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  1. I can't.
  2. All these things are true.
  3. If I deleted my account it would look like Worzone's had steadily worsening schizophrenia since 2015.
  4. Flight was mostly before my time, too, but he was a massive doofus with paper thin skin. Recent Sobeit posted kind of like him, but I don't remember Flight being an alt-right type, or evangelical the way Sobeit used to be. I don't think they're the same person, but I'm not sure Sobeit has always been the same guy or that recent Sobeit's not a former poster.
  5. Yes it is
  6. I didn't take issue with what you posted because I've ever gotten news from Kurt Eichenwald, I took issue with it because it smelled like ******** and the first time you posted about it you made it sound like he was being prosecuted for crimes he almost certainly committed. FTR, that's not just how I read it, that's how everyone, including gazoo, read it. I have a hard time believing that was unintentional.
  7. You talked like he was about to be brought up on charges for consuming and distributing child pornography, but it was an old story about stuff he was doing for a series of articles. Even if you think the money he gave the guy was suspicious, it doesn't sound like there was any evidence that he was ever in possession of illegal material, much less that he was the secret ringleader of a major distribution center.
  8. Even if you think Eichenwald was playing dirty, that's not really a reason to suggest he's a kingpin of child porn distribution.
  9. Called out for poor journalism or consuming child pornography?
  10. Oh, I thought it was a recent accusation. I didn't think to look for something that old.
  11. Not seeing the story on this just searching the name, is there a link I could check out?
  12. I'm sure it doesn't.
  13. That Kurt Eichenwald's a weird fella, it sounds like.
  14. I am the real winner here.