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  1. You ever think those media outlets recognize that right wing content addicts watch them too, and consciously market themselves to be what keeps you coming back?
  2. So do CNN and MSNBC eat a helping of **** for giving him so much exposure up to this point, or are they all going to act totally ******* incredulous that he was capable of something like this? See, Trump wants us and the media fighting each other's battles, because the media is in it for the fight same as he is, and he wants that fight to turn off anyone that isn't already voting Democrat or third party. So he's going to **** all over the media between now and 2020, just, whole-***-involved, prying open both cheeks and firing oily missiles right at CNN, and right in Joe's coffee cup, and he's going to invite the left to join them in being so obnoxious and compromised responding to him about his failure to live up to the examples set by Obama and McCain, that no one that isn't already highly engaged in politics will want to hear from either side. That's how he'll try to contain criticism from the House investigations. Have the left report with some degree of disdain for anyone that doesn't trust the news talking about him.
  3. Republicans won't accept culpability for Trump while he's in office. All the Trump people here say he's a gross person they don't personally want to endorse despite their admiration of his politics. If the Democrats accepted any culpability for what you're describing, Trump and his supporters would be the first ones mocking them, just for making a concession they didn't have to thinking it was the right thing to do or something.
  4. I started reading Saul Bellow because of Justified. That was a good call.
  5. If you're not getting interior pressure then you're not affecting most pass attempts in the NFL anymore. If Grady and Crawford are getting in there, the defense looks great again, but if they're not having trouble with Grady then all they might have to do is send some help against Takk and 9/10 pass attempts will go off unmolested.
  6. Please, he counts on getting free press from the media talking about his racist tweets and ****hole countries and having paid for sex with porn stars, he's gotten them to poison the left with the notion that they'll beat him by mixing moralistic ******** and endless dumb Trump cartoonisms in with the legitimate criticisms. If the GOP learns anything from him it's to attack the media and the Clintons and Obamas more forcefully, and have the left and the Democrats and the media respond in different ways while acting like they're fighting on the same side of the same battle.
  7. Longer drives beat the defense up more, shorter drives you're winning on a couple decisive plays.
  8. If we're picking in the middle of the first round, we might be in a position to trade up to 4th or 6th or something, and there's enough star defenders that someone will last that long.
  9. Falcon slaw says we're not picking high enough to get a star unless we trade up, and I feel like this will be the time that we need to do that, because I think Julio will stay through his prime for a contender and this will be the offseason to show it. If they're not worried about Grady they're not worried about anyone and there are some stars that are exactly what we need next to him.
  10. They'll **** it up somehow, they have to
  11. There's only so much that can be done when the offense gets like this. If we can't run the ball we can't set up PA, and with this o line Ryan doesn't get time or opportunities to step up and throw downfield.
  12. Why do we do the Sanu option stuff if we're rather nibble at the distance between the half yard line and the end zone throwing the ball than try that on 2nd down? Once we lose faith in running inside we totally lose faith.
  13. That's what every Butch Jones drive looked like, except he kicked the field goal
  14. Sneak or dive you cowards
  15. I'd rather put the fa money into the o-line. Our offense shrivels when we can't get a rhythm running the ball.