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  1. "He lied to us!"
  2. I, for one, am relieved to be back on "leftists love killing babies" after a week of "the media wants you to think a Nazi killed a protester in order to embarrass all the not-racists that were protesting with the Nazis and white supremacists."
  3. (((Deep state))) got to Brietbart.
  4. Better to live in the one where facts can become specious metaphors and vice versa at a moment's notice.
  5. What a surprise, a Trumper thinks racists supporting Trump is irrelevant because racism is near death.
  6. I'm just ******* around, I know which one it is.
  7. You don't want Trump's presidency to be humiliating for white nationalists, or you've actually managed to talk yourself into Trump not being the chosen candidate for white nationalists?
  8. I think it's great that Trump is so eager to cave on his campaign promises in order to feebly bolster the "deal maker" aspect of his public persona. I hope his presidency is utterly humiliating for all the white nationalists and worse that thought he represented their interests because he wore a baseball hat and said the inner cities were war zones. I just don't think his willingness to cave on campaign promises means he never actually promised anything and actually wants what's best for everyone.
  9. Gotta let the white nationalists know they're still in his thoughts.
  10. I've invited you several times to show me a link or two saying she wasn't hit that doesn't link to anything flat earth or explicitly racist. Again, I don't trust your eyes, and you telling me that you didn't get this narrative from Nazis without even acknowledging where the narrative came from makes me suspect this is yet another instance of you convincing yourself that you're not being disingenuous.
  11. I hate this outrage culture we live in now, but I also kinda wish all news was arguing about what is offensive and why.
  12. I avoid giving Trump credit for anything, but he's a pro at leaving just enough room for his followers to talk themselves into his being on the right side of every self-inflicted controversy or no-balls concession.
  13. Frank Miller and Zack Snyder think that level of revisionism is a little too over the top.
  14. AF89, I see what you're doing, I love it