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  1. VF, what's the deal with Kongbo not sending in his LOI??
  2. This isn't the first time that Butch has pulled an offer. So VolFan what's the deal with Marquez North? Academics?
  3. Yeah their known for dragging their feet!!
  4. Just saying he could've come back and averaged probably a double double with well over 20 points a game and almost guaranteed himself as being a top 5 pick but it's hard to argue with top 10 money.
  5. Don't see Tyus doing much in the league which is why I wish he would've stayed around and became one of those Duke players that are remembered. Hate that Winslow left because I think he could've put up some serious numbers next season with Ja gone and improved his draft stock.
  6. Yeah Allen will definitely be there all 4 years and will develop into a player other teams love to hate!! I've seen Duke play twice in person, this year and 2001 and both years they won it all. Amazing what Coach K was able to do with 8 scholly players with 4 of them being freshmen. Next year they're going to be fun to watch with Luke Kennard coming in!!
  7. Izzo versus Pitino is an amazing coaching battle. Also looking forward to the Gonzaga/Duke match up!!
  8. From talking to one of Cece's former HS coaches and it sounds like Cece wants Florida but the parents, mainly the dad, is the hold up. Losing his DL coach isn't helping the Gators.
  9. But he developed a stronger relationship with the UCLA DC versus Pruitt which is why he chose UCLA. This kid is making a huge decision about where to spend the next 3-5 years of his life so if he needs a few more days to decide then by all means take it. I can't imagine what I would've done if they school and coach I was most interested in withheld info about him leaving. I'm just glad he didn't send in his LOI only to find out later that his DC/lead recruiter/position coach was leaving the whole time.
  10. Funny how everybody was worried about OL and we're gonna be loaded at that spot!! We've got a **** of a class especially on the defensive side but it would be nice to seal up Roquan!!
  11. No clue where he's going but I do know we were on him before Florida was so we'll see.
  12. @Nbuchanan70: With a heavy heart, and in my best interest I have officially decided to deccommit from the University of California, Berkeley. Looks like it's either Georgia or Florida!!
  13. Crowder will be our RB this class. He's a bruiser to help complement Sony, Chubb, and Marshall.
  14. I personally think we close with Rico, Roquan, Allen, Hawkins, and one more off the radar recruit while holding on to Godwin and even Slayton. I don't know if any of you fellas will be in Athens for NSD, but I'll definitely be visiting the Blind Pig, Buffalo's, and Butts Mehre on Wednesday enjoying all the drama!!
  15. Absolutely no chance without Thornton. The offense just does not run the same with him out of the lineup. Hopefully he'll be back and we'll be healthy when yall come to Athens.
  16. Gotta love the dead period and the few days leading up to Wednesday!!
  17. https://twitter.com/itslilstanley/status/561716750149251072 L-R: Choates, McCrae, J Wilson, Abram, Rivers, Trent, Led, Walker, McGraw, Amaechi, Davin Bellamy, Lorenzo C, Rod Blakenship, Jackson Harris, and J Stanley
  18. Personally think Godwin is all Dawg, Slayton is the one that I'm nervous about. He's gonna take the time to discuss it with his family this weekend and probably let one or both of the teams know something early next week just because that's the type of kid he is. In the end, I think we keep Slayton but it's gonna be tough.
  19. He'll be there and will probably commit if he hadn't already. Trent said that he would flip Rico back to Georgia this weekend and I'd be willing to bet that he's a man of his word.
  20. Personally think we lose Williams due to academics and close with Rico, Roquan, Hawkins, Buchanan, Allen, Choates, and maybe one more guy who's committed elsewhere or Chatman.
  21. And it's official, Rico McGraw has decommitted from Bama!!! Come on down young fella.
  22. I'd say to keep an eye on Deontai Williams possibly not qualifying which is why we are hard after Kirby Choates. Those 2 guys are pretty similar athletically and they would be competing for the same spot anyways so I think we're just covering our bases. FWIW I personally like Choates a little better. I think probably all of the guys you mentioned will be NSD decisions but something to keep an eye on is who visits Athens this weekend officially and unofficially. That will be a pretty good indicator of where they'll be sending their LOIs come Wednesday.
  23. Williamson has eliminated us and he is down to Cal, UF, Michigan, and UNC however we did have WR Terrell Chatman on campus tonight for the basketball game and supposedly rolled out the red carpet for him. He is a Miami commit that is from Baton Rogue who is 6'4 with great hands. Received an offer from us last week and came today on a surprise visit. He's had grade issues which is why his ranking and offers are down but from watching some of his film, he is a beast. http://247sports.com/Player/Terrell-Chatman-37199
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