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  1. Somebody on this staff has confidence in the younger guys or the safeties to help in dime then. I mean look at what they did at CB in the draft, filled a need. There will always be some decent LBs cut later as well.
  2. Can any of the DEs move to a LB spot? I know Nolan has a plan and I feel good in the secondary now; that's where he can coach this talent to greatness. I think he has a hybrid DE/LB 'The Jack' and you'd think one of the smaller DEs might get work there. We're going to play nickel and dime almost all the time anyway IMO.
  3. If he wanted to come here and didn't cost much on the cap, he'd be a great asset as well as a huge media story to start the second third of the season and fire people up. Falcons NEED a third running back BAD.
  4. This D is going to suprise the entire state of GA IMO. A super is enuis as a DC is something this state has never seen. JMO.
  5. I don't think too many people understand what an upgrade we have with Nolan at DC this guy will make the biggest difference we've seen as Falcons fans IMO. I also love the fact that Pat Hill is part of the O staff, HUGE IMO!!!
  6. There is no doubt THIS is a BIGTIME hire!!!! Pat Hill will be heavily involved in bringing some pop to this offense. Not crazy gimmicks, but think more about what Alabama did on O this year. Jim McElwain was the OC under Pat Hill for years at Fresno State before going to Bama. While Saban probably pushed for more of a run heavy version, they won 2 BCS titles in his 4 years. He's now been offered the CSU HC job at 1.5 mil per year. Pat Hill is as good of as it gets and we've also got someone senior to him. This staff will get it done now I'm certian. I LOVED the Nolan hire, but now I'm really pumped about the O as well. Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I LOVE this hire. If you have a 3-4 mastermind in your organization, you will win the BIG games IMO. I know we're going to "be a 4-3 team this year, but we'll be in nickel and dime and run stop more than 3-4 most play EVERY year, so it's the philosopy that's now corrected. ....and once we get teh LBs needed to go 3-4 when needed, LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!! I think Mike Smith saved his future here in Atlanta.
  8. I dont' thing the GA folks understand that the ONLY way to ever have a GREAT D is with the 3-4. It allows you to hide your pressure on EVERY play without even blitzing a LB. And, yes, we'll be in a 3-4 sheme; just lining up with 4 down more often than some this year. ****, look at what Saban does, they're in nickel more than anything else, but a D supercoach is a 3-4 coach 99 pct of the time. Praise Jesus, we're heading in the right direction and have talent out the wazzu.
  9. TD is the man for sure. It's amazing what's he's done with this organization since the Vick fiasco. I thought it might be 5-7 years before we recovered from the cap issues and fan issues. ...and as good as he's done, it's like he's just hitting his stride.
  10. It the problem positions, talent is there that needs to be coached. That's across the board. I honestly feel like our nickel and dime backs will be okay with some coaching even. ****, on O I don't know what the **** you're crying about.
  11. When Vick was fresh out of prison he practiced and studied like a mo'fo' and it showed up on the field. ... it's looking like this year he didn't find the time to do the same. Beagle hating Eagles are gonna be the flops of the season.
  12. Rodgers' coming out party was when USC was a 17-21 pt fav on a huge thursday night game. The legendary 'capper "Underdog" was all over OSU straight up at the money line. Well'p, we know the end. Underdog, the 'capper knew how good Jac' IS. He blew up the USC D at their highest point of all that run. NOBODY thought USC would lose that game. Jacquzz witl do the same in the NFL IMO. I'd feel a little better if he'd done that to an SEC D, but USC at that time was BAD AZZ.
  13. ...had too many beers out tonight, hope that came out in a way that make sense to most. ugh!
  14. Snelling's low rating has to do whith the fact that he plays for the Falcs. Many aren't even sold that Turner is the magic in our running game rather the OL, so Snelling coming in and running behind a solid as **** front and looking good isn't earth shattering to anyone outside of the perimiter.
  15. Huge IMO!! All those draft D draft picks the last couple of years may pay off. Obviously I'm not talking this year, but they went heavy on D for a couple of years in the mid-rounds.
  16. GM is all over this and he's coming to Atlanta SOON unless Panthers slap the franchise tag on him.
  17. Thanks, hoping Roddy and Julio will get along well. I don't think Roddy is a type to be difficult and I know for a fact that Julio will work hard and listen as well as any rookie in the league. Oh, and I cant' start posts, but check Twitter to see Julio's new Porche!
  18. Well, Julio is hanging with Ryan. Julio and Matt Ryan
  19. If I was a season ticket holder, pushed for payment months ago; I'd be PISSED.
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