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  1. I'm not confident in the direction of The New Punk Rock.
  2. Their individual songs are hard to remember and describe because no one knows what any of them are about.
  3. It isn't just vitriol, it's an insistence on the existence of the world that appears to exist from within the bubble. It's such a unique, insufferable kind of pig-headedness.
  4. But then I took an anti hero-type character turn with a powerful new transformation that reflects my darkened perspective, right?
  5. They compare me to ******* spares in here. They're insulting in ways they don't even realize.
  6. Ima be honest, I don't feel real bad about limiting the degree to which vape companies can market themselves to kids. They shouldn't be able to just do that completely unchallenged.
  7. If it feels like all Trump comedy is terrible to the point of causing a kind of mental/emotional pain, it's because it transparently deals with a caricature that's literally impossibly stupid. No one on any of these liberal comedy shows understands Trump's nature or really why he works for so many people despite being so outwardly unpleasant and intellectually unqualified for his position, so they can only tell jokes that "hit the center" for liberals that are misunderstanding him in the same way they are. So as more people become more cynical of the media's real intentions, they'll experience that sort of psychic pain when they're around liberals they see to be laughing over a shared misconception that's hurt them over and over and over and over, and yet still without ever actually changing that fundamental misconception. That misconception being that he's so stupid he himself worked with Russian hackers to become President in 2016 despite sharing a criminal empire with Vladimir Putin for many years prior, knowing full well he'd eventually be investigated and found out, especially when he fired the head of the FBI, and then he merely lucked his way out of the Mueller investigation. That's a **** of a whoopsy-daisy! It's only going to get worse from here without that getting corrected.
  8. It took years for me to get to where I am, but now that I'm here it's easy to see how we got Trump and why Democrats keep losing fights they shouldn't be able to lose.
  9. The Twitter account that decides whether or not something is art