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  1. Someone doesn’t watch Westworld. You’re missing out.
  2. Nah, sorry. I’m too busy winning and putting this offense on my back week in and week out. My grandma also doesn’t rock 20k outfits daily.
  3. It’s a shame the Falcons going to take an L tomorrow night.
  4. Quarterback stats through their first 6 years in league history. /thread.
  5. Naw, the truth is right here in response to that letter. In fact, it is in the form of another mother's letter to the writer of the letter to Cam Newton. http://www.si.com/thecauldron/2015/11/17/cam-newton-carolina-panthers-angry-mom-fan-letter
  6. On pace for over 4,000 yards and nearly 40 TDs with Greg Olsen and a bunch of #3/4/5 receivers. 3rd highest scoring offense in the league at just over 28 points a game while the defense allows over 20. Stats don't show him escaping drive killing sacks, crucial third and fourth down pick-ups with his legs, throwing blocks to free his back or WR on an end around, and they definitely don't show that he often wills his team to win in the fourth quarter. His mediocre at-best completion % has more to do with a scheme that throws the vast majority of balls downfield to receivers that drop amongst the
  7. Or how about Carson Palmer yelling at Seattle fans behind the bench and thrusting his junk at them after the Ellington score last night?
  8. He made mistakes at age 18 and is now 26. A lot can change in 8 years. I suppose you never made any stupid mistakes in your teenage years, is that correct? You can dwell on the choices he made at 18... but I will look at how he was humbled, torn down and reached a low point and his life, and then turned it all around and now uses the pinnacle he is on to inspire kids everywhere and use his wealth and fame to support kids through his foundation and actions both on and off the field. His God given athletic ability allows him to be an NFL athlete, but not all great athletes would be able to rebou
  9. You may want to look into why he celebrates and why he is the way he is on and off the playing field. From Cam's mouth himself, he celebrates and acts the way he does because he just loves playing football and believes in having fun while doing so. He celebrates because kids everywhere love it. He has said that he wants to inspire kids and show that despite the issues from his early college days, a kid from Atlanta can perform and get to the highest level in sports despite the adversity he has had to face. He has mentioned wanting to give hope to guys right now grinding in junior college just
  10. The NFL and its officiating are consistently inconsistent. That is nothing new. Heck, I don't even know what is and isn't a catch anymore. Seems every time I watch a game the call on the field directly contradicts a call made in another game earlier in the day.
  11. 8 seconds actually. Would have been about 3-4 seconds and his normal celebration if the two Titan players just ran back to their sideline.
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