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  1. He never criticizes Russia for the same reason he says it's mental illness after every shooting; to own the libs.
  2. None of y'all actually engage the topic of mental healthcare long enough for anyone to express an opinion on mental healthcare itself. You're so eager to be satisfied just by Trump saying "mental illness" after this you forget to even think about what all it entails to contextualize it like that, and what it would entail to expand an industry's power to affect children and families in the pursuit of what might be an impossible ideal. If you're cynical about the pills, what do you think we're getting more of with "more" mental healthcare in Trump's America? It ain't gonna be more community or sense of purpose. EDIT: When I say y'all I mean Trumpers on here, of course.
  3. Yes, I know that's how you individually contextualize this, it's not like you've said much else.
  4. Because the mental healthcare industry is out of control. Let's make it bigger, and get government out of its way.
  5. I can't even roll right
  6. You could read what I wrote Thursday instead of assuming I'm always who I am when I'm dealing with a ****head that doesn't engage you.
  7. I don't think it's exactly the same thing or a completely different phenomenon, why on Earth would I assume it's either exactly the same or completely different?
  8. If he does we might end up with President Pence no matter what happens with the investigation.
  9. And I'll continue to assume that you're this way because you're deeply insecure about engaging other people and will take being hated if it means being seen at all.
  10. If Trump blames mental illness, and doesn't do anything else, does that serve any purpose other than further stigmatizing mental illness?
  11. This is gonna be just like when I criticized CNN and found out some guys couldn't understand left criticism of CNN, or even acknowledge that that idea could exist somewhere in the world.
  12. A couple pages ago someone was like "boy I sure wish our society would destigmatize mental illness," and I'm like "well right now the POTUS's strategy is blaming mental illness every time there's a mass shooting and ISIS doesn't take credit, so good luck with that."
  13. You accused me and now you're backing off because I explained how your accusations couldn't be true. *******. Liar.
  14. I talked about it a lot Thursday and the conversation then was largely earnest, in part because we didn't have the distraction of a certain ****poster accusing everyone else of poisoning the well.