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  1. WHAT A FREAKING CLASS!! Kirby just showed why he was hired, we got deeper, bigger, and faster today. Go Dawgs!!
  2. All this buzz around Solomon is crazy......I love NSD
  3. I'm with you Sac on Bryant, Speed, and Murchison but I'm trade you Brini for Jameyst...BEST CLASS IN A LONG TIME, GO DAWGS!!!
  4. Few days ago, the Dawgs were officially out of it since Kirby didn't get an in home and word was Solomon was Michigan bound. Then word came that a Bama DT recruit wasn't going to qualify so now they were back in it with Michigan. Yesterday and today there have been rumors on a few of the message boards saying some of the Georgia recruits are staying on Solomon everyday and truly believe he is coming, while the coaches are still pushing hard for him. 'Tis the season for rumors, rumors, and more rumors.....
  5. And Georgia beat Tech with pretty much no problem which makes it even more frustrating. Little to no team growth throughout the season is not a site you want to see.
  6. Kicker Brooks Buce from GAC has committed to UGA!!! He will be a PWO.
  7. Bring in Wojo baby!!!
  8. So looks like Kirby got that last in home visit with Solomon right after Saban tomorrow......
  9. Yes our run game has been nonexistent since the Carolina game but you also have to remember that Ole Miss's run defense is not that good. Chaney will figure out how to produce a run game and I think we will see a lot of screens with Sony and IMac to help offset their pass rush. In order to win this game, we can't have any bonehead mistakes or turnovers on ST and from our offense. I expect a high scoring affair, but think we are definitely in this ball game. Leaving out tomorrow morning and headed to The Grove for my first time. Go Dawgs!!
  10. Gonna go with 33-14 Dawgs. Think Kirby and Chaney open the playbook a little more and Sony has a big game in the backfield and out in space.
  11. https://blutarsky.wordpress.com/2016/09/11/trying-to-make-sense-of-a-nonsensical-game/ Good article from The Senator that pretty much sums up my outlook as well.
  12. Really love to see Oklahoma knock off Ohio St so it can shake up the playoff picture. Definitely think we will see a few 1 loss teams and maybe a 2 loss team trying to get into that final 4.
  13. In the Tate Center now waiting on all of the recruits to walk through. Guy just said Malik Herring was on the way.
  14. In the video, it looks like his dad could suit up for us. That dude looked bad ***...