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  1. It is ******* blowing my mind reading Twitter and seeing liberal influencers talk about wanting to make inroads with Trump people. They're not even going to concede that Trump wasn't cheated out of office, and people are trying to find a middle ground to work on. They obviously want us to give up on bringing attention to Republican voter suppression from now on; I know, let's give them that, so that they'll have the opportunity to concede their position that it was actually the Democrats who rigged the election. That way they have the opportunity to reward my faith in humanity, which is o
  2. I want them to even the Senate in part so that if they fail, it'll be clear that they failed,as opposed to them being able to shrug and say "what could we do? They have the Senate and the Supreme Court. We already have to say we want to work with them while they spit in our faces because that's what our donors and the majority of our constituents want to hear."
  3. I feel like Steely Dan's had another online renaissance because online influencers will start to talk about how great they are, and it'll be the first time a lot millenials think of Steely Dan as more than another coked-out singles band from the 70's. I know my first perception of them came from George Carlin ****ting on them, which was bad and lazy on his part.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/biden-says-he-won-t-order-an-investigation-of-trump-president-s-legal-troubles-remain/ar-BB1bmfVY?li=BBorjTa I know it doesn't mean Trump isn't being investigated just because Biden won't announce his intention to launch an investigation, but the messaging here is already so ******* exhausting. Over half of Republican voters will sincerely believe Biden somehow stole the election while Biden's talking about both sides of the aisle coming together to help people. Biden could pardon Trump, and Trump would imply - and his followers would believe - that
  5. Our team is built to score 40 points against a mediocre team in week 10 with no pass rush and/or a beat up secondary, and then confuse that with something we can do against contenders.
  6. Ryan's thrown some really awful redzone balls this season = /
  7. God**** announcers were saying too many nice things about Guarantano.
  8. The society can't disarm alternate realities if everyone needs one to talk about politics, and that's what we have now thanks to cable television and social media. Just completely different frameworks for how to assess truth and meaningful information. I think you start to fix that by acknowledging the intentional and/or unintentional failures of so many liberal and progressive media figures during the Trump administration that empowered Trump to completely dominate the discourse with no advantage to letting him do that other than liberals getting to imagine how much they worried him or h
  9. Well, yeah. If Biden's administration is perceived as a failure, Republicans are going to end up with control of all three branches in 2024, and after four years of right-wing media following their audience further off the deep end, liberal and social media bothsiding, and people getting even more sick of having to keep hearing about Trump, Q will be more socially acceptable than bringing up Trump's naked desire manipulate the elections any way he can. At that point we're real close to real and actual **** going down as far as the structure of our government. We're not going to be any farther
  10. Yeah that part's pretty awful to me. Our dorks still got some misogyny to work through = /
  11. Yeah they really might, that's why I was being sarcastic in suggesting it as if it weren't self-evident. Practically any Republican presidential candidate in 2024 other than Trump is going to court minority votes more sincerely than Trump ever did, which means if the Democrats have a messaging problem with minorities right now, they're more likely to pay for it in 2024 than they were this year with Trump on the ballot
  12. I'm just glad the Democrats aren't going to have to think this hard about how they did with minorities against Trump going forward. It's not like they're ever going to need to worry about a Republican presidential candidate that can court minority votes more credibly than Donald Trump.
  13. If David Bowie was alive and like 23, he'd do an album cover with himself in a dress and a MAGA hat.
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