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  1. That would have been Tigger
  2. You can. It's harder if their mind's eye focuses on their own perceived persecution while their government and their society lead human civilization's possible decline. You say it all the time, the problem is us.
  3. Hopefully they find a way to do it that doesn't challenge anyone that doesn't want to be challenged. I'm told that's why Trump won.
  4. What if they really, really, really don't want personal responsibility for who they support politically, though? It seems like Trump is the absolutely inevitable result of that mindset. Someone no one has to own personally to support politically.
  5. As compared to "I already explained this pages ago."
  6. Maybe it wouldn't be so easy to gang up on the right if y'all ever posted at the same time, but y'all don't want to own what anyone else on the right in here says, so you can't argue "together."
  7. Only reason for the first post is so he can say he was just joking about stuff he doesn't want to own anymore.
  8. Season 3 is great, but its got its own style of real world mythology that makes it distinct from, and (I think) less accessible than the first two seasons. You really ought to at least see season 1 first, though, and season 2 is still the best.
  9. "How dare you suggest words have meanings aside from what I assign them in a given post!? I decide what my words mean!" Also, "those aren't cages, they're humane, chain-link enclosures."
  10. Y'all say this when you don't know how to articulate how the other guy is wrong.
  11. In other words, keep your expectations so low that you can call anything a win of some sort. Do this by attributing immense, insidious power to the Democrats and the deep state that will have prevented whatever lasting impact he fails to attain. Plan to call moral failure necessity and capitulation to private interests business savy. Just make up the whole ******* story as you go along, and don't forget to lecture as many people as you can on the lost art of compromise.
  12. If our justice system tried to execute everyone convicted of sexual assault, it would reshape society in a way that would more often than not punish rape victims because they were alone, and further normalize sexual assault. I guess there'd be fewer beheadings if we did it your way, but there'd be a lot more of whatever method we were using, and it would set gender relations back like 500 or 10,000 years, something like that.
  13. Most of the people who voted for him wouldn't even say they support him without adding a mitigating remark about not agreeing with everything he does.
  14. I would have had a hard time picking between those sweet comebacks, too.
  15. Tbf, this thread is just all bad right now.