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  1. We show this weekend why UK is a basketball school. Sure their D is decent but we’ve got weapons everywhere and will use them. Load the box and slow down Benny and their rushing attack. Dawgs played an amazing 2nd half against the Gayturds and I expect that momentum to continue this weekend. Dawgs 41-17
  2. Forbes would be solid but his past history with Pearl at Tenn will make McGarity look the other way especially in the wake of this FBI investigation into college basketball.
  3. Just hoping we make an amazing hire like Crean, Hurley, etc. but at this point I don’t have much faith in McCheapity either. Not sure if I can get behind a Steve Prohm hire since he seems to be the name I keep reading.
  4. Wasn't referencing last year because the defense was fast even though they did struggle against teams with solid OLs; I was referring more to losing the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball quite often for the last decade and more under Richt. Of course not all the loses had to do with the S&C but they definitely played a part as far as injuries and line play have gone. We are so far ahead of where we have been because we now finally have qualified guys running it.
  5. Pruitt did want to get faster but that was never an excuse for getting beat constantly on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. I am finally glad that we got rid of all of the mat drills and concentrated more this summer on weights. I'm not going to even go into how under qualified Hocke was. Just glad that we now have 2 guys on staff that are Masters in their field!!
  6. Fifty-nine players weigh more than they did since the last updated roster, including 21 by double digits after an offseason under new coach Scott Sinclair and staff. http://m.onlineathens.com/#article=8225D5E2C31D07F09A18E301CD895F8EA29F It's so nice to finally step out of the S&C Dark Ages we had with Van Halanger, Joe T, and Hocke...
  7. http://georgia.247sports.com/Bolt/WATCH-Kirby-Smart-pens-letter-to-mother-of-future-Bulldog-45236900
  8. He outplayed Jordan Spieth today which should give him some serious momentum for the rest of the college season and heading into the US Amateur this summer.
  9. VF, what's the deal with Kongbo not sending in his LOI??
  10. Still sucks when you read that Pittman has had 8 guys drafted since 2013 and we've only had 3 since 2012.
  11. GREAT NEWS!!
  12. This isn't the first time that Butch has pulled an offer. So VolFan what's the deal with Marquez North? Academics?
  13. **** it feels good to be a gangsta!!
  14. Kimbrough is suspended for the bowl game.
  15. Won't be surprised if we have to replace at least 4 coaches after the Tech game.