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  1. 23. Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina 47. Zack Baun OLB Wisconsin 78. Xavier McKinney S Alabama 87. Damon Arnette CB Ohio State 98. Hunter Bryant TE Washington 119. A.J. Green CB Oklahoma State 143. Jonah Jackson G Ohio State 228. D.J. Wonnum DE South Carolina
  2. I just moved to Denver last year from Atlanta. I live in Cap Hill. Surprisingly I've met a lot of Atlanta fans out here.
  3. Race shouldn't hold any water in this discussion. If you hate on either Vick or Matty Ice it should be based on performance and not on race. If you think otherwise perhaps you're a bit racist or even a lot. Matt Ryan is our QB and will be for a while. If you cannot support your team I question your fan hood. Regardless of how you feel about an individual our Falcons are a team and not a single person. IMO Matt Ryan wins a Lombardi before Vick ever competes for one.
  4. No matter the reasons for the offense not performing up the par, MM is still responsible as the OC. If the headset wasn't working that is an issue addressed immediately and not over the course of several games. What a crock. Furthermore, MM is responsible for the position coaches and the players being in position and doing their jobs. He cannot escape blame regardless of how it turned out. This guy doesn't give confidence to the players by consistently blaming them instead of himself for any lack of production. Why kick the team while down when MM isn't doing his job either.
  5. I'd like to run both the 4-3 and 3-4 defense. It would be harder to game plan for and easier to disguise what the defense is doing if you're getting looks from both base defenses. With a 3-4 the hardest position to draft for is the nose tackle. 320lbs + is ideal and nobody on our d-line fits this. Not to mention our current DT's are average size for a 3-4 DE and our current DE's are the average size of OLB's in a 3-4. This would be hard to incorporate also unless we have the right DC and position coaches to really put this together. If we run the zone blitz out of the 3-4 then our OLB's will have to be able to cover. You'll line up across from TE's and HB/FB's. I like the idea though because most teams who are capable of relying on their defense to win games run a 3-4. This is crucial to win because when the offense can't get it together the defense can pick up the slack and vice versa. The downside is that if our personnel cannot gel and learn to play the 3-4 then it could backfire and we'd have to stay in a 4-3. That's why I think it would be good to use both so we can still be effective while learning the 3-4 and gelling.
  6. There were no 2 a days either. We'll get our act together. The Buccs are no slouch of a team but I look forward to a great game and hopefully a Falcons win. Go Falcons!
  7. Vick is Philadelphia's problem so good riddance douchnozzle. He is ******** dumb and will never win a Lombardi. With a 10 point lead the "dream team" couldn't win the game as Matty Ice picked apart the "best secondary" in the NFC. I thought Kafka played well and gave the Eagles a chance to come back. Having Vick for 4 quarters doesn't guarantee the win. A loss is a loss regardless of the circumstances Phili fans. Go hobgobble on Ried's balls because McNabb was a much better QB than Vick and he couldn't get it done so what makes you think Vick has "it" when he can't even stay healthy. Learn to play QB Vick you can't "out-athlete" good teams. I was so proud to see the crowd booing Vick. GTFO you bum you're not welcome here.
  8. Matt Ryan is our guy. He's smart, talented and the type of leader we need. However, he stopped having fun. He needs to get into a rhythm again and play with that fire in his eyes and the confidence that the whole team can feel so he can go out there have fun and win. I also want to see the team as a whole playing with fire in their eyes and a chip on their shoulders. We have the talent but I feel we need more players to step up in a leadership role to get this team disciplined, confident and ready for each opponent week in and week out. It's discouraging to see players looking lost as if they lacked preparation or are thinking about everything they're doing. I know it takes time for new guys to gel in a system so that part is excusable but not spending enough time watching film or preparing is not. This is not a free ride to the Super Bowl but nonetheless it's a ride for those strong, hungry and tough enough to make it there. Come on Atlanta, Rise Up. Let's prove that we deserve it more than anyone else. I want to see everyone being held accountable all the way up to TD. If you mess up you need to fix your mistakes and not let them continue happening. Whoever in part or in whole is responsible needs to step up and fix the problem and accept responsibility. Easier said than done I know but the NFL is not easy and that's what makes it so exciting.
  9. Vick will never win a SB. Vick has all the athleticism in the world but that's all he has and it will never be enough. He's simply too dumb and considering he refuses to slide and instead diving head first it's more likely that he'll sustain a career ending injury before ever winning a SB. He only played 1 full season of 16 games in his career so he'd have to stay healthy to even have a chance at winning a SB.
  10. This is getting me even more excited for this season if that's even possible. We have a boatload of talent, let's go out and bring home a Lombardi. Go Faclons!
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