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  1. So many good players still on the board. I'm good with staying put.
  2. If we stay at 14 I think Wilkins is likely our highest rated player still on the board, and I would be fine with that. Then in the 2nd get an OT.
  3. No to a trade up any higher than 8. This draft sets up nicely for us because it's strength matches our weakness (OL/DL). It's too perfect and we need the picks. I would sit tight and go OL/DL for the first three picks.
  4. You gotta go with Italian Ice. He's looked great, Bryant is getting long in the tooth. This is one of those tough decisions that needs to be made. It's a smart gamble to go with the young guy here, imo.
  5. Smitty looks like The Most Interesting Man in the World. Should have always had the beard, looks way better with it.
  6. True, but at least the Browns had their glory years of dominance. They can hang their hat on Jim Brown and the trophies they won then. It's like before UGA got good again, we could always fall back on Herschel and that era of dominance. I think it's more painful to be a Falcon fan.
  7. Every year before the season, I say the one thing that could derail our season is our OL and more specifically the borderline scrubs we always have at guard. Every year. Meanwhile the Stains bring in Warford, Unger, and draft two more OL in the first round. So tired of it. Don't know why guard is so undervalued by us. I know you can't pay every position, but you also can't just roll on prayers every year either.
  8. The jokes are funny because of the stereotypes, but I have to speak up for Mexico, man. I'm in Mexico now, been here for six months in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Oaxaca. Mexico is probably my favorite country and I've lived in Asia (Thailand and China) for 10 years and traveled extensively in Asia and Europe. Mexican food is ridiculous good, it's safe, weather today in Mexico city was high of about 73 with no humidity, it's cheaper than Thailand, women are beautiful, and people are great. If you get to real Mexico, which is away from the border towns like Tijuana and Laredo, it's a totally different experience. All the media bias about Mexico being a dangerous craphole is way off base. To each his own, but just please don't judge a place based simply off what you see in the media. I'm an American and I would rather live here than in the states. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening to this PSA.
  9. You guys that want to stop paying for TV just research and it's easy to do. I cut the cord a decade ago and never miss a game.
  10. Old schooler here. Dunwoody High late eighties. I had Mr. Johnson for chemistry, too. Hilarious. Anybody have Coach Kelleher or Ms. Rocket? Good times.
  11. My thinking is he's got to be in pain / hurt and that's why he comes out so much. If you're hurt you don't come out and tell people, you hide it. In other years, he didn't come out as much so you know there's something wrong that he doesn't want to come out and say.
  12. Danny Bonnaduce featuring the Partridge Family? Mel Torme?
  13. I don't have a problem with what Matt Ryan said. He knows when the odds are high he can make a throw, but sometimes it just doesn't work out like he said. He usually owns up to his mistakes so I trust him when he says this. To my eyes, the problem with the offense is the line. We all know if Matt is given time he can pick apart any defense. But he is rushed and harassed too often this year. Everybody said before the season that the OL is the weakest part of the team and that's exactly how it looks now.
  14. The SB loss hurts much more than any of the other failures over the years. We had the trophy in our grasp, I was already celebrating. All the past failures were about to be wiped away. And then to have it yanked away like that was soul crushing for me. Every time I see clips of it, it feels like a punch to the stomach. I don't know if it will ever go away.
  15. Brees has a no trade clause in addition to the no franchise clause.
  16. About 10, all in Fulton Co. stadium back when William Andrews, Bartkowski, and Jenkins were playing. I was a kid then and my mom would take me to the occasional game because I loved the Falcons. I never went to the dome because I enjoy watching the games from home. Been living overseas for 10 years now but I have watched nearly every falcons game since the mid to late 1970s.
  17. We choked away the superbowl. We blew it. It doesn't matter if we beat the Pats 49-0 this season and beat them 10 times in a row. The Superbowl is all that matters and that will be a scar I wear till my dying day. Being a lifetime Falcons fan is such a buzz kill. But I'm not going anywhere. 47 years and counting. Still waiting. Now you can flame me and tell me to gtho, I don't gaf.
  18. Seen a lot of threads about which media members are saying what about the MVP race, and much angst about Ryan being overlooked because the media ignores the Falcons. Didn't see this posted yet about the actual betting odds which should make us feel better about the chances of Matt winning the award he deserves to win. It's not a Lombardi, of course, but still would be awesome for Matt to become the first Falcon in history to be the MVP. Odds to Win the 2016 - 2017 NFL MVP Award Sat, Jan 28, 17 MoneylineOdds Matt Ryan-175 Aaron Rodgers+250 Tom Brady+350 Ezekiel Elliot+1400 Dak Prescott+6600 LeVeon Bell+6600 Derek Carr+6600
  19. Born in 1970 in Chicago but we moved to Dunwoody in 73. Was a little kid watching Bartkowski, Andrews, Jenkins and been a fan ever since. I was sitting behind the Cleveland dugout when Tom Glavine pitched the shutout in game six to clinch the World Series for the ATL's only world championship. .
  20. I can barely tolerate watching the games anymore with all the commercials and the team sucking. This is the first year I haven't payed for nfl gameplan and I live overseas so I have to watch on live internet feeds. They even have commercials in between plays now. Suffering through a game and watching 1.5 hours of commercials sucks. I've been a fan since 1974 but I am done watching for the rest of this year.
  21. Impressed with his writing skills and ability to communicate. Refreshing.
  22. I'm still going with OL as the biggest problem. No excuse for the horrible picks, but by the time he is finishing his first read there are d linemen barreling down on him almost every play. And I can't even watch the press conferences because it's blah blah blah buzzwords blah blah fired up.
  23. In the first 7 years he drafted no pass rusher in the first 2 rounds and only one in the 3rd. All the while pass rushing was a weakness. Shake my head.
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