trolling liberals in a way that doesn't indicate any fear whatsoever that he would ever get called on it. It wouldn't make sense. My brain wouldn't accept that liberals could be intellectually disrespected like that by Donald ******* Trump, and even worse, no one would call it what it is even afterwards because it's cannon in liberal and leftist circles that Trump's too stupid to ever say something like that if he wasn't hinting at a real criminal c
  9. Liberals: Did you see what he did there? Did you see it? He actually thinks he's going to be reinstated in August. He just said so!
  10. Hey here's another fun question to ponder; why would Mitch McConnell's office leak directly to CNN that he had to ask for a "personal favor" from Republicans to vote against the 1/6 commission? Is one of his aids a mole for the Democrats? Do they just hate his guts? And what revenge would Mitch McConnell seek on this unnamed source that apparently wanted CNN to know that Mitch McConnell was directly involved in 1/6? Will he cut off their ears and sew up their eyes before he cuts their heart out of their chest? Or is he just doing the exact same move Trump did with Putin during the Mueller
  11. Don't complain when other people ****post then.
  12. No it's dumb as ******* dog****. It is choosing to not understand that you're being manipulated by a former game show host that's spent most of the last two decades watching Fox News.
  13. I invite anyone to engage what I actually said; that's why I said it. It's the stupidest ******* thing in the world for liberals to continue to push Trump's entirely made up conspiracy theories in 2021.
  14. I know what that is, but I don't know whether or not it also describes some sort of horrifying sex move, and I'm not going to try to find out.
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