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  1. That you want me to look up shows your bias.
  2. That happened to me the other day for saying I like Midnight Vultures more than Sea Change. ******* SJWs.
  3. I just figured a new guy wandered in from tatf, but I think this is the first time I ever paid much attention.
  4. If it is worzone, I was right to argue against his idea of objective morality, that's for **** sure. Guy did all that lecturing and he can't even stay away from a message board? Nah, man.
  5. Oh I was just ******* around, it's got to be him, I think it took this long because he was looking for an argument where he could really flex his evangelical indignation.
  6. It can't be worzone, this would be so much beneath his dignity.
  7. Some people associate their mind-body relationship with their humanity.
  8. So, regular scientism
  9. Now that is a hill worth dyin on
  10. They can put talent around him. All they need is a LT, a couple receivers, a new backfield, and probably like five offensive coordinators in three years.
  11. I liked individual accounts before, but I'm starting to enjoy twitter as a whole now.
  12. I'd eat the **** out of a spider burger. I bet it's awesome.
  13. Exactly. You have your tastes, and you want to police other people's tastes, but you don't want for it to be your opinion, you just want to be an authority on it.
  14. How would you know? Not a rhetorical question.
  15. Why do y'all always pretend something is implicit when you want to act like you explained something without explaining it? It doesn't work. Why do y'all like it so much?